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  1. I agree, Riggins was in the same boat. A lot of the backs in the sets these days are in the same boat, but the league throws more than they did back even in Riggins' day.
  2. I use dice to determine the offensive set and whether pass or run, depending on down and distance. I have a stack of 3x5 cards with diagrammed running plays, another stack with pass plays (each pass play has a designated primary and secondary receiver), and another with "gadget plays" (screens, draws, end arounds, reverses, etc.). I also use dice to determine the defensive set, blitzes, and secondary coverages depending on down and distance. As No Dave says there are lots of ideas here in the forum. The trick is to pick and choose to figure out what works for you and have fun!
  3. One other thing to consider in Campbell's favor was that when he played he was the back. There was no halfback in the backfield with him. Everyone knew he was going to get the ball. Brown had Green or Kelly and Taylor had Hornung with them, so they didn't have the defense keying on just them. That made Earl's job a little harder! 😊
  4. Yeah, I had forgotten that Brown was a world class Lacrosse player at Syracuse. Problem was, back then, there was no money in playing Lacrosse (not that there is now). 😊 Glad he decided on football!
  5. I was fortunate to see all those guys, since i'm so old! 😊 You are right, Brown was more of a fullback who ran like a halfback. He ran over people and around them, but the Browns also had a couple of pretty good halfbacks in Ernie Green and Leroy Kelly, who complemented Brown pretty well. Campbell was more of a run you over guy, which, as you said, accounted for him getting beat up. The two of them in the same backfield would have been illegal!
  6. I'd take Brown over Campbell. Both really great, hard runners, but Brown played one more year(9) than Campbell(8) and was at the top of his game when he quit. Earl was pretty much done when he quit because of the beatings he took with the Oilers. I'd also include Jim Taylor on this list - 9 great years with the Packers before going to the Saints. All three of these guys were GREAT fullbacks when the league had fullbacks and halfbacks. Just my opinion.
  7. Nice. Starr's Packers against Joe Willie's Jets. Should be epic! Go Pack!
  8. Rats. Mus have been a later version than the '60 Packers if they beat the Eagles! 😊 Lombardi's Packers never lost another playoff game. Go Packers!
  9. Paul, were you secretly recording one of my solitaire games? I'll have to be more careful about my trash talking! 😊
  10. I agree with both Mccaber and Paul. I only play solitaire, so I usually don't run into the problems Paul mentions in point number 3! 😊
  11. Ooof! My two favorite teams in the NFC championship game. Should be a good one. Really nice to see the old players once again on both teams! Especially nice to see the Eagles in Kelly green again. Really don't care much for Mrs. Lurie's Midnight green.
  12. My 4x2 field already has one field cover on it. If I put another one over it, will it degrade performance - too much weight on the board?
  13. Thanks for providing the link and the FAT8 rules. Giving me more to think about as continue my electric football coaching career! 😊
  14. I agree with you about the NFL and concussions. They've been really slow coming around. No Dave's post really was a good one. It really worked for me. I started out with rookie bases and a multi-stop system way back in the 60s, so I never really felt the need to have TTC bases. I bought a few to test them out, but as I said earlier, they seemed too clunky and I was able to angle my players at each stop, so the TTC's weren't really something I wanted to use. I realize I am pretty much a minority in that viewpoint and that's ok. That's what's great about this game, you can decide for yourself what works for you. Wow, I'm so old I remember when Dungeons and Dragons first came out - but enough of that. Yeah, I try to minimize dice rolls as much as possible, but there are a few areas where I couldn't figure out a better way of doing things. I never really thought about weighting the players at all, let alone based on position. It sounds like a good idea. I'll have to experiment with that.
  15. Yup, I saw those levels too and decided I didn't need anything that big or expensive! 😊 The one I got was around $15 and works fine. I'm a little surprised Tudor didn't just make bigger chains like the original ones from the old games, but I guess maybe they didn't have access to the molds or copyrights. Too bad, as they worked fine, but the laser level also works fine. Yeah, I get it, and no you're not coming off angry or offended.. I'm just an old white guy, so I try to stay out of these political arenas entirely. I just wish, if they were going to change the name, that they had something picked already. I guess, since they are also changing the uniforms, I'll have to consider repainting my Washington team in 10 years when I start my new season! 😊
  16. I hadn't thought about buying teams and switching out nicer looking ones for my beat up ones. Guess I'm not too bright! I've just always tried to 'touch up' or repair the players that got worn or broken, with various levels of success. Sometime I just had to give up the ghost on some of them, and would buy unpainted figures and paint them myself, again, with mixed results. Fortunately, I've been able to preserve my teams pretty well, with only three or four actually getting broken beyond repair. I'm not sure any of my 'touch ups' and paint jobs would pass muster with a lot of the talented painters I've seen here in the forum, but I can tell which team they are supposed to be on, at least. 😊 I agree, it is a great hobby and it's really neat to see all the different approaches out their involving the hobby and to discuss different ideas and approaches for the hobby in general. BTW, don't take too much time off, I enjoy seeing the old guys on your teams and the vintage teams themselves and exchanging ideas with you.
  17. Paul, I actually got a cheaper model RYOBI Laser Cube Compact Laser Level at Home Depot. It's smaller and works fine. Sorry, I couldn't get the link to work here for some reason. 😒 Hopefully, Washington will find a name for themselves in the near future. Hard to believe they didn't have one waiting in the wings at this point. Can't believe they are going to continue to go by the Washington Football Team. Too many openings for jokes about whether they are or not... 😊
  18. Yeah, really, although my Eagles always seemed to be on the wrong end of those decisions!😒
  19. Yeah, I've got 53 man teams plus 20 taxi squadders, although the taxi squadders are really there to cover for injured players. I still like to keep my starters in unless it's a blow out, in which case I usually make wholesale substitutions. Otherwise, the players get upset with a lack of playing time. 😊 You have different issues with 7 positions and 25 man teams. I'd say you definitely need to adjust the numbers I use for injuries, unless you have guys sneaking off the bench to get in on the plays! 😊 I guess I've been pretty lucky with my boards - haven't had a lot of problems with hot spots. My new 4'x2' board works pretty well with 2 motors, although I used No Dave's suggestion and put the motors on top of the board and ran it to see where the best placement was before sticking them under the board. Until this season, I only used 1 clip rookie bases, but now I have a few double clips. I never liked the TTC bases, mainly because I think they are too big and since I use a multi-stop system, I don't have a need for guys running around in circles.😊 I haven't tried weighting the bases either, but after viewing the 2018 FAT8 APW chart you put on the weight page, I may have to give that a try. Looks like it could be interesting.
  20. I've got so many players on my rosters from a 40-year span in the NFL, that I like to give them all a chance to play, at least once in awhile. I get why a lot of coaches would rather play with their starters - that's why they are starters. I developed my injury system before the NFL developed the namby-pamby concussion protocol (just kidding) and before guys would come out because they were winded from running. 😊 However, i may have to re-think that now. As I said before, I don't really have guys fall over - not sure if it's because I run my field too slow or because all my players are too nimble on their feet! 😊 That's the great thing about this game, you can pretty much decide for yourself how you want to do things.
  21. Nope, players don't usually fall over on my board. Guess I'm not running them fast enough. 😊 It depends on how many defenders tackle the ball carrier and how many are assisting the tacklers. For instance if two guys tackle the ball carrier and two assist the tackle, someone is hurt for the remainder of that drive. If there are two tacklers and four guys assisting, someone is hurt for a full quarter. If three guys tackle the ball carrier and two are assisting, then someone is hurt for a half. It progresses from there - 3&3=3 quarters, 3&4= 1 game, 4&1=5 games, 4&2= 10 games, 5&2= season, 6&3= career. Any other combinations, no one is hurt. No real rhyme or reason for it, other than the longer injury periods correspond with more guys making the initial tackle. It works ok for me, I get to use some of my second and third teamers and taxi squad guys at times, which affect the offenses and defenses - adds some variety. I determine who is hurt by rolling 2 six-sided dice twice. The first dice roll determines offense (odd) or defense (even) or both (2/12), the second roll determines which player - blocker on offense/assister on defense (odd), ball carrier on offense/tackler on defense (even) or both (2/12). I know it sounds complicated, but I have a chart which makes it pretty simple to figure out.
  22. I actually know what Dungeons and Dragons is! 😊 How do you figure out the abilities and checks?
  23. Paul, Glad I was able to help. Feel free to take whatever works for you. Yeah, Majik and Chmura probably wouldn't be happy, but I couldn't put them over the other guys. I had a really hard time deciding whether the starter would be Favre or Starr (Bart was the starter for my previous 6 seasons), and Dickey was a starter for 8 years with the Packers. Majkowski was good, but only made it through one entire season of the four he started. Couldn't start Chmura over Coffman or Kramer. However, Chmura is actually the third string TE. He is on the taxi squad because he is hurt. That's what the numbers in red are for - How long (1Game), how many minutes (11) into what quarter (4) against what team (LARams). Injuries vary from one series, 1 quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters, 1 game, 5 games, 10 games, 1 season, career. Knock on wood, I've never had anyone knocked out for a career. 😊 Injuries and their durations are determined depending on how many players make the tackle and how many are assisting them. A couple dice rolls determine whether it's the offensive or defensive player, or both, and whether it's the ball carrier, blocker, or both that is injured. That's why I developed the code in red - so I could tell when I could re-activate the injured player and de-activate his replacement back to the taxi squad. I usually don't de-activate a player unless he will miss more than half of the next game. Just another goofy system I use. 😊
  24. Paul, See Sample Packers Team Sheets.xlsx. This is the team tab for the Packers in my current season. I have one Excel file with tabs for each team. I print the team tab for each game and record the results of each play on the sheet, using tick marks for holding, sacks, sacks allowed, tackles, assists, first downs, touchdowns, etc. I write in the number of yards rushing, receiving, passing, kick and punt returns, etc. for each play. At the end of the game I tally each category and update the team sheet. The Packers' sheet shows the totals after 4 games. Each player's stats are linked to another tab that lists his stats for each season, so I can see their career stats. Hopefully, this helps. Note that i don't track 1/2 sacks. Anyone in contact with the Qb when he is sacked gets a full sack and the blocker gets a sack allowed. Also, I give anyone in contact with the sacker an assist. Hurries are tallied when a player hits the qb after he releases the ball. I also give pass rushers credit for being double teamed and note offensive lineman who have been "helped" on pass plays. I give credit for great plays on offense a) if a player makes a block that springs a runner for a first down or a carry over 10 yards, b) catches a pass when double teamed. On defense, great plays include dropping a ball carrier for a loss or no gain (the blocker gets assessed a missed block), beating a double-team block to make the tackle, or making a touchdown saving tackle. I tally passes defensed as follows: a) the defender covering a receiver on an incomplete pass, b) the defenders covering the primary and/or secondary receiver if the ball is thrown to someone else (each of my pass patterns has a primary and secondary receiver assigned), c) all pass defenders if there is a coverage sack. On special teams, great plays are given to all blockers on a kick return over 30 yards and punt return over 20 yards, to individuals making touchdown saving tackles, and beating a double-team to make a tackle. Missed blocks are given to the blocker assigned to the player tackling the return man. I know this is a lot, but it has worked for me over the years. At the end of the season, I have the statistics I need to determine All-Pro and Pro Bowl players for offense, defense, and special teams. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.
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