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  1. I agree. I always liked the Oilers' uniforms.
  2. My offenses generally run out of a two back, flanker, split end, tight end alignment (pro set, I, balanced or strong T formation). As such there is always 1 tight end on the field during runs or passes, unless it is a long yardage situation, where I bring in an extra wide receiver in place of a back, or two extra wide receivers for a back and the tight end. I'm old school and like to have a tight end on the field in most situations to keep the defense guessing. (Since I play solitaire, I guess the defense isn't guessing much. 😊) My tight ends are pretty effective in both situations, especially if the defense tries to cover them with a linebacker or when finding holes in zones. Also, my league has had some pretty good tight ends, Jerry Smith, John Mackey, Pete Retzlaff, Mike Ditka, Jackie Smith to name a few.
  3. Paul, that's an interesting process. I never thought about using the Big Men and the Regular Figures that way. Actually makes a lot of sense!
  4. I've got an oddball set up for the figures compared to what I have seen on the forum. I use the runner figures for fullbacks, halbacks, and outside linebackers. I use the sprinter figures for tight ends, split ends, flankers, and middle linebackers. I use the figures most people use for tight ends and linebackers as corners and safeties (harder to throw against because they've got arms stretched out on both sides). I use the lineman figures for all centers, guards, and tackles, and the all purpose figures as defensive ends and defensive tackles. I also use lineman figures for the quarterbacks, just because I had so many of them left over after I assigned the other figures to positions. I'm another one that started using the figures that way back in the 60s and just never changed. It made sense to me at the time and still works for me. No right or wrong answer, you can use them any way you want to! 😊
  5. Packers ran that sweep with all sorts of different backs - Taylor, Hornung, Moore, Pitts, Anderson, Grabowski, etc. Always seemed to work, no matter who was carrying the ball! Having great linemen such as Ringo, Gregg, Kramer, Thurston, and Skoronski sure didn't hurt.
  6. Ah Yes! Gotta love the Packer sweep and the great Vince Lombardi! Great clip, NO Dave!
  7. My current board has a vinyl cover already on it. Can I put a new cover over the existing one. or should I try to take the old cover off first? Will it degrade performance if I put a new cover over the old one?
  8. I'm with ya Paul. I don't even have the limited fine motor skills I used to have, so now I wouldn't even try tweaking bases. Back in the day, I think I was just too lazy to dot it. Now, with all the bases I have, it would take me forever, even if I could. 😊
  9. I don't quite play that way. Once the offensive set and play is called and the defense is set, then I turn on the field and use a multi-stop system from that point on. 😊 Vernon Sterling sure has an interesting way of playing though! That's what makes this hobby so great - everyone has different and interesting ways of making it work for them!
  10. Wellllll,,there they are. Not sure why some of them are sideways, since I held the camera in the same position each time. Hopefully, you can get the idea of what they look like. Also, showed how they stack, in case you are interested.
  11. Well, being old and not knowing how to count, I misspoke. 😒 I actually use 3 cases per team. I'll try to put a couple pictures up soon.
  12. Yup, those pictured above are similar to the ones I use. I also got them from Michaels, but mine have 20 compartments without the long compartments on the end. I use two for each team, as I have 106 players for each team (dark and white jerseys) plus kickers and punters). I put two figures in each compartment standing up. I think Michaels listed them under the jewelry box category. They work great and the cases stack, so you don't need to spread them around the room!😊
  13. Nice! Love seein the Packer sweep!
  14. I'm with you Charlie! I just find I like the old uniforms better - but that's just me.
  15. As I've said before, I'm pretty old. As a result, I was able to see all these QBs play. In my opinion, before Joe Willie's knees went he was in the same conversation with Montana, Favre, Brady, and Manning, which was the reason he got that outrageous contract to start his career. Ability-wise, Testaverde wasn't even in the same room with Namath pre-injured knees. It is a testament to Namath's toughness that he lasted in the league for 13 years! Again, just my opinion. 😊
  16. Charlie, Thanks for sharing the pics. It is really amazing to see all the old teams arrayed like that. You should be very proud of your collection. It must have taken years and great effort to amass such a collection. Really great!
  17. It's the Packers for me - cuz they're tyhe Packers and I like the green and gold! 😊 Eagles would be my second choice, if they were the old Kelly Green with the arm and shoulder stripes of the '60s. Just don't much care for Mrs. Lurie's Midnight Green uniforms.
  18. AAAAHHHH! I can't believe my Packers lost! I really enjoyed watching your season, especially seeing the old figures and players. I would have liked it better if the Packers had won! 😊
  19. Yeah, once in awhile. As long as it doesn't make it look like I'm cursing by throwing extra letters in there, I'm ok with it... 😊
  20. Yup, you are right. He had no help. The Oilers listed him as a running back and they had a couple guys listed as fullbacks, but they hardly ever were actually on the field. Also, they did run from the :run and shoot". Also agree with Long Island EFL, if Campbell had some help in the backfield he would probably have been even better and lasted longer.
  21. I like the names you already picked, but my vote goes to the planets! I also agree that Pluto is a planet and a dog (see Mickey Mouse for you youngsters)! 😊
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