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  1. these are just AWESOME. Inspirational as I go down the painting wormhole
  2. Thank you! this is helpful I’m just basically inhaling as many systems as I can at this point to eventually figure out my solitaire and occasional pVp matchup rules
  3. This is awesome! How well does the NFL showdown kicking work? edit: oh and also where did you get or did you make kicking cards? Love the packers firld with the Tudor stadium backdrop by the way
  4. Does anyone here have any information about the MPFL procedural set I’ve been using EFHL rule set and love it. But I’m just exploring the MPFL passing stick version. I’m overall a big fan of multi stop football. Very chess like i contacted it’s designer via FB and requested to join the MPFL Facebook page but it’s been radio silent (not surprising given holiday season and COVID). So if anybody has any information or manuals to provide it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey Anthony dont know if you’re checking this forum lately but I’d be interested in a manual or the dvd about your system if you still have any thanks!
  6. 2020 KC Chiefs vs 1998 Broncos Painting has turned out to be a ridiculously addictive side of this hobby for me Long process but so worth it. I love the fact my 7 year old can run plays for his favorite Chief now (tyreke hill) caught him running over to the board during the Sunday night game trying to redo actual plays. SO GREAT I think my SLOW goal will be painting offense and defensive squads for all major modern era super bowl winners. I believe aikman and Emmits cowboys are next. Can’t bring myself to paint any Patriots teams yet LOL
  7. Just finished an attempt at C T. Nalen 1998 Broncos wanted to “practice” so to speak with decals/facemasks etc this is one of the Tudor “pro” figures I believe. I really like them, especially at that price (I’m a chiefs guy so who better to practice on then a Bronco) observations: 1. Gotta dilute those acrylics. 3:1 on a wet palette works for me 2. You can make way more mistakes then I originally thought. It’s just more paint 3. Don’t know why, but had a devil of a time getting paint to stick to the brass facemasks. May try prime coat. (Also used some crayola acrylic my kids have, should prob stick with Tudor. Could be an old paint issue 4. Speaking of devils LOL, those shoulder numbers! Got one on and managed to lose the other on the newspaper I was working on. Hot tip use something blank instead of something covered in alpha numerics when decaling as a corollary it’s easier (for me) to paint shoulder and leg stripes than applying decals 5. This wasn’t my first “go” by any means. Have been playing around with/painting the stock figures that come with Tudor boards. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t. EfH vids have been super helpful to this end 6. Don’t go for perfection. When you’re playing at distance even basic work looks great. I spent/wasted too much time obsessing over minute imperfections. Once I stepped back I’m like “meh. Not worth it. Looks good enough”
  8. This is great thank you nefgm! The difference isn’t as pronounced as I thought surprisingly. but probably enough for my inherent OCD to kick in. If I “know” the scale is slightly off, strong chance I’ll never let it go. I certainly hope somebody was flagged for unnecessary roughness on that last pic LOL those custom figs of yours are incredible as for my painting, I’m putting in some time painting some extra figs I have before I finally decide on what figures to go all in on. Sort of a sandbox method to see what works and what doesn’t it’s been surprisingly very fun. And almost a meditative like experience no kidding (with the occasional frustrated outburst)
  9. Wow these recaps are so good! Feels like I’m reading the paper after a game. Makes me want to play so much LOL
  10. EFH! considering I've switched to using your rules exclusively at this point for my solitaire league can't help but agree we're doing dice rolls for all kicking at this point. I just got my ultimate board about 4-5 days ago, and while I LOVE LOVE the board itself, I do wish that the accessories were a little more "premium feeling" for that "premium" price so to speak. I did get some posts ordered thanks to some helpful advice on the forum, but not in yet. I'll report back when I get them. I would really like kicking to just work with TTQB or whatever you choose, because I like the "physicality" aspect of it during a game. getting up, and trying to master a skill so to speak. as an aside, just convinced a buddy of mine to play with me (2020 chiefs vs his fav 1998 broncos) and we used the EFHL rule set. we both had a blast. I've commented on your vids already but again really great and thorough work on that ruleset. we loved it.
  11. Thank you for response that is helpful even without pics! Basically confirms what I was thinking. For visual appeal across individual player it’s probably best to go “all in” on a brand Honestly these are going to be used predominately for my EFHL solo league and the occasional 1v1 vs friends I can convince that this is not their “dad’s” version of electric football. had no idea the painting side of it would be so fun. I’m not great but over time I’ll improve
  12. Hey all! just getting into painting and I really think I’m going to enjoy this new side of the hobby during COVID Does anyone here possibly have a side by side of different figures? Just for scale comparison? I’m curious as to how well figures work with different brands from earlier posts I know the propack will work with fab 5 (and frankly likely the route I will go) But curious about next level, undefeated, etc. if you choose another brand are you stuck buying a whole squad? thanks in advance mk
  13. John great to hear that you love the ultimate board! Mine is due tomorrow and can't wait May I ask where you ended up placing motor (or motors)? 50yd line about an inch from the edge as per instructions? Thanks. New to EF. The ESPN short about the subterranean stadium helped spark my interest LOL
  14. I've seen several cool pics of super long poles for field goal posts... seems very functional to me (in terms of telling whether a kick is "good" or not. I'd love to rig up a net behind one too is this something somebody has purchased or has seen somewhere? I'm thinking of buying some spare regular sized field goals and doing some crafting otherwise thanks in advance mk
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