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  1. I have a 16 team solitaire league based on the NFL teams. All the teams have a base defense and an alternate defense. Some teams use a base 4-3, with an alternate 3-4 defense and the others use a base 3-4 with an alternate 4-3. Each team carries a roster of 54 players, not counting kickers and punters, so I have enough defensive lineman for the 4-3 and enough linebackers for the 3-4.
  2. That was how I got into electric football originally - with the red vs yellow!
  3. I use goal posts with magnets inside the bottom of the base (which was shaped like home plate) that either Miggle or Tudor used to sell. As for the 10 yard chains, I haven't figured out a solution for that yet. I'm a little anal, so I like to measure for first downs when it is close, and I haven't figured out how to bring the chains onto the field to make the measurement where the player was downed...
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