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  1. Reuttgers' Jack O'Lantern helmet was hilarious. I had forgotten about it until I saw the pic. I like the Curly Lambeau one, or the 60s away uniform, or the 60s home uniform or any uniform a Packer is wearing. Except for leaving the blue and gold and going with green and gold, their uniforms haven't changed a whole lot. Just another reason I like the Packers.😊 I've been to Lambeau a few times when I was in Green Bay for work back in the '80s and 90s. but haven't been there since they re-did the whole stadium. It's on my to do list if Covid ever goes away. πŸ˜’
  2. Really nice. Especially like the Packers! I've been a Packers fan since they lost to the Eagles in the Championship game in 1960. My brother (11 years younger) went to the dark side and is a Vikings fan. I like to ask him how many Super Bowls the Vikings have won in how many tries! 🀣 The old, old figures really look good. I had those with my first football set, but sadly it got lost in a move when I was a kid. 😒
  3. I like to use the TTQB for passing, punting, and kicking, just because I'm a hands on kinda guy. 😊 However, I think that as many have said before, use whatever makes you happy. If someone has a physical problem with using the TTQB, just can't get the hang of it, or just doesn't like it, I don't see a problem with using passing sticks and dice. Of course, I only play solitaire, so I don't have to deal with questions as to whether all the coaches are playing on a level playing field. I have tried all the footballs nefgm showed above, and I have my favorites. I use the Saturn football for punting and kicking because it's bigger (easier to see with my old eyes) and because it kind of floats through the air and as TOEPRO Football Kit says, "They land soft". I prefer either the ice cream sandwich or the 3rd and long footballs for passing because they hold their shape over time, and I seem to be more accurate with them. Once again, whatever floats your boat.
  4. Wow. Not sure my "understanding spousal unit" would let me go that far, although she did allow me to set up my new ultimate board in her sewing room, so we can spend even more time together. We are both retired and quarantining right now due to her heart condition, so we see a lot of each other. She was especially happy when she found out the new board is very quiet. After 38 years of marriage and listening to the "buzz", I think she appreciates the new board almost as much as I do! 😊
  5. Yup, I bought the ultimate board with a grass field at the beginning of this year, before Tudor offered the team fields or covers. I asked around about putting the packers field cover over the stock field and the consensus was that it would work fine. The instructions Tudor provides for applying it worked nicely and it works fine and looks great! Fortunately, I have an understanding spousal unit, who allows me to maintain this hobby. 😊
  6. zak99b5, I had a 60s 600 fiber board like yours. I loved that board, it was big and really great to play on. Unfortunately, when I moved to Denver from outside Philadelphia, I forgot to take it with me and my mom threw it out! 😒 Nice to see another Packer backer here. I got the Packer worn field cover and recently applied it to my ultimate field. I think it is great!
  7. Really nice. I still like those old Eagles uniforms better than all the later iterations!
  8. I tried using the all purpose figure as a tackle but I ended up not liking them in that position. I had a lot of extra offensive linemen, so started using offensive linemen for all five offensive line positions. That enabled me to move the all purpose figures to defensive ends and tackles. I liked them there because their pose made it difficult for offensive guys to "snag" them as the play developed. That's also why I never used the backer figures at linebacker and tight end. The original rule book I had from the 60s suggested they be used as defensive backs, so that's what i did. I did try them later as tight ends and linebackers, but didn't like them there. They had a hard time getting into their pass routes, and as linebackers had problems when blitzing. The backers looked more like defensive backs to me anyway, so I continued using them as corners and safeties - with their arms extended it makes it harder to pass against them. Tight ends, flankers, and split ends have always been the sprinter figures for me. Just the way I do it, no right or wrong method. As many have said in this forum, it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you are having fun doing it. 😊
  9. Yup, you can use any figure at any position, really. My third string tight ends are actually linemen figures, because I have so many of them. I also used the all-purpose figures for linebackers and fullbacks at times (due to a lack of running back figures). Whatever floats your boat will work.
  10. I played around with single wing (which as nefgm mentioned, uses an unbalanced line) back when I first started playing electric football. It was fun, but eventually I tired of it and went with more conventional offenses. I kind of feel like using an unbalalced line telegraphs where you are going to go and I don't want the defenses in my solitaire league to have an unfair advantage - Oh Wait! 😊
  11. My punting system starts just like the pros: punt team sets up at the line of scrimmage with two gunners split wide. The receiving team has 1 or 2 men back (depending on the team), with two men trying to impede the gunners. The rest either rush the punter or drop back to form the wall for the return. I run the board for a count of 9 to give the rushers a chance to block the punt. After the 9 count, I stop the board and use the TTQL to punt the ball. Wherever the ball ends up, the punt receiver(s) have to go and get it. Then, depending on the length of the punt, I will count off some time (varies by the length of the punt) while running the board, to simulate hang time and to give the gunners a chance to get downfield, before adjusting and pivoting blockers and coverage guys, then letting the returner start running. This results in pretty realistic results for me. Short kicks often end up in fair catches, whereas on long punts, the punter often out kicks his coverage. I use a similar system for kickoffs, from when the ball is kicked.. Again the returners must run to the ball and I then delay the returner to allow for the kickoff coverage to make its way downfield. This is a system I have been using for 50 years and it works for me in my solitaire league. Since I was a kick and punt returner in high school, I like the "realism" and strategy using this system over dice rolls or cards. I know my system won't work for everyone, but as nefgm said, there is no right or wrong way, just have fun however you do it!
  12. All really nice. It's pretty neat to see the old uniforms of the early 60s. I had forgotten how some of the teams looked back then, although I was watching football at that time. Also, forgot the Bronco's vertical socks till I saw them here. Wish I could forget them again! 🀣
  13. The 60s were one of my favorite NFL eras. I started seriously watching football in the late 50s and really got into it with the Eagles victory over the Packers for the championship in 1960. Watch out for the Packers, they were awesome in the 60s and of course won the first two NFL/AFL championship games! '66 was a great year for football! It will be interesting to see how your season goes. Have fun!
  14. Also, I have lots of players with "illegal" numbers for their position as my solitaire league consists of NFL players from 1960 through 1999. Players such as Flanker Frank Gifford (16-Giants), Halfback Paul Hornung (5-Packers), Tight End Bob Tucker (38-Giants), Linebacker Karl Mecklenberg (77-Broncos) to name a few are currently in my league. So why not bring back the 0 and 00? I always liked them, although Otto's and Burrough's 00s were a pain to put on the figures. 😊
  15. I have NFL players from 1960 through 1999 in my solitaire league, so, of course, I have Jim Otto of the Raiders and Ken Burrough of the Oilers playing in my league. Always thought those numbers were pretty cool and two pretty good players wore them! 😊
  16. Wow! Really nice collection. I had forgotten about some of Tudor's other games. My brothers and I wore out the end board on the baseball game where you pitched the magnet and then smacked the back of the board with a weird looking bat. It was great fun! Thanks for bringing back some fine memories.
  17. mccaber - lookin good. Thanks for posting!
  18. Herb Adderley was one of the greatest cornerbacks ever. A Hall of Fame cornerback, named to the NFL's 1960s All-Decade Team, All-Pro eight times in a 12 year career (nine with the Packers and 3 with the Cowboys), starting cornerback on five Green Bay NFL Championship Teams (including the first two Super Bowls), and one Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl win. He considered himself a Green Bay Packer and refused to wear his Dallas Cowboy ring! A man after my own heart! 😊
  19. I agree. I've also got an Ultimate Board (but with the Green Bay Packers field cover). It runs great, the players run smoothly, and it looks great! It's a good size and the extra width allows for actually running sweeps, outs, flags, etc. with lots of room. Also, the additional width opens up the defensive zones to help receivers find the gaps when running curls, hooks, slants, posts, etc. If using TTQBs, though, you really have to work on your accuracy, as the throws are longer. 😊
  20. Wow! Really amazing display! Boards look in fantastic shape, unlike my older boards that took a lot of abuse when I was younger! 😊
  21. Above is an example of what my offenses and defenses look like, using my system of assigning figures to positions.
  22. Also, in short yardage situation, I use either 2 tight ends in a straight T formation, or 3 tight ends in a pro set or I formation. In either case they will be a blocker or a receiver, depending on whether I run or pass.
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