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  2. The new season got underway and it took several weeks to get threw "Week One". Below is a summary of each game and the present standings in each division. Falcons at Houston The opening game of the new season had several big plays. The Falcons opening drive resulted in a 41 yard touchdown pass from Vince Ferragamo to Alfred Jackson. The Oilers followed that up with a 60 yard field goal by Tony Fritch. Defense took over for the rest of the first half including 4 sacks, 3 by the Falcons and 1 by the Oilers. The Falcons started the third quarter with a 59 yard touchdown pass, again Ferr
  3. I would check your local area sheet metal suppliers and custom sheet metal fabrication shops such as anyone that does metal roofing, guttering or HVAC shops.
  4. Incidentally, I was looking at Pro Football Reference the other day, and was quite surprised that the Browns highest rated (by their way of rating0 player of all time was NOT Brown, Graham, or anyone else you'd expect, but tackle Dick Schafrath, who played during the 60s.
  5. Love the old time games! I've been a Giants' fan since '62, and I remember the players of that era well.
  6. The Gladiators erupted for 17 second quarter points, and held on, to defeat the visiting Warriors 17-7, in the season opener for both teams. The first quarter was marked by good defensive play, and sloppy passing by the Warriors' QB #12, who missed several open receivers. Meanwhile, the Gladiators began to establish a running attack, based on FB #35, who wound up the game with 85 yards total to lead all rushers. After the scoreless first quarter, in which the Gladiators' QB #15 was sacked 3 times, the Gladiators put together a drive which featured a 39 yard run by #35, and ended up with a T
  7. I remember Lonnie Warwick, the middle linebacker for the Vikings. He was my brother's favorite player, next to Bobby Bryant (my brother is a lifetime Vikings fan, unfortunately.) 😊
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  9. Yes....they were both very good in that era of pro football....lonnie warwick from the vikings is an old friend of my head football coach at the local high school i coached at for a long time....his good friends call him sam instead of lonnie....he lives about 40 miles north of me in a little town called mt hope...he used to bring a bunch of the mt hope kids to our summer fb camps each year....great guy.
  10. That must have been confusing, having two Gene Washingtons on the field at once! 😊 Both pretty good wide outs. Nice getting both of them in the same picture!
  11. Vikings 13 49ers 7.....i think ill call this one the gene washington game....84 washington for the vikes caught 2 td passes from joe kapp..the last one was on the next to last play of the game to give the vikings the go ahead score....then 18 washington for the 49ers ran the kickoff back 88 yards but he ran out at the 10 and the 49ers were out of plays....great players represented are : 84 washington....59 lonnie warwick....41 ed osborn....and 81 carl eller for the vikings......18 washington...12 john brodie...69 woody peoples...40 ken willard...and 57 frank nunley......next up will be the 196
  12. Yes, we have a lot of teams out of stock right now. There are three main reasons for that: 1. The pandemic made tabletop games even more popular, and we had a great year last year; 2. The pandemic is making it difficult to source our materials for our products, this is finally improving; 3. We have a big announcement coming regarding NFL and College (yes college) team sets. I cannot share the details, but it’s pretty exciting and we’re working hard to get product available so that when we announce, you’ll be able to buy it that same day. Thank you for your patience. We
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  14. Where do you find 24 gauge ?
  15. Hi Doug, I see you have numbers for the Washington Football Team. When will the Washington Football Teams uniforms comes out? Thank You. Rodney
  16. Last year's last place New League team, the Panthers, at the Old League champion Titans. This was almost an upset, as the lowly Panthers came into the 4th quarter with a 17-13 lead, largely due to the Titans having missed an extra point and a chip-shot field goal early in the game. The first half was marred by sloppy play on both sides. The Panther's rookie QB, #17, opened up with an 80 yd TD pass to WR #16, who wound up the game with 4 catches and well over 100 yds receiving. As expected, the Titans relied on their running game, and FB #39 finished with 112 yds on 12 carries. But star
  17. I pulled the starting QB late in the game because he was clearly overmatched by the defense. #27 had about 14-15 carries, including a couple of very long runs. He had previously been the Lancers' backup RB, but he was traded in the off season (including the base) to the Thunderbolts for their backup QB, who will be the Lancers' starter when their games begin.
  18. I use a regular TTC base with the dial spun around 180 degrees.
  19. Charlie, Good to see you back. Hope you are ok. Also, glad to see the old teams playing! Go Eagles!😊 Really neat to see the old players on the field again!
  20. Browns 14 cowboys 0 This game kind of reminded me of one of those late season games where both teams had losing records and they just wanted to get off the field......highlights for the browns was a long td pass from bill nelson to gary collins....and a 42 yd burst up the middle by jim brown as the browns were running out the clock......great players from the past include : 32 jim brown....66 gene hickerson....and 86 gary collins.....for cleveland.......great old cowboys represented were : 74 bob lilly....75 jethro pugh...and 22 bob hayes.....the next game will feature the 49ers vs the vi
  21. How do you tweak a base to keep a player to hold their position? What is the best type of base for this?
  22. A lot of beauties there...i still get good email comments about ur boards and dougs helmet buggies ...hope you are doing well.
  23. Game 2....bears 24 saints 21.....great game with big plays ....the bears went with handing the ball off to gale sayers down the stretch and it paid off......great players from the past include 40 sayers...51 dick butkus.....89 mike ditka....and 55 doug buffone for the bears......for the saints....17 billy kilmer...46 danny abramowicz...83 dave parks...and 48 andy livingston.....next up is a classic ..browns vs cowboys
  24. I have been dealing with medical issues...just the price us old guys pay sometimes.....i decided to scrap my last tournament and just start fresh with a new one....im going to play an old NFL tourney using the 16 NFL teams that were in the league before the 1970 merger....it will be a 16 team single elimination tourney....all the teams will be tudor original 1969 hogleg teams numbered to represent the great old players from the late 60s and early 70s.....game 1 ...eagles 14 giants 3....pictures include 18 ben hawkins...37 tom woodeshek ...76 bob brown...and 22 tim brown for the eagles.......30
  25. Hey Coaches! We have some exciting news to share! You can now rep your favorite hobby and let the world know you are a passionate Electric Football coach with our brand new line of Tudor Games merchandise. There are already over 10 unique designs to choose from and more are being added every day! Pick your favorite design and your new T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, Bag, or Hat will be custom printed and delivered by our industry-best printing partner.
  26. I would agree and sometimes I don't think people realize what it takes to build your own board. However, there is also a certain amount of self satisfaction in building your own board.
  27. Wow, 197 yards! How many carries did the Bolts #27 have? Was the Hawks starting QB hurt or did he get pulled?
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