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  2. I also think the TOC rules are really good too. Actually I like that one better than VSEFL.
  3. That is another great tip Mccaber, I do something similar with those tiny bendable plastic brushes they sell in the modeling section of some hobby stores. I took off the tiny brush part and whittled the plastic end to a sharp point with an xacto
  4. Last week
  5. Agreed. I'm waiting for my Tudor Ultimate board, which will obviously be my playing board. So, this 500 board will be my tweaking/training board.
  6. Wally, I have a copy of the original "Base Manipulation 101" that you wrote years ago in my files and a newspaper article that you are featued in Don't have them on the website yet. But will try to do so soon.
  7. https://nefgm.org/collectors-gallery/the-electric-football-collector/ Here is some good information regarding collecting and identifying figures.
  8. William, I hope that you don't forget me when you get started up again. You have my contact info. Wally
  9. Wow, I wrote that post 20 years ago that Kit put into a pdf format. It great to see that it still being used. Wally
  10. Old 500 boards make gret tweaking and training boards.
  11. Is it something that you should be able to have it in the next months? Thanks, Ben
  12. Hi Ben, We don't have the NFL license to ship into Canada yet. - Doug
  13. I use toothpicks exclusively Great for detail, spreading paint, and manipulating decals. For finer details, take a pen knife and shave the point of the toothpick.
  14. I'm actually waiting for mine to ship now. After reading your review, I can't wait to start playing on it.
  15. We do have a provision that you can pitch the ball (automatic) to an eligible receiver behind the LOS as long as he's within a white stick of the QB.
  16. Idk bro. That paint you're using on this particular figure looks pretty sweet.
  17. Just bought this board. I plan on using to test bases once I start tweaking, and for training camp.
  18. I personally like the Vintage Solitaire Electric Football League (VSEFL) rules best.
  19. Oh it definitely was put together. The uniforms are just a little different in shade. Just looking for some tips on how to identify Haiti figures.
  20. True. I think both the traditional way and the passing sticks have their pros and cons. I would say when passing near the LOS like that, I would probably use the TTQB, since it's short, almost shovel pass type play.
  21. I also like using the passing sticks. Gives the defense a chance to break on the ball, and forces the offense to find a receiver who is truly open. They do tend to make passing in the middle of the field close to the LOS well neigh impossible, though. So they aren't perfect.
  22. I wonder if that's not an "assembled" team. I've never seen different color plastics in one set before, but I wouldn't say it couldn't happen.
  23. Game 16 Cardinals 27 cowboys 7 The cardinals have now defeated 2 of the old nfl heavy weights ...in round 1 they beat the packers 27 to 10....and tonight they beat the cowboys 27 to 7.....terry metcalf took the opening kickoff back 98 yds and the cardinals never looked back.....great cards represented include : 21 metcalf....35 jim otis...85 mel gray...81 jackie smith..23 johnny roland ....17 jim hart...66 conrad dobler and 72 dan dierdorf.....great cowboys from the past include : 35 calvin hill...22 bob hayes..32 walt garrison ....55 leroy jordan.....12 roger stauback....75 jethro pugh...63 larry cole and 74 bob lilly.....up next will see the broncos vs the browns
  24. Hey all picked up what I thought might be Haiti eagles team but not sure how to identify Haiti figures. I know that hoglegs usually have a small circle on the players butt and Hong Kong on two of the players. Of course couldn't tell from pics but players slightly different. Oh well live and learn. Was hoping the yellow based figures might be older Haiti.
  25. I appreciate you Carl. Honestly I have no other real issues with the new rules. It's just that I just rediscovered the hobby, and I'm not as efficient with the TTQB and will certainly practice using them until I'm as efficient as I can be. But, I like the idea of passing sticks as a alternative.
  26. Hey Pats…when you are playing solitaire, play the game how it is most enjoyable to you. I personally take things I like from different rule sets and incorporate them with my own ideas and build something that suits me.
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