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  2. Bill vs. Oilers in the first game of the 2022 HAITI BOWL playoffs. I use only original Tudor Haiti era figures. Bills go 75 yds in 4 plays aided by 3 long runs by #30 including the TD. Oilers go 3 & out on their first possession. End of 1, 7-0 Bills.
  3. Here's a sample scoring sheet for a fictional game between the Montana Miners and the Knoxville Pioneers. It should be relatively self explanatory, but I did want to point out a couple of key things: 1) Any returns on Defense (Punts, Returned Missed Kicks, Interceptions, or Fumbles) that do not score a Defensive Touchdown will be deducted from their subsequent Offensive Drive's starting position in the First Half. In the Second Half, it will be deducted from their next Kickoff Return. If it does score, then it counts as a Drive and the Next Series begins after their PAT. I figured this would give a good incentive for the Defense without giving the new Offense ridiculously good Field Position every single time. I definitely want the Offenses to work for it as much as possible. 😁 2) Scoring Plays will be Bolded, and Turnovers will have an Asterisk (*) next to the Play Number. H = Home Team, A = Away Team, P = Play, etc. 3) Penalties and PATs count both as Plays and as Offensive Yards. Most Football Leagues (electric and IRL) wouldn't count the yards, but in my opinion if the runner has to burn up his legs or the passer has to wear out his arm, then it should still count to his credit. Consequently, negative stats like Incompletions and Turnovers during PATs also count, because I feel the same "energy usage concerns" should be considered for the Defense too....😉 4) There are 3 types of Sacks: Overload Sacks, Coverage Sacks, and Bull Rush Sacks. Up to 3 Players can receive a Sack Credit: i) Overload Sacks are credited when there are more Blitzers sent than Blockers set up in front of the Passer. Since each Defense can Blitz up to 3 Players, this can be a 3-on-2, 3-on-1, 2-on-1, or even 3-on-0, 2-on-0, or 1-on-0 if the Ineligible Players/Blockers are set up behind the Passer....not likely, but certainly possible (especially if you really screw up your tweaking đŸ˜Ŧ). ii) Coverage Sacks are credited when every Eligible Receiver is Covered, and the QB is set up as an Ineligible Receiver and thus cannot cross the Line of Scrimmage while also refusing to Punt the ball. The nearest Pass Rusher(s) get(s) the Sack Credit, and each Defender in Coverage also gets a separate Coverage Sack Credit. iii) Bull Rush Sacks are Credited when the same amount (or fewer) of Blitzers are sent as there are Blockers set up in front of the Passer (up to 3), and one or more players still sack the passer. 5) Lastly, good AND bad plays should be called out on the scoring sheet. Forced Fumbles, Missed Blocks, Broken Tackles, Intended Receivers, you name it. While I don't have one in this sample sheet, if a Blocker is straight up beaten by his Blitzer for a Bull Rush Sack, you can bet he's getting mentioned on there. 😋 Hope this helps, -PK
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  5. I love it!! Definity good for teaching kids how to play and inexpensive. Quick simple Game Play and using the spinner for passing and kicking is great for kids. I highly recommend!!
  6. I've been debating on getting one of those boards and doing essentially the same thing to try and get my friend and younger cousins into the game. $40 is right in my budget for gifting too, if they do end up liking them. 😁
  7. Last year, I played a short game week in my Solitaire League using the Tudor Red Zone Game Board and played a similar to baseball inning format. 4 quarters - 1 drive per team/ per qtr. / 4 plays per possession. If the home team was ahead after the visiting team's possession in the 4th, the game was over. I did allow games to end in a tie, so no OT qtrs. It was fun and interesting.
  8. Awesome, thanks. No hurry, take your time.
  9. Also, I just picked an arbitrary number (11) of drives. It seems like a good football game is one that lets both teams get around a dozen drives each, and a bad football game ends up lopsided with one team getting a ton more drives. If 11 seems to drag on way too long, then I may cut it to 9 and see where that goes. I gave myself an out with the Mercy rule for games that appear to get way out of hand, but I also know that can inflate/deflate a lot of stats so I'm going to have to work on some formula for compensation. Otherwise, the bad team with 10,000 yards that chokes in the Red Zone will look way better than the dominant team that "Mercies" out every other game in the 5th series.
  10. Definitely, I will make sure to make at least two copies and will upload the digital one here as well. I'm going to play a handful of exhibition games before finalizing them so it may be awhile, but the way 2022 looks there will be plenty of time. 😁
  11. Cool game play format. Would like to have a copy of your rulebook when you get it written up to include in the Museum.
  12. Good evening everyone, Unfortunately, I left my flash drive at work today that had my field covers and logos on them, then the sky absolutely fell out; so I most likely won't be making any updates this weekend until the snow and ice melt down or the roads are cleared. ☚ī¸ To tide everyone over, I did draw up a set of scoring sheets for each league. They're just simple spreadsheets, but I think they reveal more differences with the leagues than the field covers. My games will be played as "Series" of Drives similar to how Innings work in Baseball. Each team can score up to 9 points per Drive, with "Drive-Enders" earning the Defense an additional point if they have room. Teams can also elect to take 1, 2, or 3 point PATs. The highest score possible is 100-99 in both Leagues. The first half will have each Team's offense begin play from the respective League starting points (Goal Line for American, 48 for International). The second half shall have kickoffs, with onside kicks as an option: both for trailing teams to attempt to deny the leading team a drive so they can catch up, and for leading teams to attempt to game manage and "run out the clock" so to speak. American League games shall consist of 10 Series of Drives, with both teams swapping orders after the end of the 5th series. If both teams are tied after the 10th series, an 11th series shall be played with the same order as the first 5 Series. If both teams are still tied following this, they will each get to take 3 free kicks from Quarterfield, Midfield, and the Goal line (aka from 12.5, 25, and 50 yards). If this does not lead to a clear victor, then the team with the most Offensive Yards is granted 1 point and the Victory. International League games shall consist of 8 Series of Drives, with both teams swapping orders after the end of the 4th series. If at the end of 8 series, the teams are within 27 points, then Extended Time shall be granted, consisting of 3 additional Series of Drives in the same order as the first 4 Series. If this does not lead to a clear victor, then the team with the most Offensive Yards is granted 1 point and the Victory. The Slaughter Line is the amount of points mathematically that a trailing team must be within to have a chance of winning. If a team leads by an amount higher than the indicated Slaughter Line, then they are automatically awarded the victory (known as a Mercy, which is recorded in addition to a Win in the standings and can be used for Tiebreakers in Playoff contention). I know that's a lot of info in a poorly laid out format, but it should make more sense once I have an actual codified rule set drafted up. I will make a separate thread once that's accomplished. 😁 Best, -PK
  13. Last week
  14. Good evening everyone, I have made some headway on my International League Logo design. I tried to represent each team on a single shield, which I believe I have done a pretty good job at so far. The areas are placed approximately in geographic order, with two Maple Leaves for the two Canadian teams (with a Union Jack in the top left Leaf to represent the Royals), St. Pierre's flag for the top Right, Mexico's Eagle and Snake on the Bottom Left, and the bottom Right is inhabited jointly by the two "International" Teams, since Puerto Rico and The Conch Republic are both technically part of the US. The next step for the logo is to add some medieval "scrolls" to the top and bottom to put text saying "International League" on. I also did some changes in the ESIFA logos and field covers, with more changes likely to come. Let me know what color text(s) you like; I put one of each on the updated Fields for reference. Thanks for following along! -PK
  15. Game 5 Packers 21 saints 10 Packers win by 11 but really this game was decided on 1 play at mid field ...trailing 14 to 10...the saints had the ball and driving in the 4th qt...but billy kilmers pass was intercepted by carroll dale of the packers and 3 plays later bart star found jim taylor down the middle to seal the deal for the packers. Great Packers include : 84 dale...15 starr....31 taylor...57 ken bowman....42 john brokington....and 87 willie davis.....great saints from yesterday include : 17 kilmer...46 danny Abramowitz....38 tony baker....83 dave parks....and 48 andy livingston.....up next is a matchup of two rivals i have played many times ....the big w rams and the hog d 49ers.
  16. Opening Line: Miami- Favored by 7 points over LSU (Spread will change and vary leading up to the game)
  17. Great prediction! 👍 I think Miami's run game with Portis, McGahee, Davenport, and Gore and that Canes defense with Ed Reed and Jonathan Vilma will get it done. You can check out the game live on my YouTube channel when the game starts. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCTzsBq2jtuKCXVZk_uXGY_w
  18. Miami 41, LSU 34. Miami run game nearly unstoppable with Portis and Davenport each over 100 yards on the ground. Joe Burrow's pinpoint passing keeps LSU in the game. LSU driving in the final seconds toward a tying TD when Vince Wilfork hits Edwards-Helaire on a draw causing a fumble. Miami recovers, and their offense assumes the victory formation.
  19. I would try https://www.beenutt.com/. If you just want numbers be sure to tell him that. He usually does full team helmet logos, numbers, names, uniform stripes and socks.
  20. Where do you get the waterslide numbers? I have a couple of BM teams I need numbers for. I have the original sheets but after 55 years not sure the would work.
  21. Let me know your score predictions for my electric football game between the 2019 L.S.U. Tigers and the 2001 Miami Hurricanes and let me know who you think should be favored and by how many points. The game should be pretty soon and I ordered the figures so they will probably come sometime next week.
  22. Yes ...the bigmen cardinals are more of a true red.....the hogs are a much darker red.....and i agree on the hall of fame...so many great players are not in it....id also like to see a focus on getting more of the men from the era of the 60s and 70s in too.....pro football took off and became a must see event in america in the late 50s with the giants and colts games and really exploded onto the scene after that....great players from those years were the reason and dont get enough credit for that.
  23. Heck yeah, I'd buy a couple if you ever started selling them! I've been window-shopping and trying to find something I could use as a trophy, but everyone seems to focus on mini-Lombardis or that weird eye-shaped College trophy instead.
  24. Yes, it would!!! Very Good Idea!! I thought about making a mold of these and reproducing some. Hmmm... Sounds like a trip to Hobby Lobby, LOL.
  25. Those look awesome! A metallic painted version would make a perfect trophy (not that I'm suggesting you ruin a vintage collectable by any means, of course.) 👍
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