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  1. We do have a provision that you can pitch the ball (automatic) to an eligible receiver behind the LOS as long as he's within a white stick of the QB.
  2. I also like using the passing sticks. Gives the defense a chance to break on the ball, and forces the offense to find a receiver who is truly open. They do tend to make passing in the middle of the field close to the LOS well neigh impossible, though. So they aren't perfect.
  3. I wonder if that's not an "assembled" team. I've never seen different color plastics in one set before, but I wouldn't say it couldn't happen.
  4. I also used sticky-tac for ball placement.
  5. Lions and Bears? Oh my! Just make sure they get your crummy bases so their play matches the actual teams'.
  6. Khuuuuuuuuuun! Sterling Sharpe? Gotta have Gilbert Brown on the D-line.
  7. And retired his number. It was basically Starr's last event, too.
  8. I thought he was on the NY Jets?? 😛
  9. No real commentary on the games in these pics, as the score sheets are at our new location (buddy’s basement). I will update standings for those interested. First is Giants White at Giants blue. I do know the home team won. IMG_7428.MOV IMG_7427.MOV
  10. This is the score sheet we use. Fill out down, distance, and yard line for the play (at conclusion of previous play). Run or Pass when offensive coach makes his decision at the snap. Who carried the ball for however many yards. Make any notes (FG attempt, sack, TD, &c.) Fill out next down, distance, and yard line. Rinse and repeat. It makes it easy to keep track. We use two different color pens, one for each team, when they have the ball. SCORE SHEET.xlsx.pdf
  11. We use 8 plays per quarter for our games. Even with this low number, one of the guys in the league can make a game last over 2 hours--even 3. But this is more of a beer league anyway, and we enjoy ourselves. We do not want to use play clocks. All football plays that are timed in a real game count. OT is 12 plays total, using the current "sudden" death system that the NFL uses.
  12. We play with iron man teams—11 guys total. I put my QB on a TTC base, and adjust his dial to loop when on defense. It also allows him to either spin in place or roll out when on offense.
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