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  1. Way to go Pack! Let's go Eagles!!!!
  2. Charlie, you were right, I liked that Eagles - Cardinals score! Always great to see the old Eagles as well as a lot of the old players who are also in my league. 😊 Yup, the Pack vs the Vikings is always a good game. (My brother may have decided to root for the Vikings because I am a big Packer fan. 🤣)
  3. I remember Lonnie Warwick, the middle linebacker for the Vikings. He was my brother's favorite player, next to Bobby Bryant (my brother is a lifetime Vikings fan, unfortunately.) 😊
  4. That must have been confusing, having two Gene Washingtons on the field at once! 😊 Both pretty good wide outs. Nice getting both of them in the same picture!
  5. Charlie, Good to see you back. Hope you are ok. Also, glad to see the old teams playing! Go Eagles!😊 Really neat to see the old players on the field again!
  6. Nanook, I agree wholeheartedly that the great thing about this is you can fit the players to how you feel about them. I've always been partial to the '66 and '67 Packers, but have also liked a lot of the later players. Hendrichs isn't on my Packers team because he starts for the Colts! 😊
  7. Yup, played it as a kid and played it with my kids. I still have it and think it is fun to play!
  8. My league includes players from the 60's through the 90s. I don't include players from 2000 on for the same reason Nanook doesn't include modern players. As far as Packers players, I play Favre at qb, although it was a tough decision over Starr, Taylor at fullback (Brockington backing up as they were both fullbacks), Hornung at halfback, Lofton and Sharpe at flanker and split end, Coffman at tight end, the line - Skoronski, Gillingham, Ringo, Kramer, Gregg. Defensive line - Davis, Hanner, Jordan, Alderidge, LInebackers - Robinson, Nittschke, Carr, Corners - Adderley, Ellis, Safeties - Butler, Wood. As you can see, I like the old guys, although a lot of later players fill out my 2nd teamers and taxi squads. 😊 Also, I agree with zak99b5 that the Lions and Bears should get the crummy bases to match the actual teams! 🤣
  9. Wow! I'm sure it was. Wish I could have been there. I've been to Green Bay a few times, but never during football season - poor timing on my part. 😒
  10. Bob, Yeah I'm big on keeping the teams in their original cities. I didn't have any Super Bowls my first two seasons, as I only had 5 teams in my league. My 4 Super Bowls were as follows: Eagles vs. Packers (Eagles won) Cowboys vs. 49ers (49ers won) Steelers vs Packers (Packers won) Rematch of Steelers vs Packers (Packers won again (Mel Blount was out hurt and Lofton, Dale, and Sharpe ate up Dwayne Woodruff)) BTW, I agree with nefgm, there is no right way or wrong way to play. It is whatever floats your boat and makes it fun for you.
  11. Well, there's no accounting for taste 🤣 (I've been an Eagles and Packers fan since 1960), but I hope you enjoy your new field, even if it is the Cowboys. Let us know how it comes out!
  12. Bob, I have 2 conferences with 2 divisions in each. The current alignment is as follows: NFC East - Baltimore Colts (I didn't let them move to Indianapolis), New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Football Team (although I still use the Redskins 😊) NFC Central - Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Cardinals (Didn't let them move to Arizona either) AFC Central - Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers (Didn't let them move to Tennessee either), Pittsburgh Steelers AFC West - Los Angeles Rams (didn't let them move to St. Louis, Oakland Raiders (same deal no LA or Vegas for them), San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers. Kind of a geographical set up which morphed from some of my earlier configurations. I like this one though. Division winners and one team with the best remaining record from each conference make the playoffs. Best record in each conference gets a bye for the first playoff round and plays the winner of the first round for the conference championship. Then I play the Super Bowl with the conference winners. After the Super Bowl, I select "All Pro" players and Pro Bowlers, using the statistics compiled during the season. Then I play the Pro Bowl. That's the end of my season. In the offseason, I determine rosters and re-rank players, re-race bases and assign players to bases, and prepare my excel spreadsheets for each team for the next season.
  13. I am way out of the norm here. I use 30 plays per quarter, counting kickoffs (if returned), field goals, and punts, but not extra points or 2 point conversions. Also to simulate clock stoppages, I don't count plays against the play count where the ball carrier goes out of bounds, incomplete passes, or plays immediately before a time out is called (3 per half). As I've said in other threads, it takes about 3-4 weeks to complete a game. Since I now play a 16 game season with 16 teams, it takes me about 10 years to complete a season. I've been playing for 55 years and am currently about 1/3 through my 7th season (my earliest seasons had only 5 or 8 teams and only 14 games, so the seasons went quicker). I also track each play recording statistics for all the players (yards gained, receptions, completions, tackles, assists, sacks, passes defensed, etc.) I keep records for all my players throughout each season and keep career statistics as well. Guess you could say I'm either very statistics oriented, a super nerd, or just plain crazy. 😊
  14. As zak99b5 says, Tudor has a video. I used it, following the instructions exactly to put my Packers field cover on my Ultimate Board and it worked perfectly. It really is as easy as the video shows, although I had my spousal unit help lay the cover down on the board as it was kinda big to handle all by myself. Other than that everything was pretty easy to do.
  15. Hard to believe Devine thought he was better at calling plays than a quarterback who won a bunch of championships calling the plays himself.. Just sayin....
  16. Unfortunately, Devine wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, once he hi the NFL... Go Pack!
  17. I use the hashmarks exactly the way Nanook and Zak99b5 do. Why else have the hashmarks on the field? I agree that it adds some additional strategy potential to the game (wide side/short side plays and alignments for both offense and defense). On the Ultimate field it is not as significant, but it is still a factor in my opinion.
  18. Just want to say that I've been playing electric football for about 58 years from when a friend invited me to play with him on his field. I asked and got a game for Christmas that same year. Since that time, I and my brothers had numerous boards and teams, although I'm the only one of the three of us that stuck with it. I too was initially frustrated with the fact that the players ran around all willy-nilly with little rhyme or reason to where they were going. I solved that problem early on by developing a multi-stop system that I believe allows the players to adjust to what is happening on the field. I stop the game about every 3 - 5 seconds to adjust the players to run and cover pass patterns, to block and react to blocks and to break for holes and to react to what the ball carrier is doing. It has worked for me for all these years and I am quite happy with my system, although it's probably not for everyone. I use rookie bases because the dial bases just seem to bulky and fiddly for me and I don't really tweak the bases, other than candle them when I first get then, just because I would rather play than spend time messing with the bases. 😊 Also, I have had a number of different sized boards. Early on, with the smaller boards, I was somewhat frustrated, as it was difficult to run sweeps, outs, flags and such. When I started using 620 boards, I was pretty happy with them, but still felt they weren't quite the right size. I had thought about trying to build a bigger board, but by the time I added up the cost of parts, the effort that would be needed (a major consideration at my age), and the time it would take, I believed the way to go for me was to purchase one from Tudor. I have to say that I am extremely happy with my Ultimate 4'x2' board. The size is right and it runs fine. I think one of the great things about the hobby is that there are a lot of ways to participate in it. Tweaking, painting, modding, playing, whatever floats your boat is pretty much available. You certainly can spend a lot of money in the hobby, and I suppose over the years I have been playing I've spent a good bit. However, before I bought my Ultimate board, I hadn't really spent much in the last 20 years (the last time I expanded my league) other than buying a few unpainted teams to expand my rosters and replace a couple of broken players. I have been mostly using 2 boards that I've had since 1977. I repaint teams periodically and renumber players after each season as players retire and new ones come along, but I don't really worry about anything else but playing out each season. I guess it just doesn't take much to entertain me.😊
  19. I'm no Aaron Rogers 😊, but I still prefer touch passing by using the TTQB to actually drop ball over the defender and hit the receiver. However, this sounds like a pretty clever way of touch passing.
  20. Yup, but the league keeps making it harder and harder to play defense, especially in the defensive backfield!
  21. I have my motors on opposite corners of the end zone with foam squares under each foot as well. My board runs great and is nice and quiet, which makes my spousal unit very happy, after listening to "the Buzz" for 38 years! It's in her sewing room now, so we can spend even more time together (trying to get her interested in playing electric football, but no luck so far)! 🤣
  22. Oh no! Say it ain't so! The Packers lose to the Chiefs????? There's no justice! 😊 You're right, the field (and the players) look great!
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