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  1. Charlie, Nice to see the old guys on the field again! Go Pack!
  2. The video was great! I'm old enough to remember those teams and games. Also, the voice of John Facenda doing the narrative for Ed Sabol's production was great. Brought back a lot of great memories.
  3. Yeah, you don't see linebackers like Butkus, Nitschke, Lanier, Curtis, Nobis, Huff, etc. anymore. It's now all about passing.
  4. I lost about 5 years when I was living in Italy and England, but other than that I've played pretty steadily around traveling for work and my college years. I have the same problem with the Pro Football Reference and Gridiron Uniform Database sites! 🀣 I'm not much of a fan of the game the way it is played now. I always preferred two back sets where both backs were dangerous ball carriers, rather than the one bac sets or blocking back and running back sets of today. I agree, the version played in the 50s, 60s, and 70s was more to my liking. I used to keep my two conferences separate for the same reason you give, but I changed to inter conference play about 3 seasons ago. I also liked the idea of two teams not having played each other until the Super Bowl (especially considering the results of the first 2 Super Bowls - Go Pack), and sometimes I still experience that. But I also liked the idea of interstate rivalries, such as Steelers/Eagles, Giants/Jets, Cowboys/Oilers (I still have the Oilers in my league - just couldn't let them go), Rams/Chargers, etc., which was the reason I went with my format. I like both formats and have considered going back to intra-conference schedule. Maybe I'll do that again if I live long enough to start another season after this one (projected to end in 2027 if all goes well 😊).
  5. Well, I know I'm old, so there's that, but I always liked defense. And I agree there is a difference between an inept offense and great defense. Bring back the Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, Fearsome Foursome, Orange Crush, and even the Doomsday Defense (I'm not a Dallas fan! 😊). It's just really difficult to play defense in this day and age, especially in the secondary, where you can't touch the receivers (or even look cross-eyed at them 😊).
  6. Yup, I agree 100%. It's all about the money with the NFL. The more games, the more merchandise, the more fans, all result in more income. I think that's why it's become a passing league - because the average "fan" just wants to see touchdowns and has no real appreciation for defense. The more touchdowns, the more fans. I'm old school and have always liked defensive struggles. 😊 Anyway, it's just too many uniforms now. I'll stick with the old ones from the 60's, 70s, and 80s for my solitaire league, thank you very much! 😊
  7. Jim, I've operated my solitaire league since 1966, so I have my off season routine pretty standardized. I use rosters of 54 (offense and defense), plus kicker, punter and taxi-squads (10 players each for offense and defense). I have 16 teams divided into 4 division (2 conferences) in my league and play a 16 game schedule, plus playoffs. Each team plays its division teams twice, remaining conference teams once, and 6 teams from the other conference. The division winners and 1 wild card per conference play to determine the conference championship, and the two conference champions play in the Super Bowl. Then I play an inter-conference All-Star game. I actually do finish my seasons, it just takes about 8 years per season. For some reason, it has never become a burden for me 😊, as I enjoy playing the games and keeping statistics on all the players in my league over the course of their career. I'm kind of a statistics nerd, I guess.😊 I'm in my 7th season now and many of my players have been there for all seven seasons. (i use NFL players who were active in the league from 1960 through 1999.) Anyway, in the offseason, I touch up paint, replace worn numbers or change numbers, re-rate my players to determine who is retiring, whether I am bringing in new players, who is starting, who is on the bench or the taxi squad. I usually re-race my bases and re-allocate them to my players based on the players' new ratings. I develop the Excel spreadsheets I use for each team to track the statistics for each play and players for each game. I also create the schedule for the new season. I am pretty happy with my teams and division and conference arrangement, so I haven't added any teams or moved teams around for the last 3 seasons. I started out with 5 teams, and kept expanding until I hit 16 and decided that was enough. 😊 I also contemplate rules changes, based on what the NFL is doing (although I don't always adopt their changes). I used to draw up new offensive plays and defenses. I don't do too much of that anymore, as I've got a pretty extensive pile of 3x5 cards with offensive plays and usually 2 or 3 basic defensive sets with different blitz and coverage packages for each team. Sorry for the long answer to a short question.
  8. Wow! The field looks good and I really like all the Packers' memorabilia. Really nice. I'm 70 and had the same issue with Packers games. Was tough to catch them on TV unless they were playing the Eagles or one of the other NFC East teams (especially during the lean years). Felt the same when Majkowski went down, but Favre played ok in his stead. 😊 I wasn't happy when I heard Reggie was leaving the Eagles, but when he signed with the Packers, I was ok with that! He went from my second favorite team to my favorite team! Can't beat that! 🀣
  9. I agree. I always thought the Rams looked best with the blue jerseys and yellow pants. I'm really not a fan of the new uniforms or the multi-uniform looks in the NFL these days. With all the different uniform versions for each team, It's getting hard to figure out what teams you are looking at. 😊 Also, I especially don't like the jersey and pants the same color look. Obviously, just my opinion.
  10. Thanks. Guess the Pack will have to represent the division in the playoffs now. Bears had a tough row to hoe against the Saints. Hopefully, the Pack will bring another Super Bowl trophy to Green Bay!
  11. Well, I guess there's no accounting for taste. 😊 I've been a Packers fan since 1960 when they lost to the Eagles for the NFL Championship (prior to the Super Bowls). I stuck with them through the great Lombardi years and then all the down years and then the great years when Favre and Rogers showed up! Sixty years of Packers football can't be beat!!!! 😊 GO PACK!
  12. I have to agree with zak99b5. The ultimate board met my expectations and the big field is great! It is closer to scale and I really like the extra width. It opens up holes in zone defenses for curls, and slants, and allows more room for running outs and flags, etc. I wish I had waited to buy it until the team covers were included, but I remedied that by buying a Packer field cover, which actually improved performance somewhat (smoother vibration) and looks (How could it not look better with a Packer field? 😊)!
  13. Glad to see you're back and playing again. Really like to see the old figures. Can't wait to follow the results of your tournament.
  14. Wow! Thought it really was Joe for a second! 😊
  15. I certainly can't argue with your statement. You are right, you would think for that much money the board would be just about perfect. All I'm saying is, I can't say my ultimate board is perfect, but it is head and shoulders better than my other boards. I don't really notice any sag in the middle (but it could just be my old eyes 😊). I'm using two motors which seem to work pretty well - a couple of small, slightly faster spots near the motors, but overall pretty uniform speed across the board. I don't see a need to do any tweaking to my board, but that doesn't mean others won't.
  16. I agree with zak99b5. I have a Miggle board and was really disappointed with it for the reasons he noted. Also have a plastic 620 board and didn't like it either. My old 620 metal boards are head and shoulders over those. However, my ultimate field is way better than the Miggle or plastic boards, and I like it better than my old 620 boards as well. Nothing is perfect as zak says, but the ultimate field is really good in my experience, especially with a Packer field cover! 😊
  17. Really nice. Boy that's a lot of yellow! 😊
  18. Nice. Being a Packer fan, I especially like the field!
  19. Really nice job! I don't really care for the Broncos current uniforms (I'm a fan of the Orange Crush teams of the 70s with the Orange jerseys), but you did a really great job on these! I like playing more than painting (partly because I suck at painting), but I really like to see the paint jobs appearing in the Forum. Keep up the good work!
  20. I had that problem too, until I started laying the football flat with the tee and angling the TTQB down. Also, I now use the Saturn ball which seem to work better for kicks. I don't worry too much if I miss the receiving team, because I always leave one guy back deep. In addition, I used to always play in a room with a dark rug, so I didn't have a problem finding the balls if they went off the board. Now, however, I am playing in my spousal unit's sewing room with a beige rug, so it is a little difficult at times to find the ball if it goes off the board - seems to be more of a problem with my errant chicken-wijng passing than kicking! 😊 May have to go to using only dark footballs for passing, as I am also too old to be crawling around on the floor looking for them! 🀣
  21. I agree about using dice. I'm more of a hands on kinda guy. (Not sure whether that's a good thing or not 😊) I do it the way the NFL does it. Line up both teams 10 yards apart as usual (# on line depends on whether the receiving team expects it (10 spread along the line with 1 back in case the ball gets through) or not (5 on the line). Then, either try to bounce the kick back off one of the receiving team's guys (one of the few times contact doesn't result in obtaining the ball) or drop a soft kick behind the receiver front line. Without adjusting anyone, run the board for about three seconds (Note, the receiving team will fun forward, possibly bypassing the ball in some cases.), then stop and adjust everyone to go for the ball. Whoever touches it first, recovers it. When trying to bounce it off the receiving team, sometimes the ball bounces back to the kicking team, sometimes it gets tangled up in the receiving guys legs, or doesn't bounce off very far, and sometimes I miss the front line and it goes deeper down the field. Trying to drop it behind the front line is trickier as I kick it very high, so it will drop behind them. Anyway, bottom line is sometimes the onside kicks work, but often they do not (maybe just because I suck at kicking😊), I've been doing it this way for a long time and it has worked for me.
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