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  1. I would check your local area sheet metal suppliers and custom sheet metal fabrication shops such as anyone that does metal roofing, guttering or HVAC shops.
  2. I would agree and sometimes I don't think people realize what it takes to build your own board. However, there is also a certain amount of self satisfaction in building your own board.
  3. Solitaire League Rules – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org) I recently made some additions to the NEFGM Library Solitiare League Rules Section. If you would like to have you Soliaire league Rules added to this page please contact the Museum at nefgm2019@gmail.com Thanks
  4. I prefer 24 guage. I think the 26 gauge would work better with the Tudor motors though because of the lighter weight.
  5. Excellent!!! Look forward to following this great league again this year.
  6. Some of you may or may not remember the website "Football Uniforms Past and Present". Before there was the "Gridiron Uniform Database", this was the site to go to for historical NFL uniform reference pics. Through the efforts of Lynn "Weirdwolf" Schmidt aqnd the authors of "Gridiron Uniform Datatbase" this website has been restored. Here is a blog article regarding this. The Gridiron Uniform Database: A Bit of Nostalgia (nfluniforms.blogspot.com) And here is a link to the restored website. Football Uniforms Past and Present (gridiron-uniforms.com)
  7. The Kentucky Derby is one of those "once a year" sporting spectaculars that is always fun to watch, way over analyized and I never attempt to speculate as to who is going to win. My predicition: the horse that crosses the finish line first. However it does remind me of this game that I loved to play as a kid and is still fun to play today. Did any one else ever play this game?
  8. Very Interesting concept but then that is the good thing about electric football. You can make up teams and leagues with any players you want that makes the game more fun and interesting to play for you.
  9. I was actually there in Green Bay when the Packers inducted Brett into their Hall of fame and retired his number, working on the remodel of the Packers Hall of Fame. It was an awesome event.
  10. Yes, should have been "immortalized". I use the model car cases also. Thanks.
  11. Looking for a cool way to "immoralize" your figures? Try these cake decoration colums.
  12. Best bet though is to just modify modern players.
  13. I usually just use Munro figures for pre 1960's figures and teams. Here's some gotham figures in 1950's uniforms. Playtime Playtime Figures in 1920's Uniforms.
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