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  1. Yes, paint before bending. 😉 TOC = Tournament Of Champions (Tournaments that many players join in on).
  2. Yes... Vinyl window sticker material. 😄
  3. You know if Megawattz is still around? I haven't heard anything more about em!
  4. YEAR of TEAM: 1976 TEAM CITY: Tampa Bay TEAM NAME: Buccaneers TEAM COACH: Johnnie B
  5. Register your FUTURE Florida Electric Football League teams here to ensure we don't have two of the same teams playing during the same season. (Example: Coach John's '72 Miami Dolphins vs Coach Chris's '72 Miami Dolphins is not possible). Your FUTURE registered team must be available to be used by the start of the following season. YEAR of TEAM: TEAM CITY: TEAM NAME: TEAM COACH:
  6. Should we allow "Third Party Bases" to be used in the Florida Electric Football League?
  7. I forgot to post this one... Cause it's a "wall hanger" in my room now. LOL
  8. Yup! A little somethin' I created for a Solitaire Electric Indoor Football League I got going. 😄
  9. Hahah.. that last one - TWO broken tackles?! WOW! That's some physical runnin'! 😄
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