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  1. Mike, welcome to the world of EF world. It is a great hobby. The boards sometimes need a little tweaking (placement of motors, board support), and the bases usually need some tweaking, but it is still worth the effort in my opinion. Painting teams is also fun, even at my age when the hands don't always do what I want them to! 😊 There are also various ways to play from just turn it on and let 'em run, to multi-stop methods. Personally, I use a multi-stop method in my solitaire league, but there are lots of other methods (you can find info on these in the various forum pages. Also, if you haven't yet, check out nefgm's website. It has a lot of good and interesting info on the game. Enjoy, it's a great hobby!
  2. I agree. Saves on paint and painting! 😉
  3. I have played on all different size boards over the 54 years I've been playing. Most of my later games have been played on 36x18 fields and I enjoyed playing on them. Generally, the size of the board does not preclude you from having a great time playing EFL. I will say that I prefer the larger size boards, just because there is more room to run pass patterns, sweeps, etc. and allows you to spread the defense out a little more to enable your receivers to find the soft spots in zones. I recently got an Ultimate board (48x24) and it really does give you a lot of room to run sweeps, outs, flags, etc.
  4. I have a lot of old figures (I've been playing EFL 1967) and I now use them along with newer figures on an Ultimate board. They run fine! Haven't really noticed any difference in performance between my older figures and the newer ones.
  5. Charlie, Wow! Really nice collection. Brings back memories!
  6. I also have tow motors on my Ultimate field, located at opposite corners of the endzones. The board runs great and looks great with my Packers field cover! 😊
  7. Mccaber, I also use toothpicks exclusively. Have been for years. Has always worked well for me.
  8. Wow, neither my Packers nor Eagles did well in the tournament! 😢 Was there too much fog in the Eagles Bears game again????😊
  9. Excellent! Field and players look great!
  10. Charlie, I almost forgot that when Lombardi got to Washington he changed the helmets and uniforms to look similar to the Packers (only in red and yellow instead of green and yellow). Looked really good!
  11. Yup, Classic Eagles Kelly Green with the shoulder and arm stripes (late 60s).
  12. Happy Anniversary!!!. Sounds like a great plan!
  13. Really good article. I enjoyed reading it.
  14. Great article. Brought back some great memories.
  15. Charlie, Growing up, I didn't know anyone else who played electric football. I moved around a bunch and was always able to find guys to play football, basketball, and baseball on the playgrounds, yards, & streets. I was introduced to electric football by a classmate when I was in 5th grade and we played on his field almost every weekend for about a year before I moved away. Finally got my own board about 2 years later and my 2 brothers and I played the heck out of it. We all ended up with our own boards and played against each other until I went off to college. I continued to play whenever I was home on break, but they stopped playing when they went to college - their loss. 😊 They left me their boards and players and I set up my own solitaire league, which I have been playing ever since. It has provided me decades of great fun and enjoyment.
  16. I agree. Some dead spots give the receiver a chance to make a move on the db or the ball carrier to juke away from a tackler... At least that's the way I look at it. And you guys are right no play works the same way each time, even with the same players and bases! Hmmm, sorta like real football. 😊
  17. Oh no! The Eagles lost???? Say it ain't so! 😊 Go Pack!
  18. Way to go Pack! Let's go Eagles!!!!
  19. Charlie, you were right, I liked that Eagles - Cardinals score! Always great to see the old Eagles as well as a lot of the old players who are also in my league. 😊 Yup, the Pack vs the Vikings is always a good game. (My brother may have decided to root for the Vikings because I am a big Packer fan. 🤣)
  20. I remember Lonnie Warwick, the middle linebacker for the Vikings. He was my brother's favorite player, next to Bobby Bryant (my brother is a lifetime Vikings fan, unfortunately.) 😊
  21. That must have been confusing, having two Gene Washingtons on the field at once! 😊 Both pretty good wide outs. Nice getting both of them in the same picture!
  22. Charlie, Good to see you back. Hope you are ok. Also, glad to see the old teams playing! Go Eagles!😊 Really neat to see the old players on the field again!
  23. Nanook, I agree wholeheartedly that the great thing about this is you can fit the players to how you feel about them. I've always been partial to the '66 and '67 Packers, but have also liked a lot of the later players. Hendrichs isn't on my Packers team because he starts for the Colts! 😊
  24. Yup, played it as a kid and played it with my kids. I still have it and think it is fun to play!
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