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  1. why not? This game was invented in the late 40's and as evoluated throughout the years. In fact we should have a Tabletop Sports (electric football, Subbuteo soccer, table basketball, baseball, hockey & others) What do you think? Cheers, Ben from Montreal, Canada.
  2. Also just hope that Tudor will sell those teams as division sets (4 teams with home and away unis) ust like the old days of Miggle. What do you guys think?
  3. Hi There. Now that things go slowly but surely to normality, can Tudor are open to a suggestion of a Tudor CFL electric football game? (110 yards field, 12 players on board?, etc.. Any inputs, suggestions will be appreciated. If you want some ideas, please send me that by PM. Cheers, Ben from Montreal
  4. Good evening Tudpr. I know that the pandemic had caused some damages to your production of teams but do you have an approx. idea of when do you plan to get all the teams available? Any news, good or bad, short or long term will be very appreciated. Really like your stuff. Have a nice day and take care & stay safe Ben Racette from Canada
  5. Welcome back to the hobby. Solitaire league is sooo great!! you play when you want (well..when you can) and with your own rules. So nice!!
  6. Fantastic pics. C'est absolument incroyable. Great job. Cheers. Ben Racette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  7. This is an excellent idfea......and why mot CFL teams (9 teams, soon to be 10) as well as CFL firled, 12 players per teams. Can be also an excellent option. Cheers, Ben
  8. really nice work and pics Ben from Montreal, Canada
  9. Hi there. in this Super Bowl week. Why Tudor could not create a mini Vince Lonbardi trophy? As a collector of minitrophies and figures, i think that this should be fun to have it. Please let me know what do you think. Cheers, Ben from Montreal Canada. Even from a Dolphins fans....GO CHIEFS!!!
  10. Any words about the Bills and Jets in white? Thanks, Ben from Montreal, Canada
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