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  1. Is it something that you should be able to have it in the next months? Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi Tudor. Is it true that you won't ship NFL products (like the Uni-forms once available) in Canada? If so please confirm. This is very dissapointing. Thanks
  3. Absolutely nice...especially the grumpy dwarf. Nice job!!
  4. HI Tudor. Is there's a way that we can buy some division set someday just like they do with the campaign? Please let me know. A new to coolect a new set of all the NFL teams. Cheers, Ben
  5. Very nice figures. Nice job. Ben Racette from MTL Canada
  6. Hi there. I suggest that Tudor should sell their uni-forms teams as a division sets (4 teams in both home and away uniforms), conference sets and why not the complete league range. What do you think guys? Please let me know and have a good one. Cheers, Ben
  7. and why not the Montreal Machine?? Love those unis from the WFL
  8. Hi there, when those uni-forms (NFL teams) will be available on the site? Please let me know Cheerss, Ben from Montreal
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