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  1. Game 5 Packers 21 saints 10 Packers win by 11 but really this game was decided on 1 play at mid field ...trailing 14 to 10...the saints had the ball and driving in the 4th qt...but billy kilmers pass was intercepted by carroll dale of the packers and 3 plays later bart star found jim taylor down the middle to seal the deal for the packers. Great Packers include : 84 dale...15 starr....31 taylor...57 ken bowman....42 john brokington....and 87 willie davis.....great saints from yesterday include : 17 kilmer...46 danny Abramowitz....38 tony baker....83 dave parks....and 48 andy livingston.....up next is a matchup of two rivals i have played many times ....the big w rams and the hog d 49ers.
  2. Yes ...the bigmen cardinals are more of a true red.....the hogs are a much darker red.....and i agree on the hall of fame...so many great players are not in it....id also like to see a focus on getting more of the men from the era of the 60s and 70s in too.....pro football took off and became a must see event in america in the late 50s with the giants and colts games and really exploded onto the scene after that....great players from those years were the reason and dont get enough credit for that.
  3. Game 4 Washington 14 St. Louis 7 Late in the 4th qt the cardinals had drove down inside the redskins 15..but with 3 plays left in the game and facing a 4th and 11...jim hart could not connect to jackie smith and larry brown ran out the last 2 plays to allow washington to advance to the 2nd round. Outstanding st louis players from the past include : 21 terry metcalfe...17 jim hart..81 jackie smith...22 roger worrell ...72 dan dierdorf....and 67 larry stallings.....great redskins from yesterday include : 43 larry brown...42 charlie taylor...55 chris hanburger....66 joe jacoby....and 65 dave butz.....up next is the bigmen packers vs the hog saints.
  4. I just got some old white and yellow chargers....havent put them on yet but ive already decided that my wife will be at the table in a group project because she is good at crafts and has much more attention to detail 😀
  5. I just got the chargers in white....they reminded me of the old alworth...hadle era of the late 60s....i havent put them together yet but looking forward to the end result....i like the possibilities of sone old throwbacks like late 60s eagles....i appreciate the guys at tudor always striving to be creative.
  6. The first time i saw those old blue and white uniforms of the rams of the late 60s....big roman gabriel standing in the pocket and throwing with a couple def linemen hangong off of him...and deacon jones and merlin olsen running over opposing offensive linemen i knew i had found my favorite team....the late 60s and all of the 70s....i watched my rams lose in the playoffs ..usually in the nfc championship....but i kept saying next year they will do it........the first 2 tudor football teams i bought was the white rams and the dark jets...because the jets had just won super bowl 3....i bet i played 50 games between those 2 teams....great memories.
  7. When i think of the vikings of the 70s and the bills of the 90s....they will always be known as the teams that lost 4 super bowls.....but they dominated their conference just came up 1 game short each year of true dynasty.
  8. The raiders were a force for the 2nd half of the 60s...all of the 70s....and most of the 80s
  9. Packers owned the 60s....steelers owned the 70s....the 80s saw...the rise of the 49ers...bears...giants and washington for 2 or 3 years a piece....but all 4 were in the thick of it pretty much the whole decade.....imagine if norwoods field goal hadnt been wide in that first sb appearance for the bills...they might have been a 4 straight sb wins instead of loses in early 90s.
  10. Game 3 Bears 28 vikings 7 This was the first game in the tourney where one team truly dominated the other....gale sayers had 3 tds for the bears and mike ditka caught a nice pass from jack connanon.....bill brown and joe kapp hooked up on a circle route out of the backfield for the vikings lone score.....great bears from yesterday include : 40 sayers...89 ditka...11 concannon...51 dick butkus...87 ed obradovich....81 doug atkins and 55 doug buffone....great vikings included : 30 brown...11 kapp...84 gene washington...41 ed Osborne....88 alan page...70 jim marshall...59 lonnie warwick...and 81 carl eller.....up next is the hog washington team vs the big st louis cardinals.
  11. When i first started watching nfl football and playing electric football in the late 60s....the vikings were really tuff during the joe kapp and fran tarkenton era of late 60s and most of the 70s.....the bears were very strong in the early to mid 60s and then fizzled out till the 80s when ditka...payton and buddy ryans 46 defense came around. But im sure when these 2 met twice a year it was always a hard hitting game regardless of who was 2-8 and who was 8-2 every year.....great memories.
  12. Yes....i started collecting the bigmen again about a year ago...i think im up to 24 of the 42 original bm teams.....back when i had all of the bm and most of the hogs...i used to just rotate tournaments and play all bm or all hog .....this one is kind of an experiment just to see how they do head to head....in the first game i thought the hog giants pushed the big browns around and the smaller hog team actually controlled the line of scrimmage and had a better running game....the browns just got a few breaks and won.....in the eagles cowboys game the big cowboys pushed the hog eagles around and the hog eagles won through the air....as far as bases....i use the same 22 for a tournament and when i finish a game ...the next 2 teams will get 5 from one team and 6 from the other....i just randomly switch the bases so the difference in the running game could have simply be the big cowboys simply had 5 stronger widetops than the big browns did in the first game simply by luck of the draw....but both games so far have been good close games....having fun and looking forward to playing the big bears and hog vikings soon.
  13. Game 2 Hog eagles 21 big cowboys 17 Great game...norm sneed of the eagles threw 3 td passes 2 to harold jackson...and the game winner to tom woodeshek.....walt garrison had 2 rushing tds for the cowboys....great players from the past include : 16 sneed...29 jackson...37 woodeshek...18 ben hawkins....89 steve zabel....88 gary pedigrew and 60 chuck bednarik.....great cowboys from yesterday include : 32 garrison...17 don meredith...75 jethro pugh...74 bob lilly...30 dan reeves...55 leroy jordan...and 54 chuck howley.....up next will be the big bears vs the hog vikings.
  14. This tournament will focus on the old NFL teams before the merger. in 1967 tudor made the first painted teams and there were 16 NFL teams in d and w jerseys. And 9 AFL teams that only came in d jerseys except for the jets. I collected the AFL again first and i have used the AFL big teams in my previous tournaments lately so i decided to use the 16 NFL teams for this tourney....several like the big d browns were or will be the first time i have used them in a game.
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