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  1. WLD - That is not in development - yet.
  2. I almost made those a choice, but they had looked close to the existing Visitor style. Thanks!
  3. All right! Keep the votes coming! Hold That Tiger!
  4. I like MP to get the facemasks on. You gotta be brave to apply them with airplane glue. Wow.
  5. The socks are always an adventure. That is tricky.
  6. Gotta say - Oilers by 7, final will be Oilers 21, Browns 14. Go AFL!
  7. Tudor Games is working to secure licenses for your favorite NCAA teams. Now, you be the judge - Which Uni-Forms would you like to be the first one off the line?
  8. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with Uni-Forms. What Other Uni-Forms Would You Want To Get?
  9. Leave them on the sprue and paint. Make sure to allow plenty of time to dry.
  10. I use a regular TTC base with the dial spun around 180 degrees.
  11. Why do all that when they are sold here ready to go?
  12. The winners - 1st: 8: Medina Spirit 2nd: 7: Mandaloun 3rd: 9: Hot Rod Charlie 4th: 14: Essential Quality See you Saturday, May 15th for the Preakness Stakes!
  13. That would be "immortalize".. 🤪🤪 Anyhoo, the clear display cases for model cars work great too. immoralize in American English (ɪˈmɔrəˌlaiz, ɪˈmɑr-) TRANSITIVE VERB Word forms: -ized, -izing to make or cause to be immoral What are those figures doing on top of the columns, pray tell?
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