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  1. I predict that Metcalf goes nuts with 2 to 3 big runs for scores and the Cardinals move on to face the Raiders.
  2. Wildcard weekend is in the books. Two close games! NFC Wildcard Game Minnesota Vikings (1-2) at Oakland Raiders (2-1) The Vikings make only their second appearence in a playoff game in their history. Their first playoff game was 3 seasons ago ironically against the Raiders in Oakland. The Vikings get the ball to start the game. Their first drive is a three and out as RB Chuck Foreman is stuffed for a 5 yard loss, QB Fran Tarkenton is sacked for a 15 yard loss and then scrambles for 7 yards on third down. After a decent punt return, the Raiders begin there first drive of the game. Mark Van Eaghan last year's MVP rushes for 4 yards on first down, then takes the next carry 53 yards to the 14 yard line of the Vikings. Then the Viking defense gets stout and stuffs the Raider rushing game 3 straight times. K Errol Mann opens the scoring with a 27 yard chip shot field goal. The Vikings next drive starts with another Raider sack of Tarkenton, and ends with a Tarkenton scramble short of getting a first down. Van Eghan returns the punt 38 yards. The Raiders are able to get one first down but the drive stalls. With time running out Mann comes out to attempt a 40 yard field goal. The kick is no good, off to the right and the first half ends. Raiders 3 Vikings 0. Van Eaghan is stuffed for a three yard loss to open the inaugural drive of the second half. Weese scrambles for 11 yards setting up what should be an easy third down conversion, but RB Arthur Wittington is stuffed for a 2 yard loss forcing a Raider punt. WR Sammy White returns the punt 50 yards to the Raider 45 yard line. The Raider defense shuts down the Viking offense yet again as RB Bob Miller is dumped for a 5 yard loss, Tarkenton is sacked for 14 yard loss and then Tarkenton throws an incomplete pass to bring up 4th down. WR Cliff Branch muffs the punt but is able to recover the ball. The Raiders mount an 8 play drive that ultimately ends with two straight incomplete passes by Weese. With the Raiders nursing a 3-0 lead, they decide to punt. The ensuing punt backs up the Vikings deep in their own territory. The Viking offense gets the big play they need as Tarkenton completes to Miller for a gain of 45 yards to the Raider 36 yard line. After two incomplete passes and with time running out, the Vikings bring out K Jan Stenarud to attempt a game tying 51 yard field goal that would send the game into overtime. The kick sails far right and the Raiders sneak away with a win. The Raiders go to New Orleans next week in the divisional round of the playoffs. Raiders 3 Vikings 0 AFC Wildcard Game Cincinatti Bengals (1-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) Bengals RB Charles Lee (Boobie) Clark fumbles the kickoff but is able to recover it. He then proceeds to take the opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown. The Veterans Stadium crowd falls silent. After a modest kickoff return, the Eagles go on an epic 13 play drive featuring runs by RB Louie Giamona (6 carries 21 yards) RB Wilbert Montgomery (6 carries 35 yards) and a QB Ron Jaworski completion to WR Wally Henry for 31 yards. Giamona plunched in for the 1 yard TD, and followed it up with a run for the 2 point conversion giving the Eagles an 8-7 lead. Clark takes the ensuing kickoff this time 95 yards to the Eagle 13 yard line. In a stunning turn of fortune, RB Archie Griffin fumbles the ball on the Bengals first play from scrimmage, and it is recovered by Eagles NT Ken Clarke. The big man rumbles 25 yards to the 49 yard line just inside Bengal territory. The Eagles go on another epic drive, this one 7 plays long featuring 6 run plays and a Jaworski to Giamona completion of 28 yards setting up Giamona's second run for a TD. Montgomery muscles into the endzone for the Eagles second 2 point conversion giving the Eagles a 16-7 lead. Clark fumbles the K.O. return but it goes out of bounds. The Bengals take a knee and the first half comes to a close. The Eagles begin their first drive of the second half with three straight runs bringing up a 4th and 3. Coach Vermeil decides to go for it. Jaworski's pass is intercepted by CB Louis Breeden who returns it 17 yards to the Eagle 23 yard line. After a nine yard run by Clark, QB Art Schlichter completes a pass of 14 yards to TE Don Bass for a TD. K Chris Bahr hooks the extra point wide right and the Bengals remain down by 3 at 16-13. The Eagles next drive is yet another epic one, spanning 10 plays, (9 of which were rushing plays) and 3 third down conversions. The key play was a third down Jaworski to Montgomery completion of 28 yards. From there it was a matter of a couple kneel downs and the game was over. The Bengals simply couldn't stop the Eagles running game. The Eagles assend to the divisional round in Baltimore next week seeking to avenge a first week loss to their division rivals. Eagles 16 Bengals 13
  3. I'm curious, how do you determine who is the home team and who is the road team for each game of the tournament?
  4. Thanks for sharing your rules. Gives me some things to think about.
  5. Week 3 Games Another great set of games in the final week of the regular season. The playoffs are now set. The six division winners all get a bye and the four wildcard teams will compete this weekend. Cleveland Browns (0-2) at Houston Oilers (0-2) The first game of the final week pitted two teams without any chance to make the playoffs. The Browns first drive starts with a S Vernon Perry blitz-sack of QB Bernie Kosar. After an incomplete pass, Kosar completes a pass to RB Mike Pruitt for a 21 yard gain. RB Charles White has back to back runs for 6 and 24 yards but then Mike Pruitt leaves the game with an injury. Kosar goes back to the air completing to White who finds the endzone for the game’s first score. The Oilers first drive starts with back to back runs of 11 and 28 yards by RB Mike Rozier. QB Kenny Stabler, getting his first start of the year then scrambles for 12 yards and on the next play completes a pass to RB Tim Wilson for 26 yards and the tying TD. The first half comes to a close. The Oilers get the ball to start the second half but the drive ends as Stabler is sacked on third down forcing a punt. The Browns running game is stuffed but Kosar is able to complete a pass to Reggie Rucker for 28 yards. The run game is stuffed once again, and this time on third down Kosar is sacked by DE Bob Brazile. The Browns attempt a fake punt on 4th down but the pass falls incomplete. Stabler makes them pay for that gamble when he completes a 39 yard pass to WR Mike Renfro for the go-ahead TD. Coach Bum Phillips decides to go for the 2 point conversion to use up another play. Rozier is stuffed and the score remains 13-7 Oilers with only 3 plays remaining. The final Browns drive fails miserably as LB Elvin Bethey and Brazile each sack Kosar. The game ends with Kosar making a feeble attempt at a scramble and is run out of bounds. Oilers 13 Browns 7 Denver Broncos (2-0) at San Francisco 49ers (0-2) Both teams first drives end quickly with the only play of note being rookie QB Joe Montana, in his first start completing a pass to Greg Pruitt for 35 yards. The Broncos second drive features two QB Craig Morton passes to WR Haven Moses one netting 51 yards and the other 10 yards. The drive stalls and the Broncos settle for a Rick Steinfort 20 yard field goal. With time running low in the first half, Montana completes a pass to WR Freddie Solomon for 37 yards setting up K Ray Wershing’s monster boot, a 58 yard FG to tie the game at the half. The 49ers crank up their running game on their first drive of the second half netting 41 yards on 5 runs, but the Bronco defense clamps down and forces a 3rd down Montana passing attempt where he is sacked. The long drive comes to end as the 49ers punt. The next Bronco drive ends with a Morton sack and a subsequent punt. The next 49er drive starts with a Montana to Pruitt completion of 28 yards, but then goes no where as the Bronco’s number one ranked defense clamps down and forcing a punt. With time running low, Morton completes a bomb to TE Riley Odoms for 53 yards setting up Steinfort’s 38 yard game winning field goal as time expires. The expansion Broncos have not only earned a playoff spot, but they win the NFC Central Division title and complete their inaugural regular season undefeated. Broncos 6 49ers 3 Dallas Cowboys (0-2) at Minnesota Vikings (0-2) The Cowboys start their first drive of the game with a run by RB Ron Springs of 14 yards. QB Roger Staubach follows that up with back to back passes to Butch Johnson of 12 and 35 yards. The drive ends however when the Vikings sack Staubach on third down. K Raphael Septien knocks home a 57 yard field goal to open the scoring. Chuck Foreman has a 53 yard kick off return setting up the Viking offense. But the Viking offense is stuffed as QB Fran Tarkenton is sacked on 3rd and 5. Coach Bud Grant makes the bold call to go for it on 4th down. Tarkenton’s pass falls incomplete and the Cowboys have a golden opportunity starting inside Viking territory. The drive is stuffed as the Vikings get back to back sacks of Staubach. Septien however boots a 59 yard field goal as time runs out in the first half. Cowboys 6, Vikings 0. The Vikings start the second half with a marathon 13 play drive that featured 7 runs for 46 yards and a Tarkenton to FB Bob Miller completion of 35 yards. On 4th and goal at the Cowboy 7 yard line, the Vikings go for it. Tarkenton is intercepted in the endzone. After a Staubach scramble of 16 yards, the Cowboy drive is abruptly ended with yet another Vikings sack. After the Cowboys punt, Tarkenton completes to Miller for 26 yards. With only two plays remaining in the game, Tarkenton throws a pass that is tipped by a Cowboy defender right into the hands of WR Sammy White. White takes into the end zone for the tying TD. K Jan Stenarud breaks the tie with the extra point giving the Vikings the lead with only one play to left in the game. After the kickoff (plays involving a kick aren’t counted on the play total) the Vikings once again sack Staubach to end the game. Vikings 7 Cowboys 6 Buffalo (0-2) at Philadelphia (1-1) The Bills first drive is a disaster as QB Joe Ferguson is sacked twice the second for a safety. The Eagles offense constructs a 9 play marathon drive consisting of all running plays. RB Louie Giamona has 5 carries for 20 yards and RB Wilbert Montgomery has 4 carries for 19 yards. The drive stalls, and K Nick Mike-Meyer kicks a 46 yard field goal to increase the lead to 5-0. A poor kickoff return puts the Bills in a precarious position. LB Bill Bergey sacks Ferguson in the end zone for an unprecedented second safety. The Eagles second drive features QB Ron Jaworski passes to Giamona for 18 yards and to WR Harold Carmichael for 33 yards. Meyer boots a 30 yard field goal as time runs out in the first half. With two safeties and two field goals, the Eagles are up 10-0. The Eagles get the ball to start the second half. The drive ends quickly when Jaworski throws a third down interception. The Bills finally catch a break. Ferguson completes a pass to RB Joe Cribbs for 11 yards. The Bills are deep in Eagle territory. Ferguson’s next throw is intercepted and taken back 90 yards for a pick 6. The Eagles are up 17-0. Early in the next Bill’s drive, Ferguson falls down and is out of the game with an injury. Backup QB and 16 year veteran Bill Munson comes in on 3rd and 12 and throws a strike to TE Rubin Gant for 15 yards and a first down. Following an 8 yard scramble, Munson unleashes a bomb to WR Frank Lewis covering 55 yards for a Bills TD. The Eagles start their next drive with an 11 yard run by Montgomery, but the drive goes nowhere after that and the Eagles are forced to punt. Frank Lewis takes the punt from deep in his own endzone and races 107 yards for another TD. The extra point is up and good. All of a sudden the Bills are within three points at 17-14. The Bills attempt an onside kick but it is recovered by the Eagles. The Eagles then run out the clock earning their second win of the season. Eagles 17 Bills 14 Los Angeles Rams (2-0) at Oakland Raiders (2-0) The Rams get the ball first and have a successful drive featuring QB Doug Williams passes to WR Ron Jessie for 11 yards and 29 yards and a 22 yard completion to TE Charlie Young. The drive stalls and K Frank Corral boots a 48 yard field goal to open the scoring. The Raiders first drive spans 8 plays featuring 6 runs by RB Mark Van Eaghan for 37 yards. QB Norris Weese was sacked on 3rd down, and Errol Mann came on to attempt a 59 yard field goal. He misses wide right as time runs out in the first half. The Rams take a 3-0 lead into the locker room. The Raiders first drive of the second half is 8 plays long. The final play, a second 4th down attempt ends with Weese being sacked for an 8 yard loss. The Rams first drive of the second half starts in the fourth quarter and ends in a three and out. The Raiders drive lasts the rest of regulation and Mann boots a 55 yard field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime. The Raiders win the toss and choose to receive. After a good return, Van Eaghan runs twice for 14 yards. The drive stalls and the Raiders punt. The Rams get stuffed on the first two plays, but then Williams hits the big pass to TE Charlie Young that goes for 78 yards to the 2 yard line of the Raiders. The Rams run two more plays but the Raiders defense hold them out of the endzone. For the second week in a row Frank Corral boots the game winning field goal as time runs out. Rams 6 Raiders 3 (OT) Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) The Bengals first drive starts and ends with QB Art Schlichter being sacked. In between was a 22 yard completion to WR Isaac Curtis and a fumble by RB Archie Griffin that he recovered. The Bengals punt, and the Steelers take over. A third down completion from QB Terry Bradshaw to WR Anthony Carter covers 71 yards for a TD. The next Bengals drive is marred by incompletions and the Bengals punt again. The Steelers next drive features a third down Bradshaw to Carter completion for 47 yards. The drive stalls and K Matt Bahr boots a 47 yard field goal as the first half comes to a close. Steelers 10 Bengals 0. The Steelers start the second half with a bang as WR Jim Smith returns the kickoff 80 yards deep into Bengal territory. The Steeler offense manages to lose yardage however with a series of miscues and Matt Bahr then misses a 53 yard field goal attempt. The Bengals next drive starts with a sack of Schlichter by S Mike Wagner, but a third down pass to TE Pat McAnally covers 71 yards for a TD. The Steelers next drive starts slow but ends with a bang as Bradshaw completes a long pass to RB Franco Harris for 58 yards and a TD. Schlichter is intercepted by S Donnie Shell ending the Bengals next drive. The Steelers however return the favor on their next drive as Bradshaw is picked off by Louis Breeden who returns it 85 yards. K Chris Bahr boots the 31 yard field goal bringing the Bengals to within a touchdown. With time running short, the Steelers are able to convert on third down via a Bradshaw 18 yard scramble. From their they are able to run out the clock and end the season with a perfect 3-0 record. Steelers 17 Bengals 10 Atlanta Falcons (1-1) at the New Orleans Saints (2-0) The Falcons go three and out on their first drive. The Saints return the punt to midfield. After an 18 yard run by RB Chuck Muncie, QB Bobby Scott completes a pass to RB Tony Galbreath that nets 32 yards and a TD. The Falcons next drive features a QB Vince Ferragamo 43 yard pass to RB Bubba Bean and several incomplete passes leading to a 43 yard field goal by K Tim Mazzetti. The Saints second drive featured back to back completions to TE Henry Childs for 4 and 20 yards, and a completion to Muncie for 21 yards. K Morten Andersen misses a 58 yard field goal at the end of the half. Saints 7 Falcons 3. The Saints first drive of the second half features a 45 yard run by Muncie and a Scott to Muncie 7 yard completion. The drive stalls, and Andersen again misses on a 48 yard field goal attempt. On the Falcons next drive Ferragamo throws incompletions on first and second down. The third down pass is intercepted by LB Reggie Mathis who returns it 50 yards for a pick 6 giving the Saints a 14-3 lead. TE Wallace Francis takes the ensuing kick off all the way to the Saints 12 yard line. RB Ray Strong runs it into the endzone for TD. The Falcons go for a two point conversion but Strong is stuffed for a loss. The score remains 14-9 Saints. With time running short, the Falcons go for the onside kick. The Saints however recover and are able to get a first down and run out the clock. Saints 14 Falcons 9 New England Patriots (1-1) at New York Giants (2-0) Pats RB Billy Simms takes the opening kickoff 60 yards nicely setting up the offense. The Giants defense stuffs the Pats running game and QB Tony Eason throws an incomplete pass on third down forcing a punt. The Giants first drive features runs of 13 and 15 yards by RB Earl Campbell, but the Pats defense stiffens forcing a 4th and 4. The Giants go for it, but Campbell is stuffed behind the line and the Pats take over. The Pats next drive mirrors their first and they are forced to punt again. RB Billy Taylor returns the punt 38 yards giving the offense good field position. On a second and 3, QB Phil Simms scrambles and gets a first down but is hurt on the play. Backup QB Jeff Hostetler steps in. Campbell breaks a run for 22 yards, and Taylor follows it up with a 26 yard run for a TD. Billy Simms has another exceptional kickoff return on the ensuing of 46 yards as the Pats are left with one play before intermission. The Giants defense continues it’s domination sacking Eason for a 20 yard loss to end the half. Giants 7 Pats 0. The Giants begin the 2nd half with an epic 11 play drive including two short 4th down conversions and cap the drive with a 42 yard field goal by K Ali Hadji-Sheik. Eason comes to life on the Pats next drive completing passes to Billy Simms for 26 yards, WR Stanley Morgan for 22 yards and Craig James for 39 yards and a TD. The Pats go for and get a 2 point conversion on a plunge by James. The Giants are able to convert a 1st down and run out the clock. Giants 10 Patriots 8 Washington Redskins (0-2) at Baltimore Colts 2-0) RB Clarence Harmon takes the opening kickoff and is stuffed at the 8 yard line. The run game is stuffed on 1st and 2nd down and Theismann throws an incomplete pass on 3rd down forcing a punt. The Colts first drive is a three and out as QB Bert Jones is sacked on 3rd down. The next Redskin drive is also a three and out forcing yet another punt. WR John Jefferson returns the punt 83 yards nicely setting up the Colts offense. The drive goes nowhere but K Tony Linhart boots a 46 yard field goal to open the scoring. On the Redskins next drive Theismann is sacked and then throws an interception. The defensive tone of this game continues as Jones is sacked and throws in incomplete pass. Linhart boots a 55 yard field goal as time runs out in the first half. Colts 6 Redskins 0. The Colts first drive of the second half ends quickly as the run game is stuffed and Jones is sacked again. RB John Riggins returns the punt 73 yards well into Colt territory. Backup QB Billy Kilmer has replaced Theismann but is ineffective throwing two incomplete passes. K Mark Mosley who missed a critical extra point last week misses on a 48 yard field goal attempt. The Colts take over, but the drive ends quickly as CB Lamar Parrish intercepts a second down pass by Jones and takes it to the house tying the game. Mosley converts the extra point giving the Redskins a 7-6 lead. Memorial Stadium falls silent. On the next Colts drive, Jones continues to struggle throwing two straight incompletions and yet another interception. Lamar Parrish returns his second interception to the Colts 3 yard line. The Colt defense stuffs the run game on 1st and 2nd down, and Kilmer throws another incomplete pass bringing up 4th down. Mosley kicks a 27 yard field goal increasing the Redskin lead to 10-6. RB Rob Carpenter takes the ensuing kickoff all the way to the Redskin 41 yard line. With only two plays remaining Jones throws yet another incomplete pass bringing his stat line to 0 of 8 with two interceptions. On the final play of the game Jones heaves a pass toward the endzone that is tipped by CB Darryl Green and caught in the endzone by RB Joe Washington for the game winning score! The win propels the Colts to the number 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. Last year the Redskins beat the Pats on the final play of the game to make the playoffs. This year they feel the other side of that experience. Colts 13 Redskins 10 Final Regular Season Standings AFC Midlands Division Steelers* 3-0, Bengals** 1-2, Browns 0-3 Metro Division – Colts* 3-0, Eagles** 2-1, Redskins 0-3 North Division – Giants* 3-0, Patriots 1-2, Bills 0-3 NFC Deep South Division – Saints* 3-0, Falcons 1-2, Oilers 1-2 West Coast Division – Rams* 3-0, Raiders** 2-1, 49ers 0-3 Central Division – Broncos* 3-0, Vikings** 1-2, Cowboys 0-3 * = Division Winner ** = Wildcard
  6. Written game highlights with pictures is awesome! I also like the format. This season I chose to go down to a three game schedule from the 5 game schedule. So far I like it a lot. Really like the old Redskins uniforms, and the Raiders away jersey numbers are super cool. Terry Metcalf is a beast!
  7. Another round/week is in the books. Two divisions were decided in a week that featured many big plays both on offense and defense. With this season being only three games long, the final round/week is on deck. Week 2 Games Houston Oilers (0-1) at New Orleans (1-0) The Oiler offense is stifled on it’s first drive after QB Gifford Nielson is sacked on third down. The Saints first drive starts out well with QB Bobby Scott completing a pass for 32 yards to RB Tony Galbreath, and RB Chuck Muncie has two consecutive runs for a total of 10 yards and another first down. Things change quickly when Oiler Safety Vernon Perry intercepts a Scott pass and returns it 85 yards for a pick 6. The Superdome falls silent. The Saints however come back quickly on the next drive as Scott completes a 65 yard pass to WR Wes Chandler for the tying touchdown. The Saints defense again forces a three and out. After an 18 yard scramble Scott completes to Chandler for 33 yards. Kicker Morten Andersen boots a 25 yard field goal as time runs out in the first half. The Saints start the second half with a mix of passes and runs dissecting the Oiler defense to reach the Oiler 1 yard line. The Oilers stuff Muncie twice for no gain, but on third down Bobby Scott sneaks in for the touchdown capping a well-orchestrated 9 play drive. The Oilers get the big play they need as Nielson completes to RB Tim Wilson on a wheel route for 66 yards to the Saints 7 yard line. With the running game stifled and the clock running down, Nielson tries to get the quick TD throw only to be intercepted. The Saints tack on a second field goal closing the scoring. Saints 20 Oilers 7 Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-1) The Bengals first drive is a good mix of run and pass and is capped off with RB Boobie Clark’s 16 yard touchdown run. The Browns first drive ends with QB Bernie Kosar being sacked in the endzone for a safety. The Bengals complete a 5 play drive with a 22 yard Chris Bahr field goal to end the first half. The Browns make a QB change and bring in veteran Brian Sipe who is ineffective throwing 2 straight incompletions and sacked on an attempted 4th down conversion. A QB Art Schlichter 26 yard pass to RB Boobie Clark is followed by an 8 yard Archie Griffin run for a touchdown. The Browns next drive is again ineffective as Sipe is sacked twice. Schlichter completes back to back passes to TE Don Bass of 13 and 39 yards to set up the final score of the afternoon, a 22 yard field goal by Bahr. Bengals 22 Browns 0 Los Angeles Rams (1-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1) After a good kickoff return, the Rams move the ball into Vikings territory. The drive stalls, but on 4th and 7, Rams coach Ray Malavassi makes the aggressive call to go for it. QB Doug Williams completes a pass to WR Preston Dennard for a 43 yard TD. The Vikings come right back as QB Fran Tarkenton completes back to back passes, first to TE Bob Tucker for 47 yards and then to WR Sammy White for 38 yards to the Rams goal line. RB Chuck Foreman splashes in for the tying TD. The Rams next drive starts off like the first and includes a mix of runs and passes highlighted by a Williams to Dennard 37 yard completion. As before the drive stalls, but again Malavasi goes for it on 4th down. And this time Williams completes to RB Cullen Bryant for a 43 yard TD. The Vikings are unable to score before time runs out in the first half. The Vikings get the ball to start the second half and Tarkenton completes back to back passes first to White for 49 yards and then to WR Ahmad Rashad for a 26 yard TD. The score is again tied at 14 all. The Rams next drive results in a 3 and out with Williams being sacked for an 18 yard loss on 3rd down. The Rams punt and White returns the punt 52 yards setting up the Viking offense with a short field. Wasting no time Tarkenton throws a 27 yard touchdown pass to White giving the Vikings their first lead of the game, 21-14. The Rams come right back however. After a 15 yard scramble, Williams launches a 65 yard bomb to (who else?) Preston Dennard for the tying TD. The Vikings next drive falls flat as Tarkenton throws two incomplete passes and is then sacked on 3rd down forcing a punt. Two Williams scrambles and a timely completion to RB Wendell Tyler sets up Rams kicker Frank Corral for the 31 yard game winning field goal. This was easily the most exiting game of the season to date. QB stat lines were as follows: Tarkenton 5/8/187/2 TD, Williams 6/6/232/3 TD and 5/33 on the ground. Rams 24 Vikings 21 Baltimore Colts (1-0) at New England Patriots (1-0) The Colts first drive is a mix of runs and passes featuring a 24 yard run by RB Rob Carpenter, a QB Bert Jones 31 yard completion to RB Joe Washington and 15 yard Jones to Carpenter completion for a TD. After an exceptional KO return by RB Billy Simms, the Pats first drive ends quickly as QB Tony Eason throws a third down interception. The Colt drive stalls, but a fake punt pass play from P David Lee to Carpenter for 48 yards catches the Pats off guard setting up the Colts at the Pats 7 yard line. The Pats defense stifles the drive with a third down sack of Jones. Colts kicker Toni Linhart boots a 28 yard field goal extending the Colts lead to 10-0. Billy Simms takes the ensuing kickoff first to the right following his blockers, curls to the left and runs all the way to pay dirt. With only seconds left, the Colts kneel on the ball to end the first half. Colts 10 Pats 7. The Pats first drive of the second half starts with a RB Craig James run for a 3 yard loss and Eason sacked for an 11 yard loss. Things turn quickly however as Eason completes a pass to James for 56 yards. The drive stalls and K David Posey boots a 43 yard game tying field goal. Colts WR John Jefferson sets up the offense with a 73 yard kickoff return. On the first play of the drive, Jones completes to Jefferson for a 34 yard TD pass. The Pats next drive ends quickly as Eason is sacked 3 consecutive times for a loss of 36 yards. On the ensuing punt Jefferson once again sets up the Colts, this time with a 90 yard punt return. 3 plays later Jones sneaks in for the final score of the day, a 2 yard run for the Colts 3rd TD. Colts 24 Patriots 10 Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) at Washington Redskins (0-1) The Eagles first drive features 4 runs including two by RB Larry Giamona of 39 yards and 21 yards for a TD. RB Clarence Harmon returns the ensuing KO 66 yards setting up the Redskins in Eagle territory. Harmon follows that up with runs of 26 yards and 7 yards for a TD. Mark Mosely shanks the extra point and the Eagles hold on to a 1 point lead. On the Eagles next drive, RB Wilbert Montgomery gains 11 yards on two carries. QB Ron Jaworski is sacked, but comes back with a 42 yard completion to TE Keith Kreplie. Giamona follows that up with a 25 yard run getting the Eagles deep into Redskin territory. The drive however stalls and Mike McMyer boots a 37 yard FG extending the Eagles lead. With time running down in the first half the Redskins need a big play and they get it. QB Joe Theismann completes a pass to WR Art Monk that nets 54 yards and sets up Mark Mosely’s 48 yard field goal to end the half. The Eagles lead 10-9 at the intermission. The Redskins first drive of the second half results in a three and out. Giamona returns the ensuing punt 75 yards well into Redskin territory. Following a 10 yard scamper by Giamona, Jaworski completes a pass to Montgomery for 25 yards and a TD. The Redskins start their next drive deep in their own territory. Theismann goes right to work completing passes of 19 yards to WR Danny Buggs and 47 yards to RB John Riggins. Theismann completes the drive with a 19 yard TD pass to Clarence Harmon. The Redskins attempt to tie the game with a two point conversion but Riggins is stuffed. With time running out the Redskins attempt an on-side kick, however the attempt fails. The Eagles run 4 consecutive run plays and run out the clock. The Eagles Larry Giamona finishes with 7/97/1 yards, and Theismann finishes 4/7/137/2/0 in a losing effort. Eagles 17 Redskins 15 San Francisco 49ers (0-1) at Oakland Raiders (1-0) The 49ers first drive ends with a three and out. Last year’s league MVP RB Mark Van Eeghen gains 6 on his first carry and follows up with a 30 yard run. On the next play, RB Arthur Wittington reverses field and goes 53 yards for the opening score. The 49ers come right back with a 6 play drive that included a 22 yard completion from QB Don Strock to TE Ken MacAffee, a 31 yard run by RB Greg Pruitt on 4th and inches and a 30 yard run by RB Paul Hofer. The drive culminates in a 10 yard TD run by Pruitt to tie the score at 7 each. The next Raider drive features two passes by QB Norris Weese, first to TE Raymond Chester for 59 yards, and then to Van Eeghen for 28 yards and a TD. K Errol Mann misses the PAT and the Raiders take a 13-7 lead at the half. The Raiders first drive of the second half uses up 6 plays but ultimately ends with a punt. The ensuing 49er drive ends with a 4th down incompletion by Strock. The Raider running game is stuffed on the next drive but Coach John Madden calls a gutsy play on 4th down as Weese completes a pass to Van Eeghen for a 53 yard TD. Time runs out and the Raiders walk away with their second victory of the season. Raiders 20 49ers 7 New York Giants (1-0) at Buffalo Bills (0-1) This game is the Buffalo Bills first home game in their franchise history. The Rich Stadium crowd is buzzing. Giants RB Earl Campbell receives the opening kickoff eight yards deep in the end zone and proceeds to take it 108 yards for a TD. The crowd is subdued. The Bills opening drive ends in disaster as QB Joe Ferguson throws an interception that is taken back for a second Giants TD. The Bills go to work on their second offensive possession featuring completions from Ferguson to RB Joe Cribbs of 39 yards and 15 yards. The drive is capped by a forth down plunge into the endzone by Cribbs to halve the Giants lead. This was the first touchdown and score in franchise history. The crowd is back into the game. The Giants offense is stuffed on their next series, failing to convert on 4th down near midfield. The Bills are unable to capitalize as Ferguson throws an incomplete pass and is sacked to end the first half. WR Don Beebe returns the second half kickoff 71 yards. The Bills are unable to establish a drive as the running game is stuffed and Ferguson is sacked once again. Campbell returns the punt 41 yards. The Giants next drive goes no where as Phil Simms is sacked on third down. Still trailing 14-7, the Bills go on a 9 play drive featuring completions of 19 yards and 30 yards to TE Reuben Gant and a 32 yard completion to WR Jerry Butler. With only seconds left, Ferguson throws his second interception of the game ending the Bills hopes of tying the game. Once again the Giants do just enough to get out of the stadium with a win. Giants 14 Bills 7 Denver Broncos (1-0) at Dallas Cowboys (0-1) The Broncos enter only their second game in franchise history with a chance to win their division. Both teams first drives end with their respective QB throwing interceptions. QB Craig Morton is sacked to end the Broncos second drive forcing a punt. The Cowboys are unable to generate any offense on their second drive forcing a punt. The Broncos sack the punter and take over in favorable field position. The Broncos next drive ends in back to back sacks of Morton and time runs out in the scoreless first half. The Cowboys first drive of the second half features QB Roger Staubach completing passes to Drew Pearson for 16 yards and Tony Dorsett for 13 yards. The drive abruptly ends with Staubach being sacked for a 17 yard loss. The Broncos go on an 8 play drive featuring all runs by RB Otis Armstrong and RB Jim Jensen moving the ball to the 20 yard line of Dallas. With only seconds left, K Jim Turner boots the game winning field goal as time runs out giving the Broncos their second win in franchise history and the NFC Central division title. Broncos 3 Cowboys 0 Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) at Atlanta Falcons (1-0) The Steelers start the Monday Night game with a bang as QB Terry Bradshaw connects with RB Franco Harris on a wheel route that goes for 45 yards. The drive stalls and the Steelers settle for a field goal attempt. K Matt Bahr misses the 24 yard chip shot and the Falcons take over. QB Vince Ferragamo scrambles for 11 yards and then connects with RB Ray Strong for 7 yards. Ferragamo then unleashes a bomb to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson that covers 78 yards for a TD. The Steelers next drive starts in good field position thanks to the kickoff return of WR Anthony Carter. The drive however stalls just inside Falcon territory after a third down incompletion. The Steelers go for it on 4th down but Bradshaw throws another incomplete pass and the Falcons take over. The Falcons have an opportunity to go up by two scores and getting the ball to start the second half. The drive goes no where as the running game is stifled, and Ferragamo is sacked on third down. Out of field goal range and time running out in the first half, the Falcons go for it on 4th down. Ferragamo is run out of bounds for no gain to end the half. The Steelers are lucky to only be down 7-0. The Falcons first drive ends quickly as the Steeler defense stuffs the run game and sacks Ferragamo. The Steeler offense comes to life on their next drive. After Harris runs of 26 and 4 yards, Bradshaw finds WR Jim Smith in the endzone for a game tying TD. The highlight of the next Falcon drive is a Ferragamo to RB Bubba Bean completion of 15 yards. The drive also features 2 more sacks by the Steeler D, the last of which ends the drive. Harris starts the next Steeler drive with a 55 yard run to the Falcons 5 yard line. 3 plays later RB Greg Hawthorne dives into the endzone for the go-ahead TD. With time running down the Falcons need a TD to tie the game. Ferragamo unleashes a bomb intended for Johnson, but S Mike Wagner intercepts the pass at the Steeler 30 yard line and proceeds to return it 70 yards for a TD. The Steeler D shut down the final Falcon drive as the clock runs out. Steelers 21 Falcons 7 Standings AFC Midlands Division Steelers 2-0, Bengals 1-1, Browns 0-2 Metro Division – Colts 2-0, Eagles 1-1, Redskins 0-2 (Colts win the division) North Division – Giants 2-0, Patriots 1-1, Bills 0-2 NFC Deep South Division – Saints 2-0, Falcons 1-1, Oilers 0-2 West Coast Division – Raiders 2-0, Rams 2-0, 49ers 0-2 Central Division – Broncos 2-0, Vikings 0-2, Cowboys 0-2 (Broncos win the division)
  8. Thank you WorldLeagueDude, That is exactly the change I made at the start of the season. Great minds think alike!
  9. Hi Jim, Any surprises in terms of records now that all the teams have played their first game? Do you use time, or number of plays to determine game length?
  10. The new season got underway and it took several weeks to get threw "Week One". Below is a summary of each game and the present standings in each division. Falcons at Houston The opening game of the new season had several big plays. The Falcons opening drive resulted in a 41 yard touchdown pass from Vince Ferragamo to Alfred Jackson. The Oilers followed that up with a 60 yard field goal by Tony Fritch. Defense took over for the rest of the first half including 4 sacks, 3 by the Falcons and 1 by the Oilers. The Falcons started the third quarter with a 59 yard touchdown pass, again Ferragamo to Jackson. Oiler rookie Mike Rozier broke free for 53 yards and pay dirt, and followed that with a successful run for 2 point conversion getting the Oilers within a field goal. The Falcons defense stiffened and the offense was able to run out the clock. Falcons 14 Oilers 11 Saints at Cincinnati This was a feature game as both these teams were in their respective conference championship games last season. The Saints first drive was a three and out. The Bengals first drive ended with a QB Art Schlichter interception. The Saints next drive culminated in a Chuck Muncie 4 yard run for a touchdown. Thanks to a 47 yard completion, Schlischter to Griffin, the Bengals were able to get on the board with a Chris Bahr 28 yard field goal to end the first half. The Bengals opened the second half with a 43 yard completion, again Schlichter to Griffin. The drive stalled, but the Bengals got another field goal, this one a 33 yarder by Bahr to bring them within a point of the Saints. Tony Galbreath returned the next kickoff 72 yards to the Bengal 38 yard line. Saints QB Bobby Scott then threw a 38 yard touchdown pass to WR Wes Chandler adding to the Saints lead. The Saints were able to tack on a 37 yard field goal, and defense took over the rest of the way. Saints 17 Bengals 6 Browns at Pittsburgh The Browns first drive resulted in a -5 yard run and two Steeler sacks of Bernie Kosar. The Steeler’s Jim Smith returned the ensuing punt 44 yards setting up the Steeler offense. Franco Harris culminated the drive with a 26 yard TD run giving the Steelers the lead. The Browns offense is stifled again, but in a bold move the Browns pull off a successful fake punt with a completion for a first down. Bernie Kosar then finds FB Mike Pruitt for a 53 yard touchdown pass. Don Cockroft misses the extra point and the Steelers take a 1 point lead into halftime. On the Steeler’s first drive of the second half, Bradshaw is able to convert a critical 3rd down with a 15 yard scramble but is knocked out of the game. Back up QB Cliff Stoudt throws a completion to Benny Cunningham for 23 yards, but the drive stalls. Kicker Matt Bahr boots a 40 yard field goal to give the Steelers a 4 point lead. The Browns are unable to mount any further offense. Stoudt throws a 60 yard bomb to WR Calvin Sweeney and the Steelers tack on a 37 yard field goal to end the game. Steelers 13 Browns 6 Colts at Philadelphia Colts QB Bert Jones comes out throwing, completing 3 of 3 passes for 73 yards, the last one to John Jefferson for a 16 yard touchdown. Eagles QB Ron Jaworski completes a pass to TE Keith Kreplie for 50 yards, but the drive stalls. Nick Mike Meyer boots a 34 yard field goal to get the Eagles on the board. Jones is again red hot on the Colts next drive with completions to Roger Carr for 27 yards and Rob Carpenter for 22 yards but a third down sack stalls the drive. Tony Linhart kicks a 43 yard field goal increasing the Colts lead to 10-3. Jaworski completes throws to WR Harold Carmichael (36 yards), and RB Larry Giamona (21 yards) but the drive is stalled by a timely Colts sack. Meyer boots a 43 yard field goal to end the half. Jaworski comes out throwing to start the second half with 42 yard completion to Giamona for 42 yards, but then throws a costly interception. The Colts capitalize on the turnover when Jones throws a 54 yard bomb to Carr for a TD. The Colts Tony Linhart was able to tack on a 24 yard field goal to end the scoring. Colts 20 Eagles 6 Redskins at New York The Redskins offense is stuffed by a tough Giant defense and goes 3 and out to start the game. The Giants 8 play drive culminates in a Ali Hadji Sheik 27 yard field goal. The Redskins second drive ends when QB Joe Theismann throws an interception. The Giants next drive uses up a lot of clock but results in no points. The Giants however lead at the half 3-0. The Giants open up the second half with another epic drive culminating with 30 yard TD pass from QB Phil Simms to Johnny Perkins on 3rd and 20 no less! Redskins RB Clarence Harmon returns the ensuing kick off 76 yards setting up the Redskin offense. After a sack and 2 incompletions, Theismann throws his second int ending the final Redskin drive. The Giant offense runs out the clock. The Redskins ran only 8 plays from scrimmage while the Giants ran 24. Giants 10 Redskins 0 Bills at New England This was the Bills inaugural game. The Bills offense featured a starting lineup mirroring that of the Pittsburgh Steelers with 3 wide receivers, 1 running back and 1 tight end. Bills QB Joe Ferguson had an off and on day completing 5 of 9 passes for an impressive 132 yards, but threw 2 costly interceptions. He was also sacked six times. The Patriot defense was on point as evidenced by the six sacks and two interceptions. The Pat's offense was lead by rookie RB Craig James who had a 53 yard touchdown run in the first half, and a 25 yard touchdown run in the second half. Pats QB Tony Eason was proficient when called upon completing several passes including a 52 yarder to RB Billy Simms. David Posey booted 2 field goals one in each half. A win for rookie coach Bill Bellichick in his first game. Patriots 20 Bills 0 Vikings at Denver Both teams opening drive resulted in a punt. The Viking’s second possession was highlighted by QB Fran Tarkenton 55 yard bomb to WR Sammy White. The drive stalled however, and the Vikings settled for a Jan Stenerhud 29 yard field goal. The Vikings would lead 3-0 at the half. The Broncos first drive of the second half featured a 68 yard pass from QB Craig Morton to RB Otis Armstrong and an Armstrong 16 yard run for a touchdown. Defense was the name of the game after that, as the Broncos had 3 sacks, one that knocked Tarkenton out of the game. In their first game the expansion Broncos chalk up their first victory. Broncos 7 Vikings 3 49ers at Los Angles The 49er’s first drive ends abruptly as QB Don Strock throws an interception. The Rams however are unable to gain any yards. Frank Corral kicks a 43 yard field goal to open the scoring. The 49ers are able to get into Rams territory but the drive ultimately fails. A Ray Wersching field goal attempt is blocked and the Rams take over. The Rams move back into 49er territory but are stifled. A Frank Corral 54 yard field goal attempt is blocked ending the first half. RB Cullen Bryant takes the second half kickoff to the 49er 45 yard line. The drive stalls, but Frank Corral is able to kick a 30 yard field goal increasing the Rams lead to 6-0. The Rams defense stuffs the 49er offense for the rest of the game. Frank Corral attempts and fails on a 37 field goal attempt and a 49er’s hail mary falls incomplete. Rams 6 49ers 0 Raiders at Dallas The first Monday Night game of the season featured the defending NFC Champion Raiders against the revamped Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys offense would actually be older than last year as QB Roger Staubach would start in place of Glen Carano, who led the Cowboys to a Superbowl victory just 3 seasons ago, and Tony Dorsett traded back to Dallas after 9 seasons in New Orleans. After a very good kickoff return by RB Mark Van Eagan the Raiders first drive featured a 19 yard run by Arthur Wittington. Errol Mann booted a 47 yard field goal to open the scoring. Dallas rookie RB Ron Springs fumbled the ensuing kickoff and Raider LB Rod Martin recovers and takes it to the endzone for a touchdown. The Texas Stadium crowd falls silent. On the Cowboys next drive Tony Dorsett fumbles on his first carry and the ball is recovered by the Raiders. Errol Mann kicks his second field goal (37 yards) and the Raiders are up 13-0. After a Bob Steele 40 yard kickoff return Roger Staubach scrambles for 11 yards and completes a 16 yard pass to Jay Saldi. Staubach then attempts a sideline throw to WR Drew Pearson but it is intercepted by CB Lester Hayes. Hayes returns it 83 yards to the Cowboy 12 yard line. The Cowboy defense stiffens and the Raiders settle for a 3rd Mann field goal (20 yards). Staubach is sacked to end the first half. It is a disastrous first half for the Cowboys as they trail the Raiders 16-0. The Cowboys come out throwing in the second half. Staubach completes a pass to Saldi for 55 yards and a touchdown. Springs fails to get into the endzone on the two point conversion try. The Raider’s first drive of the second half features their vaunted running attack. Van Eagan and Wittington combine for 25 yards on four carries. Then QB Norris Weese completes a 29 yard pass to WR Fred Biletnikoff setting up Mark Van Eagan’s 7 yard run for a touchdown. On the next drive the Cowboys pull out all the stops. Staubach completes to Saldi who then tries to pitch to Drew Pearson. The old hook and lateral however results in the Cowboys forth turnover as the pitch is recovered by the Raiders Lester Hayes who runs it back to the 32 yard line of Dallas. Mann is able to tack on a 32 yard field goal, his forth of the evening to close the scoring. Raiders 26 Cowboys 6 AFC Midlands Division - Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0, Cincinnati Bengals 0-1, Cleveland Browns 0-1 North Division - New England Patriots 1-0, New York Giants 1-0, Buffalo Bills 0-1 Metro Division - Baltimore Colts 1-0, Washington Redskins 0-1, Philadelphia Eagles 0-1 NFC Central Division - Denver Broncos 1-0, Dallas Cowboys 0-1, Minnesota Vikings 0-1 West Coast Division - Los Angeles Rams 1-0, Oakland Raiders 1-0, San Francsisco 49ers 0-1 Deep South Division - Atlanta Falcons 1-0, New Orleans Saints 1-0, Houston Oilers 0-1
  11. Wow, 197 yards! How many carries did the Bolts #27 have? Was the Hawks starting QB hurt or did he get pulled?
  12. Very cool! Look forward to hearing results. For me Season 14 has started but I've been quite busy with other things. 2 games to go to get through the first "week".
  13. I use the TE as an extra blocker on running plays either on the line or in the backfield with the two running backs. On passing plays I use the TE as a receiver either on the line to chip block, or split wide.
  14. Will there be some video or pics posted I hope?
  15. The 13th season is in the books. The league has a new champion. Super Bowl 13 - Steelers (AFC Champions)vs Raiders (NFC Champions) The Steelers won the coin toss and elected to receive. WR Anthony Carter fumbles the KO and the ball goes out of bounds (eventually) at the 4 yard line. The Steelers are backed up so on the first play from scrimmage they give the ball to RB Franco Harris who gains only 2 yards. Harris carries the ball on the next play and this time breaks it open for 62 yards. What a turn of events! The Steelers are set up at the 32 yard line of Oakland. QB Terry Bradshaw proceeds to throw 3 incomplete passes (2 that may have gone for TDs) and the Steelers settle for a Matt Bahr 47 field goal. Raider RB Mark Van Eegan takes the ensuing KO to the Steeler 43 yard line setting up the Raider offense nicely. The Raider offense goes 3 and out and they settle for an Errol Mann 57 yard field goal attempt. He misses wide left. The Steelers go with 4 wide outs and a tight end to start their 2nd drive. Bradshaw completes a sideline pass to WR John Stallworth for 31 yards. On the next play, Bradshaw completes the pass down the middle (just out range of CB Lester Hayes) to WR Jim Smith and he streaks into the end zone for the TD. The extra point gives the Steelers a 10-0 lead. Van Eegan returns the ensuing KO to the Oakland 36 yard line. After a Van Eegan gain of 12 yards, RB Arthur Wittington fumbles the ball on the next play. Fortunately for the Raiders Gene Upshaw recovers the ball for a 4 yard loss. On the next play, QB Norris Weese attempts to throw to TE Raymond Chester but CB Mel Blount intercepts the pass. The Steelers take over at the Raider 44 yard line. Bradshaw completes to Smith for 16 yards getting the Steelers deeper into Raider territory. But the Steelers are unable to get another first down, and with only seconds left in the first half settle for another 47 yard FG by Bahr. This increases the Steelers lead to 13-0. Van Eegan downs the KO in the end zone and runs the ball for 11 yards on the next play to end the first half. The Raiders start their first drive of the second half at their own 36 yard line. After 8 plays, all running plays including a 20 yard run by Wittington the Raiders are facing a 3rd and 4 at the Steelers 42 yard line. Weese is sacked on the next play losing 10 yards. With time now becoming a factor and a field goal still leaving them down by two scores the Raiders go for the 1st down. Weese throws another incomplete pass and the Steelers take over. Harris rumbles for a 16 yard gain getting the Steelers into Raider territory. The Steelers are unable to get another first down as the 3rd quarter comes to an end. Matt Bahr boots a 42 yard field goal to start the final stanza increasing the Steelers lead to 16-0. The Raiders are in big trouble. They now need 2 touchdowns and 2 two point conversions to tie the game. Van Eegan takes the KO to the 31 yard line. On first play from scrimmage Weese can't find anyone open but scrambles for a 16 yard gain. On the next play LB Jack Lambert sacks Weese for a 15 yard loss. 2 incomplete passes brings up a 4th and 15 for the Raiders. Weese once again throws an incomplete pass, and the Steelers can start to celebrate. A 10 yard scramble by Bradshaw and a couple runs by Franco Harris runs out the clock. The Steelers have won a third Super Bowl! This was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in league history and the first time a team was shut out. Super Bowl MVP - QB Terry Bradshaw 4/7/78/1/0, 15yds rushing League MVP - RB Mark Van Eegan Super Bowl History Super Bowl 1 - Los Angeles Rams 41, Baltimore Colts 35 in OT Super Bowl 2 - Los Angeles Rams 21, Pittsburgh Steelers 20 Super Bowl 3 - Los Angeles Rams 21, Baltimore Colts 20 Super Bowl 4 - Los Angeles Rams 31, Philadelphia Eagles 17 Super Bowl 5 - New York Giants 21, Washington Redskins 17 Super Bowl 6 - Pittsburgh Steelers 20, Los Angeles Rams 19 Super Bowl 7 - Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 21 Super Bowl 8 - Washington Redskins 49, Baltimore Colts 35 Super Bowl 9 - Baltimore Colts 35, Oakland Raiders 24 Super Bowl 10 - Los Angeles Rams 16, Cleveland Browns 3 Super Bowl 11 - Dallas Cowboys 35, Cincinnati Bengals 14 Super Bowl 12 - Baltimore Colts 45, Los Angeles Rams 10 Super Bowl 13 - Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Oakland Raiders 0
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