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  1. Yes, we have a lot of teams out of stock right now. There are three main reasons for that: 1. The pandemic made tabletop games even more popular, and we had a great year last year; 2. The pandemic is making it difficult to source our materials for our products, this is finally improving; 3. We have a big announcement coming regarding NFL and College (yes college) team sets. I cannot share the details, but it’s pretty exciting and we’re working hard to get product available so that when we announce, you’ll be able to buy it that same day. Thank you for your patience. We
  2. Kenny Mayne is a 27 year veteran of ESPN and tonight is his last SportsCenter show. Kenny lives here in the Seattle area and we know he used to play Electric Football with Stuart Scott, who tragically passed away after a bout with cancer. Kenny is having several friends and fellow Seattle-connected guests on the show, including Marshawn Lynch and Sue Bird. We put together a special game for Kenny and we are optimistic that the game will be presented to Kenny on the show. You never know with this kind of thing, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Hoping that he gets our gift and enjoys
  3. We have had other styles, but this assortment seems to be the best for the hobby as a whole. The throwbacks don't take up much space on the sheet. We will look into it.
  4. Nice Job!! Helps that it's my favorite team! Go Hawks!
  5. Sorry MHX, i did not know you were in Germany.
  6. Use our decals, they are remarkable and all individually release from the paper. No trimming. https://tudorgames.com/customs/customize-figures/nfl-waterslide-decals.html
  7. We had an amazing holiday season, well beyond our expectations, so that has left us out of stock on many popular items. With the supply chain impact from the coronavirus, restocking has taken longer than normal. We’re working hard to replenish inventory and hope to have our stock fulfilled soon. You can sign up to be notified when any item is back in stock by going to the product page and clicking on the link: “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock.”
  8. I think the best way to store it is hang it on the wall. Then you can enjoy it when not playing.
  9. That is unusual and I apologize for the problem you're experiencing. Here is some information that may help you get it working... • The Motion Generator needs enough power from the Remote Control to start the Motion Generator, so you must turn the Remote Control up a bit to get the Motion Generator running. Once it is running you can use the complete range of the dial on the Remote Control to change speeds. • If the game isn’t vibrating make sure the Remote Control is firmly plugged into the Motion Generator and that you have fresh batteries in the Remote Control. • If
  10. NEW Teams with new Uniform designs: Dark Rams Dark Patriots Dark Titans Teams back in stock: Dark Dolphins Dark Ravens
  11. Doing our best - pandemic has hurt our supply lines.
  12. In partnership with Bryan Nutt -- check these out! https://tudorgames.com/pac-12-pps-p.html
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