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  1. I also used sticky-tac for ball placement.
  2. Lions and Bears? Oh my! Just make sure they get your crummy bases so their play matches the actual teams'.
  3. Khuuuuuuuuuun! Sterling Sharpe? Gotta have Gilbert Brown on the D-line.
  4. And retired his number. It was basically Starr's last event, too.
  5. I thought he was on the NY Jets?? 😛
  6. No real commentary on the games in these pics, as the score sheets are at our new location (buddy’s basement). I will update standings for those interested. First is Giants White at Giants blue. I do know the home team won. IMG_7428.MOV IMG_7427.MOV
  7. This is the score sheet we use. Fill out down, distance, and yard line for the play (at conclusion of previous play). Run or Pass when offensive coach makes his decision at the snap. Who carried the ball for however many yards. Make any notes (FG attempt, sack, TD, &c.) Fill out next down, distance, and yard line. Rinse and repeat. It makes it easy to keep track. We use two different color pens, one for each team, when they have the ball. SCORE SHEET.xlsx.pdf
  8. We use 8 plays per quarter for our games. Even with this low number, one of the guys in the league can make a game last over 2 hours--even 3. But this is more of a beer league anyway, and we enjoy ourselves. We do not want to use play clocks. All football plays that are timed in a real game count. OT is 12 plays total, using the current "sudden" death system that the NFL uses.
  9. We play with iron man teams—11 guys total. I put my QB on a TTC base, and adjust his dial to loop when on defense. It also allows him to either spin in place or roll out when on offense.
  10. zak99b5

    Field cover ?

    Tudor has a video on how to install their field covers.
  11. The other game was Denver at Detroit in a tight battle. Denver got the ball to start and drove through the 1st quarter and into the second, scoring a TD. PAT failed, which proved crucial. Detroit had a good kick return of 42 yards, and a pass play for 34 put lead to pay dirt. PAT good, Detroit leads 7-6. The rest of the game was some back and forth, but no one scored. Detroit kept the ball away on 4th down on the last play, and hit an 84 yard completion—just short of the end zone.
  12. Week 4 featured the battle for NY—Blue at White. First game on the speed turf field. All Blue in the first frame, ending with a TD for a 7-0 lead, though White did record a sack on the drive. 2nd q was all White, featuring a 30 yard reception, but as the half expired, the White’s field goal attempt failed. Second play of the second half, White turned it over on an interception, but Blue ended up punting 4 plays later. White fared little better, turning the ball over on downs 5 plays later. Blues put it in the end zone with back-to-back pass plays of 20 or more yards, 14-0. White was left with only two plays, and left the field scoreless.
  13. https://forum.tudorgames.com/topic/289-toepro-kicker/
  14. It's here in the Tudor forums (fora, really, but I'm an old fart).
  15. Chris meant to turn the knob all the way up first, press the button, and then you can lower it to the speed you want to play at. I remember reading that there's something about higher voltage needed to get the motor working at first?
  16. Coach Kinchen has detailed directions on this site for how to make your own ToePro kicker, punter, and passer (three diff figures).
  17. Fresh batteries? Sorry had to ask. You could use a multimeter to test the controller (set for DCV probes on the plug T/S). Testing the motion generator is a little more tricky since you can't use the DMM probes on it directly, but it is possible to ohm it out. I have no idea what the Ohms should be, but you will at least know there's continuity. If you remove it from the board and take off the tape, I think you can unscrew the top off of it.
  18. The other game was the Packers’ home opener, hosting the NYGWHITE. It was a back-and-forth affair, but the Packers had two explosive plays—a rush for 48 for Hinkle, and an 80 yard pass from Hebert to Milt Gantenbein. Hebert ran it in himself in the third from 12 yards out to score the only points of the game (but PAT was good) to win the game 7-0. IMG_7236.MOV
  19. Week 3. Detroit at NYGBLUE. G-men prevailed 10-0. A 30 yard rush on 2nd & 10 in the first quarter made it seem like the Lions might score first, but a pick three plays later eventually resulted in a field goal for New York to close the first half. In the second half, Charlie Batch was no better. After three consecutive incompletes, Detroit got flagged for OPI on 4th down. Giants didn’t do much going 4&out. On the next play, Batch threw another puck, and the giants scored a TD with only one play remaining.
  20. zak99b5

    Tudor 9092

    Sigh. I meant that the a field cover's extra mass may even out the vibrations from the motor across the board. Maybe not, but that's why we experiment.
  21. If anyone has any suggestions to improve anything, I’m all ears. Games tonight were postponed until tomorrow because one of the guys had food poisoning.
  22. Our league just got a HIPS field. We used it on our test night. They guys all ran pretty well on it. I did notice that the frame will dip a little, so I cut two 1" pieces of wood to use as legs halfway along the side rail (like there were on the "pan" style big tudor/miggle boards). Our first game on it will be next week, so I can report more after that. Shipping is almost the price of the board, fwiw.
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