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  1. New hips Tudor field, and a 1967 620. This may change the home field situation that I posted in my league (RSFL). Personally I’d like to lose the miggle super bowl field and replace with the 620. We will see tomorrow evening during week 1 action for the spring 2021 season.
  2. Dun dun da-dun-dun-dun go Pack go!
  3. When I hear "old Seahawks," this is what comes to my mind.
  4. Interesting--I've never thought about that, but it makes total sense that you only need a back of the end zone if you can pass the ball to a receiver who's in it. A Canadian board with two 25-yard end zones (plus the 55 yard line) would have to be ginormous to get a decent scale to the players! That's forty yards longer than an NFL field.
  5. We were choosing home fields tonight, and one of the choices happened to by my late 90s super bowl miggle field (rams vs Titans). I noticed that the end zones seemed too deep, so we measured it. Yup, they are about 12 yards deep using the field yard lines. Very strange. And disappointing.
  6. I use the hash marks like you do. On my 600 they are wider, so there’s even more of an effect. When a play is completed, the first thing we do is place the center where the ball carrier is. If it’s outside the hash marks, he gets moved laterally to the nearest hash.
  7. Reminds me I need to work on the RSFL logo. So-called because my wife wrote “Rick's Stupid Football League” on my folder of game sheets.
  8. Well, back to the topic at hand. I tested out the board, and it does run well with the second motor. Better than before? I think a little, but it’s not a night & day difference. However, I did notice that the speed adjustment works better—there’s more control over the board, and it’s easier to find the sweet spot where they run fast enough without hopping and jumping. I wonder if connecting the motors in series rather than parallel would make a difference?
  9. Well, you’re totally entitled to your opinion. Many of us are happy with Tudor products, and I know I am grateful that I can still buy new Ef stuff from them. I do not find their products over priced or low quality, especially considering it’s a bit of a niche market. We’ve discussed before that for many of us modding things is part of the hobby and enjoyable, not an “insane amount of money, time, and labor.” You yourself seem to enjoy working on things and tinkering (painting figures and cardboard bases). Why the vitriol?
  10. I wound up splicing in some extra cable length and put the motors in opposite corners, at 45* and an inch off the frame lip. Going to see how it runs this weekend, and I will report back.
  11. I'm assuming you're happy with how it runs with both motors at the 50?
  12. Will do. Did you put the holes for the plugs toward the corners or toward the center?
  13. The 3/4" away from the frame is for a 2' long board. Since the Ultimate is twice that, maybe I should double that dimension and place them 1 1/2" away? Perhaps I am over-thinking this a bit....
  14. I just ordered the extra motor and peripherals needed to add a second motor to my ultimate board. If I place them in opposite corners of the end zones, I do not think the two 2’ cables will be long enough to meet at the splitter. Looking at the manual, for corner placement the plug should be closest to the corner and 3/4” away from the frame. anyone have suggestions? I was thinking of using some butt connectors maybe to lengthen the cables (everything you would buy with two male 1/8” jacks is stereo—but they may work anyway).
  15. Chris have you ever seen the lego highlights on Packers.com? They're great!
  16. There's a site that already makes a mini Lombardi Trophy that fits on a base. https://gridironbuzznetwork.com/
  17. That's an awesome set. I love the two-bar helmets along the frame.
  18. I also put a small foam square under each foot. The manual suggests putting the board on a soft surface. It does run better (and more quietly) with them in place, as it’s usually on my kitchen island for play.
  19. electromagnetic motor is like the old Tudor motor, correct? Running on the 60 hz cycle of AC? Have any pics? (Of the motor itself and mounting.)
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