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  1. Did anyone see the play the Giants ran on 4th and Goal, where the punter threw the ball to the center? Basically an A11 play.
  2. When I ordered the decals, I also ordered yellow number stickers for the 30s packers. Not what I want to use, but at least I have something.
  3. I already ordered the decal set from Tudor for the Bills, but I thought I’d try painting the logo anyway for fun.
  4. That’s an interesting defensive scheme. I will definitely try it out. Looks to be pretty versatile. Only tweak I would think of making in the 2-5-4 would be is setting the two DLs closer so each gets a piece of the center to take away the QB sneak.
  5. I know my paint job is barely better than an 8 year old, but I’m pretty happy with it for figures that will be seeing action. They look enough like the teams do, and at playing distance it’s good enough (for me).
  6. Packers are ready for solid yellow number decals. Need to source those. Maybe a quick coat of navy and gloss clear coat too.
  7. Just need to do a quick second coat of green, the grey face masks, and decals for the helmets and numbers.
  8. I’m kinda liking the last way best. The just white stripes will look better once the red pant stripe and the helmets are done, but right now it looks a little too Colt-ish. fist guy looks more like a New York Ranger than a Bill lol.
  9. And a third attempt, more careful of leaving only a small bit of red showing beyond the white.
  10. Tried just doing two white stripes to see how that will look.
  11. First attempt to include some red in the stripes. Left too much showing. Plus my hand wasn’t so steady when I painted these stripes.
  12. Thinking I may try to get some red in by doing that layer first pretty wide, slightly narrower white layer, then a strip of blue down the middle.
  13. Yes, that's how I paint stripes, by layering.
  14. Thanks--sounds like a plan. I may try a shoulder stripe decal I have on a figure. If it's not too fiddly, I may use them. But then the socks stripes need to be painted anyway, and it may just be better to keep them consistent. I also need yellow number decals for the Packers. I was thinking about using the Chiefs ones, but solid yellow would be better. Any leads there?
  15. I also set the dials for a smallish circle for safetys in a zone. And make sure they run straight when the dial is turned that way. On the line I don't care as much how far they run straight--looking more for strength.
  16. After a busy few days, I finally got back to some painting last night. Finished the jerseys and sock stripes on all players. No pics, since they don't look any different than the ones I already posted. Some Qs on the Bills' striping: No way could I paint the red-white-red-blue-red-white-red on either the socks or the shoulders, and I'm not sure I want to use decals. Would it be better just to paint two white stripes separated by blue, one red-white-red set of stripes, or something else? Not even thinking about the small black borders!
  17. The teams look really good, with great details. More than I have the patience to put on my figures. Also, nice "action" shots!
  18. How do you guys do an onsides kick attempt? I’m looking for a way that uses the board and players rather than dice/cards. I’ve been thinking lining up the two teams 20 yards apart (kicking team at their 35, receiving at their 45). Drop the ball along the 45, move it straight up/down the field to the 45 (assuming it won’t land exactly on the 45). Teams angle players, then run the board. The receiving team needs some sort of advantage—I’d like the results to be successful only 1 in about 4 or 5 tries, to emulate the (older) NFL results. Move receiving team a little closer? Fewer kicking team players on the 35? Other thoughts?
  19. Properly mixed, light blue was more oilers/chargers. Dark was good for the bills. May try to find gloss navy for the Packers. you can see the powder blue on one sock in the background on a guard figure. i also painted the sox above the knee for the wide receivers, as is the current trend.
  20. Thinking about using the dark gloss blue instead. lighter gloss blue for the Bills.
  21. Front arm is light blue. Throwing arm is dark blue. Which for the bills? His back is the insignia blue, for the Packers.
  22. Got the white on the socks and the yellow down on the packers’ pants, helmets, and shoulder yokes. going to do the navy first, then the second coat of yellow. got the pants and socks painted white for the bills, plus the skin as well.
  23. The Testors also flows so much smoother off the brush. It was pretty easy to go along just the shoe where it meets the platform. Question: what do you paint the molded support that’s under the shoe but up off the platform? Green, because it’s not shoe? Or shoe color, since you’d see the shoe “through” that? Not sure this is making sense. I kinda split the difference.
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