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  1. electromagnetic motor is like the old Tudor motor, correct? Running on the 60 hz cycle of AC? Have any pics? (Of the motor itself and mounting.)
  2. To the endzone magnetic pylons, I would add a rare earth magnets (Harbor Freight) along both sidelines, every 20 yards or so, to keep the second field cover in place.
  3. You could try a little rubbing alcohol on a q-tip, like on the belly of a guard figure, to see if it cleans up at all. Edit: if the bottom of a player's platform is also yellowed, I'd try there first.
  4. Nice--but why is there a Pats sticker on it?? I also like the older Titans unis.
  5. Watch this video--first 25 minutes is highlights from the 1970 season. Second part is highlights of the Super Bowl that year (I didn't watch that far). The hits are amazing, and the tunes are funky! NFL 1970
  6. I too love a defensive struggle, which is not the same as inept offensive play. I cannot watch Red Zone--I like the flow of the game and play between the 20s. Guess I'm saying I'm old....
  7. Alkaline batteries tend to drop voltage quickly and steeply at first, then level out over the rest of their life. They also recover voltage when the rest. Not sure how big a draw the motor is, but you're only running the motor for short durations with breaks in between, so I'd expect them to last quite a while.
  8. Understood. That's why I asked about an easy way to make sure one cuts both prongs flat and dead even.
  9. I'm 52, and my big brother and his friends were all Packers fans, even though we grew up in New Jersey, so I "inherited" them as my team. My first real football memory, though, is the '72 Dolphins--I shudder to think how my life would've been different had I started following Miami. We didn't get many Packers games on TV on the east coast in the 70s and 80s, but I went to grad school in Indiana in 1991. The Colts were always blacked out (Jeff George era), so we got NFC central games almost every week. I was worried when Majkowski went down (his was the first jersey I got, and I still have it), but by the end of that fateful game, I was convinced the wild kid with the funny name would take the Packers to the Super Bowl. Next year we signed Reggie White, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  10. Mine stands against the wall in my basement.
  11. D@mn now I have to buy a Packers field cover too......
  12. I'm not arguing, either. I was going to build a 2'x4' field, but when I was doing the pricing, I was really close to the $300 of the Ultimate, so I just went with that. Am I happy with it out of the box for the price? Yes. It met my expectations, and playing on the big field is fantastic. I could never go back to a 500-sized game, and I'll only use my mid-size (Sears Super Bowl 635) field for testing bases. Could it be better? Of course, but can't every product? Everything about it is good or great as is--there's nothing "wrong" with it. And I enjoy making mods to things I have, so I don't feel like I "sunk" money and labor into the support, nor would I call what I did "fixing," as it wasn't broken.
  13. Going to try using heated pliers next time. Any other way to ensure that when you clip the back prongs flat that they are square to the base and in line with each other? I saw a device on ITZ for this....
  14. I think the ultimate field is pretty d@mn good out of the box, and the dip in the middle is slight. It's not like I am fixing an issue--more like making an incremental improvement. A guy I know had the plastic (Speed Turf?) 620-sized board. I thought that one was disappointing. I haven't seen a metal one in that size of the new style, so I can't compare anything to that. But my Miggle Super Bowl field was pretty terrible. The sheet metal was so thin just setting up players made everything move on it. (Also, the 'speckle' grass pattern is way too busy.) The ultimate field is far superior to the Miggle, so if the 9092 is made in the same way as the ultimate, I imagine it too is a nice field for playing. Not perfect, of course.
  15. So the Packers can dismantle them again???😜
  16. Now to base them up and play a game—super bowl preview???
  17. Got the Packers decal’d. Used the actual numbers from the NFL champion 1936 squad. Heber, Hinkle, Hutson, Blood McNally. Numbering conventions were not quite in place, so they seem a little weird but cest la vie. I also added a gloss coat to the navy so it matched the rest of the paint. When the decals are dry I’ll seal them with a little more of the gloss clear.
  18. Could the two motor splitter be used to have two remotes with the ultimate board?
  19. I’d rather let the players decide—this game is best when it focuses on the men and the board is running. Played a game with a buddy last night using the longer measuring stick (18 yards long on the ultimate field) and the standard 620 placement sticks. Worked out well.
  20. Well, the board did run better with the supports. Less jumpy. And (as mentioned in another post) the longer measuring passing stick paired with the normal placement sticks worked out as well.
  21. A few quick trial runs seem to show that the board is a little tamer. But still more bouciness than I’d like. I may need to adjust the pads a touch. Player slowed down a little at the 20s and midfield, but that is to be expected. Always a trade off.
  22. zak99b5

    New field

    Where did you get those team shelves off the sidelines—looks like the frame was build that way with the grey plastic connectors.
  23. Hoping to improve the ultimate field a little. We had hot spots along by the 40s especially on the motor side. Plus there was a little sag in the middle. The old fiberboard 600 field is the smoothest running board I have. I wanted to get that performance on the biggun. The 600 has a support with a felt pad going across midfield underneath. So I got to planning, and decided I wanted six support spots, one at each third of the field across and each quarter lengthwise. Ran to Lowe’s for some 1x2 wood, allthread, nuts, washers, and screw-in chair levelers. I made the two end boards 2’ long so I wouldn’t have to worry about centering it side-to-side. The middle I made 1’ long so it would be well short of the motor, whichever way I put the board on top. I put 1/8” felt stick-on feet on both the undersides of the wood pieces and the tops of the levelers. This way the support won’t kill the vibration. Screwed up the levelers to just take the sag out. Going to play on it tonight with some buddies. I’ll report back in the morning.
  24. We used the Buzzball size sticks (based on 620 field 40 yds measuring stick, 6, 12, & 18 yard placement sticks) on both my 600 and the ultimate field last season. When we used the slightly smaller 660, we used sticks scaled to that field. Thing is, it was almost always a white or blue pass on the big Ultimate field. If I made sticks scaled to that board, however, the ball would be too far from the receiver, and there would be many more incompletions—a blue stick pass would be as long as the red and blue combined. Thinking about scaling the measuring stick to the ultimate field but using the 620-sized placement sticks. Tudor’s passing sticks are shorter than the Buzzball ones, so that doesn’t help. Any other suggestions? And remember, one of our coaches has CP and can’t do the TTQB, so that’s out. Ive also thought about using yards past the line of scrimmage as the determination of the placement stick to use, but that fails to take into account throwing across the field.
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