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  1. Some little progress. Primed the figures, and painted the platforms. Testors is soooo much better than craft paint. I picked gloss just because Tudor figures normally came in gloss paint. Covered in one coat. I’m sure I’ll need to do a touch up here and there, but you can see how well it covered.
  2. When using two motors, is there any concern about phase cancellation? Or do all motors naturally turn at different speeds given the same voltage, so it's not an issue? Maybe I am overthinking this, but if the weights were turning at the same speed (one controller, so same voltage to both) but on opposite sides of the shaft (180* in relation to each other), the vibrations would cancel where they meet.
  3. Testors mostly sold out at the Michael’s near me. Looks like I gotta hit up Hobby Lobby. Which is closed sundays.
  4. I like testors. Last team I painted was with the Apple Barrel type craft paints from Wally World, and it took like three coats for each color to get just decent coverage. I’m liking the Bills. Think I’ll do them with the red team that came with the ultimate board.
  5. I’ve only Been to Lambeau twice—first time the summer after the XXXII loss to Denver, when the HoF was still by the practice field. Got to watch practice that day as well Went back three summers ago to see the new atrium and HoF. They did a nice job with the whole thing. Seen them play twice—once in Buffalo with Favre (early 2000s), and last Thanksgiving against the Giants. Need to see them in Green Bay, though. Back to the painting of the new team, I am leaning toward the old navy/gold uniforms—I found a bottle of Model Masters insignia blue. Love painting the guys, but hate the platform. Going to try to spray that, I think.
  6. AFAIK all ultimate boards are 2x4. Just different field cover options.
  7. My league played many games on old boards with the click inline switch (early 60s 600 field and a late 70s 660). Then I got the ultimate field, and everyone loved the push button control. So I made one for the old fields as well. Took an extensions cord, momentary switch, and a box. Lined the box so it’s insulated clipped the hot wire of the extension cord about a foot away from the female end Doubled over the cord at the cut and inserted it into the box wired the momentary switch into the cut in the hot line. installed switch in hole in box, and good to go. plug into the wall, plug game in & leave original switch to on. works great, and it allows you to pass the box back and forth between coaches.
  8. Welp, I tried out my punt rules a few times, and it actually seemed to work out pretty well. The drop is pretty crucial. I think the punting coach’s elbow needs to be on the frame, hand up a forearm’s length, to keep it high and add some bounce to the landing. Only can aim from center of the field to the side with the elbow ( need to move to other side of the board if kicking to that side). This formation lacks a punt block option, but that’s ok. some punts bounce pretty far from the intended spot, which adds some realism. Had a few bounce into the end zone for a touchback. And if the ball hits a receiving team player, we have a muff that anyone can recover (happened twice!).
  9. Rick—I am about to paint a fab-5 team (came with my ultimate field). I only use these figures in my league, since I don’t want a perceived advantage if I’m using mean-13 or buzzball guys and the other coaches all have fab-5. Which Packers uni should I paint? Thinking the Curly Lambeau one (navy with gold shoulders, pants, and helmet). Not the 1994 throwbacks but just like the originals. There are other interesting options, like the 60s away uniform, or even the white throwbacks they wore against the bears on Halloween in 1994 (remember Reuttgers with the jack o lantern on the back of his helmet??).
  10. I was born in ‘68, and my older brother and his friends were packers fans (though we lived in Jersey), so I went along. I will say my first real NFL memory is the ‘72 Dolphins, which almost made me switch. Being out of market and not a very good team, it was not very often I got to see them on TV. Then I moved to Indiana in ‘92, and the Colts were always blacked out so I saw a lot of NFC Central games. I was worried when the Majik Man went down, but his backup proved to be a pretty decent QB.....
  11. So more like Run & Gun. To address loopers I will set the dials of the tackles backward so they fade back in pass protection. A traditional tight end I use primarily as a run blocker, but they can and do get open occasionally. We use passing sticks, so they need to get into space. I find their presence (especially if two men are lined up as TEs) usually makes the defense put more men in the box.
  12. Ok, first we have throwback Patriots. Couldn’t paint helmet logo well enough. Then there’s the Bears. Boo. Packers in the new poses. Giants—first team I painted. Figures are from an 80s game with the darker green bases, and they are more slanted over than the usual. Vikings. Grown men wearing purple. Nuff said. Buzzball Packers in ‘94 throwbacks. Players from an old set painted as throwback packers.
  13. Sorry, I do not. And I never ordered any balls from him, either.
  14. I like to use two tight ends in certain passing situations. We play that if a man isn’t on the line, he has to be 5 yards off. That extra distance makes it harder to cover them (defense also lines up 1 yard off the LOS). Depending on the look of the defense, I’ll have options.
  15. I have ordered from Efdw back in the day. They were in NH, close to me. Sad to see they have closed years ago. looks like the ice cream sandwich balls aren’t available anymore. I lost my last foam ball a long time ago. Always used a little spit so they would release off the TTQB’s hand. Not covid apporived lol.
  16. I did spend some time reading about the toepro PAKs. I will try to make some. do you need the 3rd and Long footballs to get that type of performance? Currently out of stock. I do have the white felt as well as a couple ice-cream sandwich balls.
  17. Good point nefgm. One of the coaches in our league has CP, so his learning curve with the TTQB would be way steeper than most (but I’m sure he would eventually be able to do it). None of the other guys in the league have used it at all. I’m fairly proficient at passing with it, but I didn’t want to have a leg up that way. Using the passing sticks has made it much more level a playing field.
  18. Sounds interesting. How do you place the ball?
  19. Did you just put the packers field over the stock field? I did want to buy the Green Bay ultimate field, but the CFO was mad enough about the basic model.....
  20. That older ultimate 4x2 field was sweet. Table model. The wood frame was nice.
  21. That was for ‘77 I think. In ‘78 there was a 660 that’s a little smaller. Maybe ‘79 as well. Cowboys vs Denver I believe.
  22. 635. The box and outside of the frame also say model 620, but it’s not. Only 31” long. I was disappointed when it arrived, as I thought it was the big field.
  23. Now that I look at these pics, the beer can is the same color as the carpet—not a good choice on my part.
  24. In the post above you see my current collection. The Genesee 12 Horse Ale can is in each photo for scale. First is the smallest, a 635 that has great graphics. Really too small to play on, but a good practice/tweaking field. Next is my 660, just slightly smaller than a 620. Then we have the Miggle Super Bowl board. Same size as the 660, but the metal is so thin it’s just a very fiddly board to play on. Then we have my early 60s 600 board, fiberboard field. Same size as the 620, and great to play on. I also included a close-up of the nice, lightly worn grass pattern. Last of course is the Ultimate board. Worn pro. I wanted to get the snow (I’m a Packer fan), but the grass seemed like a better choice for all season long.
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