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We're glad to announce NFL Field Covers in 4 different sizes. If you're building your own 2x4' board, or skinning a Tudor board, we've got you covered. See them now:  https://tudorgames.com/customs/customize-fields/nfl-field-covers.html


And, drum roll please....  NFL Ultimate Games are here, in both Brushed Aluminum and Anodized Black Aluminum frames.
Here they are: https://tudorgames.com/games/ultimate-size.html?p=1 



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On 8/16/2020 at 6:25 PM, LARamsfan said:

Hi Doug,

Regarding the field covers, is the one for the Rams based on the actual field design?  I have seen pictures of the field from the Rams website and it shows the LA logo at midfield.  

If you can provide a picture, we will match it. For the Rams and Chargers and Washington we have submitted our designs and they were conditionally approved by the NFL. The good thing about our Field Covers is they are manufactured on demand, same day of order, and we can change the design to be current at any time. Post a pic if you can.

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On 8/25/2020 at 6:04 PM, Long island EFL said:

Doug thank you for your time in advance. I was wondering if Tudor had any of the older TTC bottoms like from a few years ago. Not the newer version.

eBay, brother.  You can find them pretty regular there.  Check it out--just do a search for "Elecctric Football" and a whole bunch of vintage stuff will pop up.  Glad to see you enjoying the hobby!

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Tell you what though LIEFL, for my money, the current tudor bases are perfect.  Especially considering the cost.  Those vintage bases come at a premium (just try getting ahold of some of the old 'Boat Bases'.  You can find them, but they'll set you back a few).  Current bases are on sale.  More base for the buck.   Most of my stuff is on current tudor rookie and TTC.  Nearly all my linemen are on invisibases.  I use the FAT8 weight system.  A 7.0 gram hoss on one of those suckers is pretty solid.  I'll put up a video sometime, perhaps, but there are gobs of great strength tweaking videos our there.  One of the things I'm going to start in earnest is tweaking speed invisibases.  I posted a great video on a different thread that I'm going to try and emulate.  I'll post my results at some future point.

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There is no degradation if you put another cover over the other one. The only problem is that you may see the old cover showing through the new one. Try a small corner of the new cover on top of the old one. If you don't see anything showing through, you should be fine. 

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5 hours ago, NO Dave said:

Major, also I'm sure you've tried putting three Invisibase "speed skis" on a figure. If you haven't, that works really well. 

You bet, NO dave.  I'll tell you though, the method shown by tweaking video I put up WORKS.  Even if you use only two 'skis' you can get some decent speed.  It does take some finesse and practice.  I will certainly try the 'triple ski' option with the same tweaking method.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some decent videos at some point.

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14 minutes ago, Electric Football Hero said:

They look pretty durable, yes? Maybe lucite plastic? Also, how strong is the magnet in the ball marker? Is it "whoops I just accidentally dented my field" strong?

Yes seem to be a very durable  plastic. Magnetic ball very light. Not that strong, but strong enough to stay in place. No won't dent a field.   

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