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  1. Are you looking for buzzball figures? Maybe I can help you. What do you have in the big man figures?
  2. I use a combination of programs. Paint and a program I found called photopea. It's a online photo editor that can be found here photopea.com You can edit photoshop psd files in this program and reimage the size to your liking. I have made many 620 size fields with this program.
  3. This Dexter Bussey player is a beast in your league. I remember Barry Sanders and vaguely remember Billy Sims played as Lions. What years did Bussey play for Detroit?
  4. Hi Doug, Regarding the field covers, is the one for the Rams based on the actual field design? I have seen pictures of the field from the Rams website and it shows the LA logo at midfield.
  5. I am of filipino descent. Nice job. What do the uniforms look like?
  6. Hello, I am glad to see Tudor starting a new chat board like the old MFCA chat board. I just wanted to know if Tudor was going to have the Rams in white with the white horns? I want to buy the Rams in the throwback blue and yellow that Tudor sells. Thank you so much.
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