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  1. Kit, this is OUTSTANDING. I'm a big fan of creating rules variants to suit individual players but it is really good to know what the foundation is.
  2. Really great looking teams. Thanks for sharing with us!
  3. Looking good, Coach Kit! Some of our newer members like young Bobby here haven't been around long enough to have full knowledge of the wonder that is TOEPRO! 🙂
  4. Another point of clarification. I did put the magnetic cover on top of bare sheet metal. I did not have it on top of an already vinyl covered field. Also, while I do have a good engineering background, I do NOT know the physics of magnetic field effects on vibrational fields. I do know there is a relationship however as magnets are used in many applications to deaden vibrations. I have my suspicions however, based on what I have seen, that magnetic sheets may have a negative effect on the playing field vibration beyond just their additional thickness.
  5. Coach, I have used fields printed on magnetic sheets and I will not choose this method again. No matter how thin you get the magnetic material (and there is a minimum thickness), it is another layer of material between the vibration and the player. In short, everything got SLOW and jerky. I was able to adjust the motors and placement to smooth it out and speed it up a bit, but compared to a vinyl cover it is woefully inferior. As a result, I stuck that board to the side of my fridge (looks awesome by the way) and redesigned a new vinyl field for myself. My board runs like a dream now on two tudor electric motors using the Tudor blip switch as well (aka Play Action Remote). I would spare you from the expense of going through the process of getting a magnetic field only to not be satisfied with it. Obviously, to each his own, however. Some of you out there may have had a better experience. For me, vinyl is clearly superior.
  6. One of my all time favorite players. His career was tragically short but boy as it memorable. My father's favorite running back.
  7. This is great! I've never seen this game before in my life. I DO remember Otasco however. Talk about a blast from the past!
  8. LOVE this. Brandon is a great guy and a true EF devotee.
  9. Paul, This sounds like a great variant. Eager to see your formations and maybe some plays in action.
  10. NEFGM, I have never heard of this before now. Thanks for posting this link. Must have been incredible to watch. I can just imagine the shock that would have caused. Looks like great minds think alike, Paul. You and coaches Bryan and Humphries were on the same wavelength!
  11. Found this gem on Youtube recently. Probably the most impressive display of strength from the speed ski/cleats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZcvVq8T2LI&feature=youtu.be
  12. Amazing amounts of information on this subject has been generated over the years. Adjusting EF bases so they consistently run as you wish them to (AKA Tweaking) is probably the single most important skill you will develop in order to "improve" your game. Why the quotes? No one HAS to tweak anything. However, a lot of us would like to have players that consistently run in a desired fashion. Lynn "Weirdwolf" Schmidt said it best during one of his interviews (and I paraphrase)--once you can get reliable movement on the field, you can now develop strategy. Voila! You are playing EF at another level. I have sat at the feet of many coaches and watched and listened. Many videos have been put forth. For me, personally, I point to the legendary Electric Coach as the single biggest influence on my knowledge of tweaking. This in no way suggests other videos are inferior. Rather, Moe is simply the guy that I learned the most from. Check him out here! https://tudorgames.com/how-to-play/electric-football-nation.html Also, I've attached the famous Wally Jabs tutorial as edited and compiled by TOEPRO Coach Kit Kinchen. Gold mines of information. No get those pliers ready and get to squeezing. 😎 Wally Jabs tweaking tutorial.pdf
  13. This is one of those "It Depends" hobby questions that really comes down to what do you enjoy doing. Meaning, how much do you enjoy painting tiny details on tiny figurines? If you enjoy that, by all means, paint away. Some logos are easier than others. If you don't enjoy painting much, decals are a great option. Personally, I enjoy painting and have for decades, but I still use decals. They just offer me a crisp uniform result that is difficult to achieve with many team logos. Some logos are quite easy to paint however. If you haven't tried painting logos, give it a shot! You might find you really like it and you're really good at it. As for my personal preference? Decals hands down.
  14. Indeed. I use 2 Tudor motors (wired not battery powered) on my 2x4 home-made board and it runs great.
  15. NO Dave, and CaPanther thanks for this thread. This video just caps it. Loved it!
  16. Typically, I run the good ol' Wingbone formation. So I use flanker/wingbacks in lieu of TE's. But sometimes, I run variations with only a single wingback. In those cases, I will either run a TE opposite to show run to that side (and to help with blocking if I DO option to that side) or I put the TE in the slot. I have never run a double TE formation, but I like the idea of turning the TE to pick up outside LB/DE pressure. It is this very reason why I will sometimes put TTC dial bases on my Tackles. They sometimes need greater lateral speed to pick up the edge rushers. (One could call them Counter Loopers!) 😁
  17. I use them and I love them! I'm still working on creating a forum worthy video. Plus, my passing skills leave a LOT to be desired. I'm still a three-try per-pass-hit-'em-on-the-bounce kind of guy. I just need to practice more. Kind of like my golf game...🙂
  18. I think you are on to something here! A lot of players will end up in the 4.1 gram range however (lots of 200-250lbs NFL athletes). Not necessarily a bad thing though. And I bet this is the exact thing others who use variable weights systems wrestle with--how to best create weight disparity without clumping half the team at the same gram weight. In my research on this topic I did find a VERY helpful document by a brilliant young student named Cole Blender out of the University of Idaho. In 2018-19, he compiled a statistical study of the average heights and weights of NFL players based on then current rosters. What he found was quite illuminating and I really appreciate that he has made his findings public. Go Vandals! 🙂 For your convenience, I've attached a copy of his final presentation. I think you'll agree it is a treasure trove of information. Avg NFL ht wt.pdf
  19. Good to see you on the Forums!
  20. Ben I also am a fan of the invisibase. I am currently in the process of performing more experiments on the "speed cleats skis" to get consistent results and expand my knowledge of tweaking techniques. And, I would love to hear more of your experience with the speed invisibases. But I absolutely LOVE the strength invisibase. For me they are the go-to base for the O-line. Especially the interior O-line. I use other bases for my O-line only by exception. I like the snug fit and they perform brilliantly. They are typically slow so don't get downfield too far but they are like a stone wall--very difficult to shift. And with a flat front edge it's tough to "get off the block". Can't say enough good about them.
  21. If you have any interest in this topic, my earlier post above is worth reading again for those who haven't. Suffice it to say, however, I have a LOT to learn about tweaking bases. But it is an aspect of this hobby that I really enjoy. Using my own personal skill and simple tools I am able to craft better performance for my players. Many coaches refer to this as "training your players" and aside from play calling is the essence of "coaching" your players in EF. Kit Kinchen, the Electric Coach, and many many others have elaborated on the necessity of this aspect of the hobby in order to "be good at" EF. Which brings me to my follow up point. If you look at my above paragraph you'll notice the word "hobby" is used extensively. I don't use the word "game". It is an important distinction. Electric Football is a game. It is classified as a board game, in fact. And that is exactly what it is. The most unique board game in the world, actually. So why do I use the word "hobby"? Well, take another board game--Monopoly is a famous example. EF is created so that the game is playable out of the box at the base level. There are numerous videos out there of folks enjoying the game right out of the box using nothing but invisibases and basic players with stick-on numbers--classic EF. BUT, unlike more common board games, one can IMPROVE the performance of the components of the EF game. Let that sink in. It's as if you could somehow make the "Top Hat" piece in Monopoly play better. This ability to improve the pieces (whether it be via tweaking, painting, weighting, customizing or what have you) transforms Electric Football from a mere board game into a hobby. As we move forward in our enjoyment of Electric Football, we should always strive to remember something: Not everyone who enjoys EF is also a hobbyist. And they don't have to be. There are thousands of folks who enjoy playing EF that will never pick up a set of pliers. Some, however, really enjoy both the game and the hobby. I am one of those players. I enjoy the game AND the hobby.
  22. Yes indeed. I have previously elaborated on how much I like the APW system used in the FAT8 system and others. I am intrigued by Glenn's list as well. Jamie uses a "floating" scale based largely on position rather than an absolute scale for weight. In other words, .1g = x lbs for FB's is different than .1g = y lbs for say linemen or QB's. I think this "variable compression" is useful, but I wonder if an absolute scale where .1g = x lbs for ALL positions would be just as good. I would love to hear Jamie's thoughts on this as I would imagine he's already considered this. Regardless, it makes for some great variability and I'll tell you a strong invisibase with a 7.0g big boy on them is a force to behold!
  23. You bet, NO dave. I'll tell you though, the method shown by tweaking video I put up WORKS. Even if you use only two 'skis' you can get some decent speed. It does take some finesse and practice. I will certainly try the 'triple ski' option with the same tweaking method. Hopefully I'll be able to post some decent videos at some point.
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