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  1. Miggle brought a few of those to the convention, I think it was Detroit. The one thing I remember was how easy it was to break the goalie control stick. They lasted all of about 2 minutes.
  2. Easy, send me bases to tweak that you want to go straight. I guarantee every one will loop. 🤪
  3. We need another Motor City miracle to pull this one off.
  4. Sorry to overlook you Dave. Yes, that would be great. I’ll get back with you when I’m ready to start the league. Thanks for doing this. Give me a couple of weeks. Again, thank you. This will be fantastic! 👍👍😊
  5. Awesome team Ray. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s teams. Since you’re an avid fisherman, here’s my little fishing story. I was fishing one day and I caught a lady’s shoe. But you should have seen the boot that got away. It was huge!
  6. It's wintertime and the snow is falling. The Showboats will get stuck like a canoe in an ice flow while the Bears come alive to devour them Da Bears 27, Tugboats 20
  7. Looking forward to playing with you. That makes 6 signed up. We could go with just that but I was hoping for 10. Anyone else want in on the fun? Hoping to start in 2 or 3 weeks.
  8. Just call me Mr Hoover because my predictions suck!
  9. I use a simple method. I line up the kicking team at the 30 and the return team at the 50. Then I place a football at the 40 on either the left or right hash mark. I turn all the players towards the ball then turn the board on. The first player to touch the ball recovers it. In the event of a tie then the ball goes to the receiving team. I found this works best on a big (2x4) board. If playing on a 620 field then I set the teams 15 yards from the ball at the 25 and opposing team’s 45 to give them more room to run. It has been working for me in my solitaire seasons.
  10. WHAT? The Cherokee lost???? Rigged game.... dead people refereed ..... Who made your game board, Dominion????? The Cherokee won by a landslide, wasn’t even close...... Cherokee had the lead, then all these mysterious points magically showed up........ FRAUD! I say we should just give the Cherokee the win......Anyone who says otherwise is fired! 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩
  11. If Da Bears had Mike Ditka they would win it all. But they don’t, so the South will rise again. The Showboats are all show and no Go. Chattanooga opens up a big can of wampum whoopass on them and chops them down.
  12. Ok, I got the score wrong, but the margin of victory remains the same. Just call me Carnac!
  13. The oil pumps have gone dry. Fort Knox has this one in the bank 7-0.
  14. I see no problem with a stationary base for the QB when passing. I would include one magnetic and one that maybe had it’s prongs removed for anyone playing on a non-metal board. Like I said, you will play your games under your rules, while others will play with their rules, so they might use a magnetic base, or the one with the prongs removed or some other form. It’ll be up to them. Last time I played some games with passing sticks and others with passing dice. It all worked out in the end and the better teams usually won. Just for your info, my games were 15 play quarters (I usually play 20 plays per quarter but cut it down to be sure I got the games finished on time) I also have penalties and fumbles and played out the punts and kicked the field goals with my kickers. The best part was seeing the other coaches teams. Chris Fields had the best looking one. His Boston Stranglers were gorgeous.
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