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  1. Looking for a Tudor Origianl Teams Reference? Check out the collection of Leonard Gunderson at the National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum. LG’s Electric Football – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  2. Yeah, its hard to break up sets. From a collectibility stand point, most people want to keep a game set in as original condition as possible, Which makes it very hard for someone trying to restore a game set with missing parts to its original condition. I think there could be a good market for reproduction scoreboards. I wonder if Tudor has ever considered that.
  3. OK, Cool!! I guess they did print specific names to certain games. Always learning something new. I have a large collection of scoreboards but no specific Rams and Cowboys. I have a Dolphins and Redskins and a Dolphins and Vikings. Probably from Super Bowl VII and VIII games.
  4. I don't kow that there is a specific Redskins and Cowboys Stadium scoreboard. They were designed to use Team Name Inserts. It should have slots on each side of the printed names to accept inserts that were availaleto be purchaed separetely. Here is a partial Scoreboard reference that I have been working on to give you some idea of what vintage scoreboards were used. Scoreboards Reference.pdf
  5. The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum featured on the pigskindispatch.com podcast. https://pigskindispatch.com/home/Football-Fun-Facts/Football-Hobbies-and-Games/Electric-Miniature-Football
  6. Bill Moreno's "The '71 Vibe" featured on the Museum's Website. Hope you enjoy. The 71 Vibe – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  7. Awesome!! Look forward to following.
  8. Added quite a few hand painted custom teams to the Museum's Team Collection. Here are just a few sample of some of the teams added. Click the link to few more. Team Collections – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  9. Any uniforms from the 1960's NFL and AFL, that is my favorite era of the game, also the 1974 WFL and 1983-85 USFL.
  10. Today (8/12/2021) marks the second anniversary of the formation and incorporation of The National Electric Football Game Museum. We are the only museum in the country and the world that is solely devoted to the history and preservation of the best game and hobby ever ELECTRIC FOOTBALL!! Although we are only an online virtual museum today, our goal is eventually to be a place that you can actually visit, see our vast collection of games, figures, and art and experience playing the game on vintage, modern and custom game boards with vintage, modern and custom game pieces. The National Electric Football Game Museum
  11. The Buzzing Nostalgia and Furious Competition of Electric Football Tournaments (melmagazine.com)
  12. Find this excellent article from 2013 on the internet today. A great read!! Can electric football ever again create a buzz? | FOX Sports
  13. Not sure what you mean by solving the goal post problem. I have magnetic goal posts. I also have a 60" x 30" Canadian playing field that is scaled to 3/8" = 1 yd. I haven't played on it in a while. I also have a 1971 or 72 Munro Canadian edition vintage gameboard.
  14. Added this book to the permanent collection of the NEFGM Library. Here is a link to an excellent review of this book. Vintage Football Board Games Celebrated in New Book (sportscollectorsdaily.com)
  15. People complain about dead spots in the game boards, but it is those dead spots that make these types of plays happen. That is what I love about playing the game. The unpredictability of the play results. No matter how many times you may think you are setting up a play exactly as you did before, there is no quarantee that you are going to get the same result everytime.
  16. Well, it finally happened… – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  17. Freeze Frames. Need to ask on one of the electric football facebook groups.
  18. Very good idea!!! I have,seriously, been considering just that.
  19. Here is an article I did featuring EF artist Terry Popham: Terry Popham’s Detailing Guide for EF Artist – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  20. Do we really need an ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum? – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)
  21. Sometimes we just need a good laugh!! Great Moments In Electric Football History (theonion.com)
  22. In the NFL Goal posts were moved to the back of the end zone in 1974 in response to player safety and long distance field goals were becoming too common place. College football has always had the goal posts at the back of the end zone. That is why you often see game boards that have the holes at the back and on the goal line. It is usually just on the generic models. NFL models prior to 1974 (1967 - 1973) are usually the ones that only have the holes for the goal post at the front of the endzone.
  23. Nice!! Love seeing the vintage game boards still being used played on.
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