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  1. I love it!! Definity good for teaching kids how to play and inexpensive. Quick simple Game Play and using the spinner for passing and kicking is great for kids. I highly recommend!!
  2. Last year, I played a short game week in my Solitaire League using the Tudor Red Zone Game Board and played a similar to baseball inning format. 4 quarters - 1 drive per team/ per qtr. / 4 plays per possession. If the home team was ahead after the visiting team's possession in the 4th, the game was over. I did allow games to end in a tie, so no OT qtrs. It was fun and interesting.
  3. Awesome, thanks. No hurry, take your time.
  4. Cool game play format. Would like to have a copy of your rulebook when you get it written up to include in the Museum.
  5. I would try https://www.beenutt.com/. If you just want numbers be sure to tell him that. He usually does full team helmet logos, numbers, names, uniform stripes and socks.
  6. Yes, it would!!! Very Good Idea!! I thought about making a mold of these and reproducing some. Hmmm... Sounds like a trip to Hobby Lobby, LOL.
  7. Added these to the Museum Collections. Originally produced in 1983 with the smaller EF QB's. All hand painted except for the Helmet logos and jersey numbers which are waterslide decals.
  8. Yeah, just the way I have always done them. Something I like to call "motorcycle helmets" because they resemble full face motorcycle helmets. Started a long time because I just thought that is the way that Tudor had always done them, but I think that Miggle Toys started doing them like this in the 1990's when they went to "Made in China" figures. I have never liked the brass facemasks or any of the others that people use. To me, they just look out of proportion to the figures.
  9. The 2021-22 CFP Playoff teams I painted. Now I can replay the SEC Championship Game, the CFP Semi-Final Games and the National Championship Game. All hand painted Haiti Repro (HT-11-W) Figures.
  10. WOW!! That's really an ambitious project. Love it though!!
  11. Looking forward to this matchup!!! Sounds like it will be an exciting one.
  12. Nice!! Love the NFL lunch box and thermos!!!
  13. Very interesting video. American Football could probably work as a Subbuteo game. But the most interesting thing about electric football is that the players move independently of each other and if you play a multi-stop style of gameplay, you are making adjustments every 2-3 seconds anyway. Which also eliminated the need for directional tweaking. I still think Rugby could work as an electric football game and the more I think about it, with a multi-stop style of gameplay, it definitely could work.
  14. Great game report!! Thanks for posting.
  15. Great posts, guys!! Really enjoyed reading them. Interesting to hear how and what people in other areas of the country and around the world are doing to deal with this situation that just seems to not want to go away. My wife and I have been pretty lucky since we are retired and very rarely even have to go anywhere anymore. We still do but we both have been vaccinated and got boosters and try to follow all the guidelines and obey the mandates. I know that still does not mean we are 100% safe. We have family members who have had and are still getting it. Thankfully no close family member has died from it. My Son-in-Law did get a very serious case of it back in August of last year and was hospitalized for about 4 weeks but thankfully he did survive it. Love what you guys are doing with your electric football game play. I tell people all the time that there is no right or wrong way to play this game. The original creator of the game even encouraged people to change or add to the rules as necessary to make the game more interesting, fun and exciting to play. I have always said solitaire players are the most creative and innovative people in the game and hobby and always come up with the most interesting ways to play since they are only limited by their own imaginations and don't have to follow anybody else's rules but their own. The most important thing is to "just have fun and play the game!!"
  16. LOL. I mostly built display cases for museum exhibits. usually painted MDF. We had a saying "Bondo is our friend". I'm sure it will look good.
  17. Thanks for the posting. I m a retired woodworker and cabinet builder, so I enjoyed reading this. Yes, we need pictures!!!
  18. Thanks for posting. Eventually, I will probably get one to place in the museum. OR WOULD BE REALLY NICE.... (hint, hint) if someone would donate one to the Museum. 😁😁😁 Just kidding Seriously, though. Glad to see this review. I don't think I have heard anything negative about them and I see they are being used by a lot of very well-respected people in the game and hobby.
  19. Seems to me that in real football, defensive players are more concerned with trying to strip the ball from a ball carrier to create a fumble rather than actually tackling someone. Too often you will see a ball carrier gain another 5 yards or more or break a tackle simple because of the effort to punch the ball out rather than actually make a tackle.
  20. I like your style of play. On tackles I do require the forward progress of the ball carrier to be stopped to be considered down.
  21. All the Proline bases are good. I have used them all. Performance depends on your tweaking skills and what you want to get from them. I do very little tweaking. Just flashing and trying to get them to run straight.
  22. Cool that you have a Tennessee team, the Knoxville Pioneers. That will have to be the team, I follow!!!
  23. Probably a question you need to ask on the Facebook Group pages. There are several people producing and selling 3d-printed figures and accessories. Whether they would be willing to share those files or not is another question?
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