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Dogfish Head and Tudor Games Electric Football World Championships

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Dogfish Head Brewing and Tudor Games are excited to welcome you to watch or play Electric Football at the beautiful Dogfish Head Tasting Room and Kitchen in Milton, DE with friends old and new. Whether you are playing or watching, we truly hope you enjoy the experience! To play in the tournament, you must register by sending an email to info@tudorgames.com. Entry into the tournament is free and it's free to attend. The number of coaches that can play is limited, and coaches will be added on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending upon the number of coaches, we may be able to add additional coaches if drops occur prior to the tournament.

Friday February 3, Saturday February 4, Sunday February 5, 2023
Please note that the dates are firm, but times are subject to slight changes.


  • Pre-Season practice and Tailgate Party
  • Coaches Only: Check-in and game play training happens on Friday between the hours of noon and 6:00 pm
  • A Welcome and Tailgate Party will be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm


  • Division Play and beginning of Post-Season Play
  • Games begin at 8:00am and proceed throughout the day and evening
  • The Post-Season begins at 6:00pm and ends at 9:30pm, time and local regulations permitting


  • Final Rounds and Tournament Championship
  • Post-Season Play resumes at 8:00am ends with the Tournament Championship Game
  • Sunday play is intended to last until 1pm, so please plan accordingly if you are coming to watch!
  • Most of the action will happen in the morning, with the Championship planned to begin in the late morning to early afternoon.

Dogfish Head’s Tasting Room and Kitchen
6 Cannery Village Center
Milton, DE 19968
Call 1-888-8dogfish
For GPS purposes, please use 511 Chestnut St., Milton, DE 19968

Where to Stay
There are many hotels and inns in the area to choose from!
Free parking is provided at the event.

Brief Rules Overview

  • TOEPRO Rules will be used for this tournament.
  • Coaches will be assigned to Divisions by random drawing. The tournament is structured to allow you to play every coach in your Division at least once.
  • Each Player is matched to one Base and must remain so throughout the tournament.
  • Switching or bringing new Player/Base combinations into the tournament's subsequent rounds will result in forfeiture of all games (prior and future).
  • Play will take place on Tudor Games 2 foot x 4 foot Dogfish Head Ultimate Games.
  • Only Tudor Games branded products can be used in this tournament, with the exception of Third and Long footballs.
  • No weight may be added to players - thin tape may be used to secure the Player to the Base, if desired.
  • Standard Haiti Repro size players, Uni-Forms on Haiti Repro players, and older Haiti and Hog Legs players are allowed.
  • No 67 Big Men or other figures may be used in this tournament.
  • The maximum number of player figures on your team is 48.
  • The Coach's packet contains all information needed regarding the rules for this event.
  • Rules questions? Contact our Tournament Director listed in the Packet - available to download from the site.

A subset of accessories and supplies will be available for sale at the Tudor Store on-site at the tournament.
See our Website for more information!

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