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  1. The HULK would make an excellent Running Back.
  2. Hey Coach, Our Indiegogo Campaign is over, but you can now pre-order Uni-Forms directly from our website at a discount! Just place an order like normal, and the Uni-Forms you order will automatically be put on backorder and shipped out in October the first day Uni-Forms are available. Thanks for your support! https://tudorgames.com/nfl/uni-forms-nfl-action-figures.html
  3. This is an awesome idea coach! I'd love to put something like this into production. If you have some free time, keep developing this idea, I'd love to see a more fleshed out proposal. I could definitely see this bringing in a younger crowd to the game. We're always looking for passionate Electric Football fans to partner with us to evolve the hobby, for example: https://tudorgames.com/passing-sticks-set.html
  4. Hello Electric Football Nation! We're excited to announce our new line of Electric Football figures called Uni-Forms! Uni-Forms are kits that include a set of Haiti Repros with pre-painted skin tones and platforms, 5 sheets of Uni-Forms pre-cut film that you apply to the figures, one or two wooden tools, and instructions. We think the biggest benefit of Uni-Forms to our great hobby is that we're not just creating home and away teams for the NFL, we're creating an amazing selection of NFL team uniforms -- and College teams -- and we're going all-in on Alternates, Classics, Color Rush, and vintage throwback Uni-Forms too! We want to thank our beta testers for their amazing feedback and assistance in making Uni-Forms great! Visit our Uni-Forms page on our website, and please pre-order here on our crowdfunding partner site, Indiegogo. Uni-Forms are made with a 50-micron self-adhesive film that’s thinner than a human hair. The pre-cut film panels expertly conform to our Haiti Repro molded football figures delivering amazingly realistic results without the time, expense, and skill required in custom painting. Shading and highlights give the figures depth and realism. We've also included uniform numbers in three different sizes for the front, back, and shoulders! We’re launching an entirely new way of making football miniatures and creating a dynamic new era of Electric Football where every fan's dream can become a reality! New technology means our Uni-Forms kits will give you what you've been asking for: every uniform from any era of NFL football and the addition of College Football teams to our product line. Uni-Forms are less expensive, easier, and faster to apply than painting your own teams. They're also a fraction of the cost you'd pay a custom miniature painting service. Now you can collect more teams, more players, coach more teams, and do it all in style! Please visit our Indiegogo page to pre-order and learn more about these new figures. Pre-ordering your teams gives you advanced availability to the teams and uniform styles you want most! It also helps us secure the resources, equipment, and materials we need to make them for you. We anticipate October availability for Uni-Forms. -The Tudor Games Team
  5. I love this idea! I'll get the ball rolling and see if we can figure something out. I'm thinking we could release a special field cover with Canadian Football lines so that any Tudor board can be converted into a CFL compatible board. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hey Coaches! We have some exciting news to share! You can now rep your favorite hobby and let the world know you are a passionate Electric Football coach with our brand new line of Tudor Games merchandise. There are already over 10 unique designs to choose from and more are being added every day! Pick your favorite design and your new T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, Bag, or Hat will be custom printed and delivered by our industry-best printing partner. All of our apparel is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and uses only the highest quality materials. There is even an option to customize your merchandise with league names, team names, coach names, and more! Head over to our merch shop and take advantage of the 15% discount on all apparel this weekend! Sale starts 6-4-2021 and ends 6-7-2021 TUDOR - Wyatt
  7. Hey Geo, Great question! While we are working on restocking those specific letter decals, were also working on a completely new line of products that will feature name lettering! I can't get into the details yet, but new Jersey Letters are on the horizon. -Wyatt
  8. My #1 Tip is when you squeegee out the soapy water from underneath the field cover start at the 50 yard line and work your way 5 yards at a time towards the end-zone on all four corners. The worst thing that can happen is sealing the edge of the field cover while there is an air bubble behind it. Slow and steady wins the race, you don't get second chances! Here is the video the guys are referencing:
  9. Version 1.0.0


    The pages in this play book contain all kinds of information vital to planning and organizing a successful scheme for your Electric Football team to run. A football team plays the way it thinks. This is how we think. Included in this playbook are: 1. Basic information about our formation and positions. 2. A rundown of fundamental plays and defenses. 3. Brief notes on philosophy of strategy and tendencies. 4. A lexicon of terminology. You are responsible for all the information in this book. You can’t play the game if you don’t understand it, so come back to this book again and again. Listen in on the meetings concerning rules and procedures, take notes when you need to and study hard. If you want to win, you have to pay the price. Don’t beat yourself! Be smart! * * * * * * * * * This book is property of the football team. It shall be kept on your person, in a locked room or in the trunk of your car. With increased base performance you can achieve many combinations as seen in football. This playbook throughout will illustrate how to run plays as diagrammed in a football playbook with basic directional movement or provide an electric football equivalent to it.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Every league sets their own rules and style of play. We will be adding more rules as they are submitted from different leagues. Coaches, You have now put together your Tudor Games Electric Football set. Now is the time to play it “just like football”. This rulebook will give any electric football coach or league that wishes to play electric football with a ruleset and gameplay just like American football an opportunity to so. I read an entire professional football rule book (every rule, section and article) and put it into a version for electric football. This rulebook highlights the rules, laws, timekeeping measures and scaled distances of professional football. We want coaches to play it. The game can be played with the new scoreboard app or a scoreboard clock. In this gameplay, just as it in football, the defensive coach has to defend the field. The offense does not give away the play until it is time to execute. The offensive coach controls the time, read blocking schemes and have an array of passing skills. Special teams are important and included. Played to scaled distances. Returns are possible also. The game moved along quickly and it started with this simple yet profound component. That is, “the OFFENSE knows how and where it wants to attack”. Read the rule book, examine each procedure and try it. Korin “Kit” Kinchen Coach, TOEPRO-Football
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Download the assembly instructions and basic rules included with each Electric Football game. Inside, you will find instructions on setting up your board, tips on how to get the most out of your game, and detailed rules to follow. There are even scorecards printed on the last page. Download for free and prepare for battle on the electric gridiron!
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