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  1. Nice topic... I would have to say blocking. I use a lot of spread formations with WR instead of TE. I try to throw OLB's blitzing off with slot WR's. I plan to use more singleback Ace formations and add some strong TE's in my base offense now.
  2. I'm late to the party but glad to see the forum like the old days when I returned back in 1997.

    1. 3rdnLongFootballs


      Some of the best league history I have ever seen....wow

    2. Long island EFL

      Long island EFL

      Thank you so much. We have a story like all leagues! It is amazing that we have all been brought together!  Peace and Love!

    3. Long island EFL
  4. I would like to find a method as well where I can play a few plays per game and let cards or scenarios move the game along. I think overall I would play the crucial downs or just a few per drive. Love this topic
  5. I just saw a post from Glenn Mishoe where the APW is based on a calculation of that actual player and I'm loving....Definitely want to try this out... You take the weight of the player and multiply by either 125% or 150% ( I like 150) then multiply by 1% Now keep in mind he is using actual players in the league past or present. Love it
  6. Typically the OLB need to be fast for blitzing from the outside. This is why they were coined "loopers" because the base has to loop in. I like my MLB's to be average speed and strong. They need to help the DL in case they are getting pushed back by an OL and RB combo. They should also run straight to hit gaps.
  7. Do you have the 3rd and Long Precision Footballs? Would love to see videos of coaches passing 🏈
  8. That ultimate board is running NICE!!! What motor is that?
  9. LOVE LOVE seeing the forum going strong!! Be sure to pick up your Precision Brown Footballs!!🏈
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