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I just thought id share the way i play solitaire....a game will typically take me an hour to hour and half at most....i play 10 plays per qt....i use a regular dice ( 1-6) ...for passes...field goals and punts ...examples ...to complete a pass u have to roll 4 or better to an open receiver....if you roll a 1 it is an interception to the closest defender to the intended receiver.....a punt is simply the rolled number of the dice ...3 = 30 yd punt....etc.....field goals are same way....punts and fg is measured from the line of scrimmage not the kicker.....each offensive play ...i determine run or pass at the start...i like to run and typically just pass on 3rd down or if the team is behind...but u can pass on any down....i run 1 back spread offense....straight t ....or 2 back....i sometimes get creative on pass plays ( formation wise ) but only 4 men can be behind the line on offense ......on a pass play the qb can drop back 15 yds and can be turned 1 time...the pass must b called before he gets to the line...i stop the game and roll the dice...if i roll a 4 or better and the rec is not touched on completion then i turn the game on and finish the play....typically scores are something like 21 to 17 on average....and again it takes about an hour to hour and a half to play...because it is pretty much straight ahead football and no fancy loops or twists.




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on a kickoff....the receiving team can start with their runner on the 2...the first line of receiving team is on the 50....tje kickoff team is lined on their own 40...i have found this opens up the game and allows for good field position and helps the score be realistic considering their is only 40 plays total in a game...the kickoffs...extra points...punts all count as a play too.


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Usually, just games are more popular and the ones that include a team have such forums and it's quite sad. For all the solitaire lovers out here, do you play these games for hours and hours without realizing how the time passes, or am I the only one here? Of course, this doesn't happen daily but anyways it gets so addictive and I am worried that if the game disappears for any reason, I will be really furstrated.

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