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  1. I use toothpicks exclusively Great for detail, spreading paint, and manipulating decals. For finer details, take a pen knife and shave the point of the toothpick.
  2. Are you asking how much it would cost to buy the figures, labels, and paint and do them yourself? Maybe around $100 and many hours of your time.
  3. Before you do that, I would try the simplest route. a damp cloth or Kleenex will remove dirt and grime. Rub gently and be careful not to rub off the paint. If that doesn't help, then move on to chemical cleaners. a little Goo Gone will take of sticky number residue.
  4. It does look a little bright, but the paint job is very clean. Well done. You could always try mixing it with a couple drops of black. Not ideal, but sometimes it's tough to find the shade you're looking for.
  5. Kinda looks like Friday Night Lights, not the NFL...
  6. The Rams are pretty bad. Just go back to the 80's - Eric Dickerson era...
  7. They kinda do look like the Mean Machine.
  8. A team inspired by Pink Floyd's The Wall. Logo on the helmet is the Marching Hammers. I did these shortly after I did the Van Halen teams...just looking to try something new.
  9. By the 90's they started to get pretty bad
  10. This post reminded me of the Oregon and Oregon State teams I did a long time ago.
  11. Thought about doing an all blue Union Jacks team but never found the time. Maybe some day I'll get around to it...
  12. My favorite is the 660 board in the lower right. I have a couple of them including a TOC board with a 660 Super Bowl cover.
  13. mccaber

    New field

    Everything looks great!
  14. I second that. Saints would be great, along with all red Chiefs, orange jersey Bears, all gray Seahawks, and all black Ravens
  15. All of the new team designs looks great. Titans Patriots Browns Rams (Blue/Blue) (Blue/Yellow) Jets Chargers
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