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Home field advantage


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Does anyone give the home team any kind of advantage,or just play the game normally. I’m thinking of using one of these:

1) giving the home team a 3 point lead to start     

2) giving them the second half kick off and possession at the opponents 25      

3) two attempts at field goals 

4) two attempts at passes longer than 30 yards.

Any thoughts on this or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks coaches 





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In my solitaire league the home team automatically wins the coin toss to start the game and thus they gain the usual choices.

I toyed with many of the ideas you listed but decided to just go with auto winning the coin toss.

some ideas not on your list:

•home team gets an extra pivot.
•home team gets extra timeouts.

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Shawn great question! In our league we always give home field advantage according to the NFL schedule and the home team. The home team gets the ball first. We only play 30 minute regular season games, with 40 second set-ups in a seven game season for 32 teams, with two half's of electric football. We switch sides at the half and it works great with the clock. It's the post season where the games are 60-minutes.

We are finding that when you build a highly competitive league, it doesn't give the great defenses in your league a great disadvantage. This season more than ever, the Long Island Electric Football League through the Draft has changed the level of competition in the game and the coaches understand how to prepare. We would imagine that in a solitaire league as long as the power of the league is built right, that home field advantage may have less of an impact to the visiting team. Thanks for sharing the question!

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In our league, each team has its own actual field, so there's a natural home field advantage in sense that you get to know the quirks of your own board much better.

Last season the breakdown was:

Bills (me) early 600 Sports Classic 

NY Giants Blue late 660

NY Giants White Ultimate (team folded 2/3 of the way in)

Albany Pop Warner Titans 610 Miggle Super Bowl

Lions 610 AFC field

Broncos '67 620

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A very thought provoking discussion. I had a similar idea to TOEPRO's crowd simulation idea. How about a five yard false start penalty against the visiting team at a point in the game of the home team's chosing? I'm considering this for my league thanks to this discussion! 

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