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  1. They do https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/uni-forms-amazing-nfl-miniatures-without-painting#/ Check it out. 👍🏾
  2. The book for making the TOEPRO Passers And KickerS (PAKs) Version 3 is here. PLUS the magnetized base. Make them for yourself, your friends and your leagues.TOEPRO-Football PAKs V3 with Magnetized Base.pdf
  3. There are two playbooks on the website. The Strategy Guide and Electric Football Playbook, print only the pages of the formations you need and draw the plays to your liking. https://tudorgames.com/how-to-play/playing-the-game.html 👍🏾
  4. Booklet located on this forum discussion. Good luck and follow the directions.
  5. It’s used in TOEPRO Football and on the advanced gameplay field properly scaled.
  6. Try this drill with your TOEPRO Passer NBT Drill.mp4
  7. Once your TTQB is configured with the passing hand like this tilt the ball 45 degrees and throw it to a target half the distance to the receiver and pass the ball like a real quarterback does like this... NBT 20 Yards 480 30p.mp4
  8. Dear TOEPRO Football Family, I need your help to convince “the boss” that offering officially licensed, NFL field covers in TOEPRO Football dimensions would be great option. Contact them via email at: support@tudorgames.com and help with the cause. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Sample wording: Dear Tudor Games Electric Football, Please consider creating official NFL Field Cover Kits in TOEPRO Football size for the Ultimate Electric Football Games. Tudor Games is a global, National Football League licensed company that innovates when there is a demand or leads the way in providing what is the future in electric football. TOEPRO-Football is a future advancing method of playing electric football that has advanced gameplay field standards as per its Manual. The inbounds dimensions of an American football field are 160 x 360 feet. TOEPRO Football, advanced gameplay field inbound dimensions are 20 x 45 inches. On an Ultimate Electric Football field (Model 9024-A or 9024-B), these dimensions are the proper scale, correct ratio in addition to providing sideline area for additional players. I would like the field to exactly replicate an actual NFL field relative to the player’s abilities on it. Making this option available to coaches will provide the “ultimate” electric football experience. Respectfully, (Your Name)
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