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  1. Quick kick in football; in TOEPRO Football. 👍🏾
  2. The edited video. Short pass over the middle and quick tackle. 👍🏾 IMG_2389.MOV
  3. Inside TOEPRO Football When you break EF down, it should look like football. I made EF videos over my return to the hobby and one thing it solidified was TOEPRO Football is football on an Electric Field. By closely video editing each phase an EF scrimmage, we are more than convinced, it’s undisputed that this looks like what we see on TV. Phase 1: SETUP Phase 2: SNAP/RUN Phase 3: ACTION Phase 4: COMPLETION I used the IMovie App on my iPhone check it out. Setup: Capture 1-2 seconds of video just before you start the play. This show the play versus scheme paradigm TOEPRO Football is famous for. Split transition Snap/Run: Capture the snap or running phase of the play and mark when the motion generator stops. Add .5 seconds to the cut end of it. Dissolve transition .5 seconds Action: Capture .5 seconds prior the actual PASS or KICK and .5 seconds following the stoppage of the ball. Give slow motion of 1/8 speed. Split transition Competition: Capture only the running phase(s) of the play and mark when the motion generator stops. Add 2 seconds to the last of it. THAT IS THE DOWN IMG_2388.MOV My friends at Electric Football FAT 8 Conference and MPFL FOOTBALL have done video editing of plays for years and it’s through the editing process we see what football looks like. Solitaire EF Coaches and Real Coaches using film study who can break down phases of a play know that also. The question is when you break your EF gameplay video down, delete the Coach adjustments and put it back together, does it look like what you see in football? If not, try EF gameplay that does. From my days as a kid, I offer you this. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  4. Love the franchise (both home and away teams) setup. 👍🏾
  5. Thank you @The Major, The credit goes to @nefgm.org for posting it on the website. I just reported the findings.
  6. Inside TOEPRO Football When you have erred, apologize. Thanks to The National Electric Football Game Museum. I wrote an Inside TOEPRO Football article some time ago on Facebook about what if Tudor Games over seventy years ago considered the “at the snap” principles instead of what we largely play today. The only things we would have needed is players and a football. THEY DID…IN THE BEGINNING TUDOR GAMES, I APOLOGIZE Moreover, when I was a kid, it was considered PROFESSIONAL Electric Football. So from now on I will work to emphasize that Mr. Norman Sas and the crew got it right “the first time” and it was “US” WHO VIOLATED THIS LAW AND DISTORTED THE ORIGINAL RULES THE LAW HAD. I will hold myself accountable and notwithstanding my desire to revolutionize the gameplay to the rules, rights and privileges of American professional football via the National Football League rules, the “at the snap LAW OF FOOTBALL” was there, in the beginning…WE FAILED TO KEEP IT ALIVE. I will advocate tirelessly to advance the gameplay by primarily returning to the basics. TUDOR GAMES, I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE From my days as a kid, I offer you this. Korin “Kit” Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  7. True @zak99b5 and how we as Coaches run plays to feature that talent is what TOEPRO Football is about. Understanding the defense has talented players also. 👍🏾
  8. Inside TOEPRO Football Less is more I was always trying to figure out how to do more with less. How to adapt and overcome. The answer to somethings are right in front of us. In TOEPRO Football, the defense couldn’t replace players so my secondary coverage had disguise itself but also move forward to make plays. Furthermore, replacing the on field QB for a standstill counted as an audible that didn’t want to waste on a play nor did I want to spend on additional players to achieve this objective. In the “20 yards of fame” all kinds of things are happening but I don’t want to spend on things not in football to achieve this. The old TTC base had it all the time. The dial tab, seen as a throw away attachment, was the answer right in front of me. Steps: 1. Tweaked the base to go forward as desired. 2. Turn the dial 180 degrees. 3. Squeeze the dial tab a little. This increases the dial tab length. Do it until all the prongs come in contact with the surface when closely viewed from the side. 4. Rotate dial forward to notice tab no longer touches the field (because of the slightly forward tilt of the base). This allowed for dial motion (directional and standstill) without additional things added. Now my QB can roll out or stay in the pocket without purchasing another player and my safeties can stay in cover 2 or can sneak down for run support. All with one base. FullSizeRender.mov Now I can save money to buy something else. From my days as a kid, I offer you this. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  9. All others: With a toothpick, in the direction of desired travel, nudge the player or place it underneath the base, then move the player forward of it. IMG_2366.MOV 👍🏾 If a friendly game, just eyeball it.🤓🤣
  10. ❓Great question asked by a Coach: How do you ensure your player footprint placement during adjustments are correct? On offense QB: Just nudge the onfield QB with the PQB, then remove QB. IMG_2365.MOV
  11. Inside TOEPRO Football Plays are independent from formations. Basic to football, plays are coach’s method to execute to advance the ball. They are unknown to the defensive team until the play starts. It surprises us. Huh, US?Yes, US!!! The defense, the Coach and the fans watching, everyone. In EF it should surprise you also because although you sought the opening and created the play, the defensive scheme is unknown to you. Run plays fall into these types. BOOT, COUNTER, DIVE, DRAW, END AROUND, LEAD, SNEAK, SWEEP and TOSS. Pass plays fall into these types. ARROW, CURL, DIG, FADE, FLAG, FLAT, GO, IN, OUT, POST, SCREEN, SLANT and WHEEL.A recent Coach (TOEPRO Football fan) stated it best when commenting (in part): I'm slowly learning that the hundreds of formations are all variants of a much smaller number of specific types of formations, and that the formula for a play/scheme is the formation + the movement and actions of players + reacting to whatever the opponent does (something that's not always clear to non-football players - it never really occurred to me they were INDEPENDENT from one another). It's far less complicated than it first seems…. …The challenge is knowing why one formation is better than another for rushing, passing or misdirection, and that's when you have to just study the playbook and realize that football is as much a mental game as it is a physical one.He’s correct. By playing TOEPRO Football, you call the play, derived from the formation and live with the results. It’s that “independence” that surprises us and in TOEPRO Football, it can. From days as a kid, I offer you this. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  12. Inside TOEPRO Football Seek understanding, then seek to be understood. The great thing about playing under TOEPRO Football is we don’t have to debate the rules of football. They exist on another document (NFL Rulebook). No one disputes that, so the real issue is how to achieve it on a electric football field? We kick around things like: 🏈Law of football. 🏈Fair play doctrine. 🏈Static vs dynamic equivalency. 🏈Higher level scenarios. Let’s break it down. 🏈The law of football-an EF process that follow natural events in football. 👉🏾It is four things that if you do it in your EF, you will have the same thing that football has at the snap or kick. 1️⃣Both teams are onside 2️⃣The offense is in a legal formation 3️⃣The defense schemes based on that formation 4️⃣The offense knows how and where they want to attack We follow these steps on all downs to create the first time ever articulated reasoning why EF could be just like football. 🏈Fair play doctrine-the principles of gameplay procedures, and equipment providing equal opportunity for success as the event progress. 👉🏾Not just “both teams will have the ball so we give you a chance to unfair” but a close look at rights and privileges during the down. 🏈Static vs dynamic equivalency-the sequential order of actions providing an appearance of events as if they are real-time. 👉🏾Electric Football is a turn-based, electro-mechanical board game. We give a sense of what happens while protecting the hierarchy of the processes inherent to the gameplay. 🏈Higher level scenarios-the toughest of two or more actions leading to follow on actions. 👉🏾There are many ways to achieve an event (Ex. passing, defensive coverage) in electric football. We seek the most basic and challenging methods. Understanding leagues may choose easier practices for beginners until their skill increases, we wanted to apply “the KISS principles” but challenge the best. TOEPRO Football is as one leader in the military told me. “Understand Corporal, you do it already. We just put a name on it and let you do what comes natural to you.” If you have a basic understanding of football, then you can play TOEPRO Football. I know this. If you play it, you will gain a higher understanding of rules/strategy of it. That’s no doubt. From days as a kid, I offer you this. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  13. Inside TOEPRO Football Attack just like the NFL does. The offense creating the play still has a contested scheme and starts completely within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Standstill QBs face heat and drop-back QBs face longer throws. Most passes are within the “twenty yards of fame”. The area where schemes and plays are most determinative. Extending the play comes with risks like ineligible receiver downfield forcing runs or sacks. So be decisive because a pass play is set usually in 1.0 to 2.0 seconds, if it can read it that fast. From days as a kid, I offer you this. Kit Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Professional Football on an Electric Field
  14. Coaches, I sometimes practiced schemes and plays by myself as a kid to prepare for competition in my neighborhood league. This, in my later years, became known to me as “Solitaire Gameplay”. TOEPRO Football is no exception to this case and the same philosophy will be applied to it. Only teams and a football will determine the fate of the game. The offense will select its plays and act as an offense does. We build your confidence in passing, punting and kicking the ball because the ball must fly. We have created a “tiered results” for beginners to keep play moving along. A defense will scheme and react also. The variable is an item used in football...a coin. The rules are the same as it relates to gameplay. Leading to an understanding of the laws, rules, rights and privileges of American professional football contained within the TOEPRO Football Manual. Playing TOEPRO Football at the advanced level with another coach is the ultimate method. We placed a quick reference to play against a friend, but if you can’t, here is the next best thing until you find someone. Enjoy and have fun. From my days as a kid, I offer you this, Korin “Kit” Kinchen Commissioner, TOEPRO Football Solitare and Reference Booklet-The Official Electric Playing Rules Of-Football 2021.pdf
  15. So sorry for the delay response. TOEPRO Football is about playing with teams and footballs. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just make beginner results (three attempts, bouncing, etc). You’ll get better soon or try making a TOEPRO Passer with a low-velocity release. That’s what I play with. 👍🏾
  16. Most downs in football actually take about 15 seconds but the emphasis was on a clock-chewing, inbound ending running or passing game. See updated chart. 👍🏾
  17. As I review the rules of football there may be updated versions. Give me your thoughts on this updated version. Game-Timing-Countdown-and-Stat-Sheet.pdf
  18. As I review the rules of football there may be updated versions. Give me your thoughts on this.
  19. Here’s a great way to time your game. Set up a fifteen-minute clock (or other time) just you would any other. Following a scrimmage down, free kick down or fair catch kick down, the clock will advance: 🏈 1 minute-unless following below occurred. 🏈 15 seconds-if, following the down a: •charged time out is called, •forward pass is incomplete, •SPIKE/KNEEL play down, •penalty is accepted, •runner goes out of bounds or •change of possession occurs. 🏈 None-if: •free kick down touchback or kicking team recovery. •Try (kick, run or pass). If after the play results with time outs exhausted or not used and no time is left, the quarter is over. If at 0:00 and a charged time out is used, the clock will show 0:01 and are giving one play. This will allow for you to see a clock run down but still get in special teams play. Also, it’s exciting for that final game-winning drive. Great for video of solitaire games, coach-on-coach competition and it is complying with the rules football. This is so cool that it MAYBE added to the TOEPRO Football Manual (Rule 4 of course) and to TOEPRO Football for Tudor Games Version. 😉 I may make a chart to track the game, stats and time for video references. Enjoy
  20. They do https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/uni-forms-amazing-nfl-miniatures-without-painting#/ Check it out. 👍🏾
  21. The book for making the TOEPRO Passers And KickerS (PAKs) Version 3 is here. PLUS the magnetized base. Make them for yourself, your friends and your leagues.TOEPRO-Football PAKs V3 with Magnetized Base.pdf
  22. There are two playbooks on the website. The Strategy Guide and Electric Football Playbook, print only the pages of the formations you need and draw the plays to your liking. https://tudorgames.com/how-to-play/playing-the-game.html 👍🏾
  23. Booklet located on this forum discussion. Good luck and follow the directions.
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