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My Apologies Tudor Games

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

When you have erred, apologize. 

Thanks to The National Electric Football Game Museum. 

I wrote an Inside TOEPRO Football article some time ago on Facebook about what if Tudor Games over seventy years ago considered the “at the snap” principles instead of what we largely play today.  The only things we would have needed is players and a football. 




Moreover, when I was a kid, it was considered PROFESSIONAL Electric Football.  


So from now on I will work to emphasize that Mr. Norman Sas and the crew got it right “the first time” and it was “US” WHO VIOLATED THIS LAW AND DISTORTED THE ORIGINAL RULES THE LAW HAD.

I will hold myself accountable and notwithstanding my desire to revolutionize the gameplay to the rules, rights and privileges of American professional football via the National Football League rules, the “at the snap LAW OF FOOTBALL” was there, in the beginning…WE FAILED TO KEEP IT ALIVE.

I will advocate tirelessly to advance the gameplay by primarily returning to the basics.


From my days as a kid, I offer you this.

Korin “Kit” Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football 
Professional Football on an Electric Field


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According to Wikipedia -

Quick kicks are relatively rare in American football, but they have never completely disappeared. Notable quick kicks in college football include one performed by Tate Forcier of the University of Michigan against the University of Notre Dame on September 12, 2009,[1] and a 54-yard punt by Kellen Moore of Boise State University against Louisiana Tech on October 26, 2010.[2]

In the NFL, quarterback Randall Cunningham made 20 quick kicks during his career.[3] Ben Roethlisberger has five quick kicks for a career net average of 24.2 yards per kick, two of which went for touchbacks.[4] New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady performed a quick kick punt on a third and ten against the Denver Broncos in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs, on January 14, 2012.[5]

Quick kicks were a much more frequent occurrence in the original XFL during its lone season in 2001. This was because the XFL permitted kicking teams to recover and advance their own punts provided they travelled a minimum of 25 yards. XFL teams usually attempted quick kicks in third and long situations.

The rule is there for my solitaire play since I mainly follow the NFL rules but can't say that I have ever used it.  Still nice to have the option though. 

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First off, thanks for posting the old rulebooks. Watching multi-stop games drives me crazy. 

We had a game where a coach executed a successful quick kick. His QB was running out of the pocket toward the sideline, and turned the switch off to attempt a pass. To his chagrin, he only had one receiver open, and was triple-covered. So, he replaced his QB figure with the TTQB and announced "Quick Kick" which prompted the official to place the goalposts on the field. The kick sailed though the uprights from the left sideline about 35 yards out. The coach starting whooping it up like he had just thrown a touchdown pass!

The other times we have attempted it, it just hasn't worked out. It's one of the JOEFL's most memorable plays. 

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Hi all,

This is something I've been thinking about for awhile. In my upcoming 7-man solitaire league, I plan on having quick kicks/punts as an option. There are going to be a couple of factors that should theoretically encourage it:

1) 50 Yard x 85 Feet (42" x 18" IRL) Fields, 10/12 Yard Scoring End Zones, and Fewer Players = Spacing will be more spread out in many regards compared to the 11 Man Game.

2) Rebound Nets, 'nuff said. 😁

3) Punts count as Field Goals if they go through the uprights, also 'nuff said.

4) All Kicks, including Punts and missed Field Goals that remain in play, are recoverable by any team. Similar to the Arena Footbal League rules, except I'll also include Sideboard-touching kicks, since plastic doesn't usually get concussions. 😊

5) Eligibility and Intentional Grounding Rules: in my League, presnap the coach must pick 4 Offensive players to be eligible receivers (Green Bases) and 3 to be ineligible (Red Bases), and they can be ANY position including QB. Red Bases cannot cross the line of scrimmage while carrying the ball (except on fumble recoveries).

Passing can only be attempted if there is an unengaged Green Base or if it's a Hail Mary pass to the Rebound net (which becomes kind of like a passing stick ruleset); no throw aways are allowed, there's no game clock so spiking is illegal/pointless, and there's no "tackle box" nor "safe incompletion areas" near the sidelines like in the NFL and College- it's all-time Intentional Grounding, baby!

The cumulative result is that a Red Base QB with no unengaged Greens also cannot rush/scramble. He must therefore either take a coverage sack, throw a Hail Mary (which risks an Intentional Grounding if it misses the net or goes through the Uprights....yeah I'm going to be pretty harsh lol) or perform a Quick Kick (which doesn't risk a penalty, counts as 3 points if it goes through the uprights, and could theoretically keep the drive alive if one of his teammates breaks free or is an unengaged Red Base).

6) All-time TTQBs: while this may change if I ever decide to try out passing sticks or something similar, I would like to keep all figures on the field for the duration of the play, so QBs should preferably be TTQBs in this regard. If I do end up allowing mid-play figure swaps though, it actually opens up the option to allow Quick Kicks from any player at any point on the field a la Canadian Football. 🤔

Let me know if there are other possible factors in your gameplay that would encourage Quick Kicks. 😁

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58 minutes ago, NO Dave said:

I'm looking at using green bases on offensive linemen only in my leagues. I think this will make it easier when teaching formations and setup. 

That's a great idea. I was originally going to do different colors based on position group when I first started, there's certainly no shortage of colors to utilize. 😊

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@NO Dave

In TOEPRO Football that “Quick Kick FG” could have been legal, if the offense:

1. Ran the first phase of the play at least one second before pausing the down.

2. Announced what type of KICK (punt/field goal) with the ability to kick (within 5 seconds) within the prescribed distance (66 yards from opponent goal) and

3. The PQB/KQB had the same number as the on field QB.




1. Rule 7-4 False Start   

2. Rule 9-1 Scrimmage Kick Procedures 

3. Rule 5-2 Illegal Substitution

We cover it all in advanced gameplay.

Coaches should know every rule to use to their advantage.  In that case, although legal, in TOEPRO Football, they would have had to be quick and used the right-numbered player.

Good stuff Coach

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