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  1. Hi all, I first have to apologize, as unfortunately I am probably going to have to sit this season out. I'm still saving up extra money for a board but I probably won't have it in until February and I don't want to hold you guys up. January has been a rough month in my company, and I've had a lot of rainout days since the beginning of December (I work in construction). If anything changes I'll let you all know, but it looks like there are at least a few more coaches that are in since I first responded so that's good.
  2. I caught a clip of it on YouTube. It was kind of an odd hybrid of the A11 and the classic Swinging Gate lol. I hope to see more, but successful this time. 😆
  3. I've also been kicking around the idea, at least on the 3-4 Liquid, of giving ALL the Linebacker positions some sort of nickname, besides the typical Sam Mike Will Jack name schemes. Since the formation is meant to be flexible and makes a lot of pre-snap and on-the-fly adjustments, Strong and Weak side aren't quite as important as Left and Right side. What do you guys think about that?
  4. Hahahaha that would be awesome. I also have some mini Cowboys and Indians from my childhood, so with a little finagling I could also have a "Chiefs" vs "Cowboys" game for an April Fool's joke this year. 😆
  5. Good idea, line them up right at both A Gaps between the Guards and Center. You could also leave it like NEFGM has it and cheat up the MLB to within a yard or two of the back of the OLBs/PR/CL baseplates (I'm going to colloquially call them all "Edge Rushers" going forward 😆), especially if the MLB has a good balance of strength and speed in his base. Another aspect of this formation that I don't think I explicitly outlined before, is that it also allows you to throw out Nickel and Dime packages without having to actually set up a Nickel or Dime. You can start out like this, then in your pre snap adjustment start sliding LBs and a couple Edge Rushers into the seams for coverage.
  6. Wow, that's a sweet looking board! Unfortunately I am going to be stuck with a stock 2' x 4' field for now - eventually I will try to make a monster though. 😁 I am making a 42" x 18" (5/8" per yard - this makes Regular figs 6'2" and Bigmen around 6'6") 50 yard field out of 24 gauge galvanized steel and some 2x4s. The last things I'm waiting on for that one are some motors and a field cover - I'm not sure if I should just drop the $80+ bucks on a Tudor 2 motor rig or try to wire my own with those motors that go in video game controllers. 🤔
  7. PERFECT! That's exactly what I was trying to diagram. I hope to try these out and make some tweaks as I go. I'm getting a full sized board and at least two 11 man teams together after the holidays. The first Offense I test them out against will obviously be the A11. 😁
  8. Sorry, I meant a base with a magnet underneath for stationary DBs, LBs, and QBs. Some coaches hate them, and some play with plastic fields so they're moot.
  9. Let me know how they work out for you. The main thing is to make sure you swap around the OLBs, PRs, and CLs for Blitzes and Coverages respectfully. Otherwise it's basically a 4-3 or 3-4 with standing DEs, and no one will be confused at all. 😆
  10. Hi all, After many discussions of the A11 Offense in the past few weeks, I tasked myself with coming up with a couple of possible Defensive equivalent/counter formations. The main criteria is that the formations had to obfuscate who is actually Blitzing or Covering without having to make tons of major pre-snap motions and adjustments. I also decided to keep at least 1 true "Lineman", as while the New England 0-4-7 looked cool, I feel it was kind of cheating (not to mention overselling on the pass). However, I also think that these formations would be great for Electric Football (A11 or otherwise), since on the face of it there's little to no difference between figures and capabilities compared to the specialized capabilities of flesh-and-blood Linebackers, Safeties, Corners, and D-Linemen. Therefore, I present the "Liquid" series of Defenses- one for a 4-3 configured scheme, and another for a 3-4 configured scheme. The spacings are a bit exaggerated, but I may revise them later and put up an Offense for reference. Let me know what you think, if there's any suggestions or modifications you can think of, etc. -PK
  11. Assuming I get my board in time, I'm game. I'm going to order one after I finish Christmas shopping. I have two quick questions: are Mag-bases allowed (obviously while keeping the figs under 4 grams) and should we include TTQB/Passing figures?
  12. Awesome, I actually know how to use PowerPoint! 😆 How do you scale the yard lines and such?
  13. Also, I'm planning to submit the designs to Tutor for a quote, so if Doug or anyone else knows what their preferences in file size, format, etc are I will be happy to oblige. 😁
  14. Hi all, For those of you who have designed Custom Field Covers, what programs did you use? I'm currently trying to use Inkscape, but it's far from intuitive and I keep botching something or another each time. Before I pull more hair out, I'd like to see what else is out there. I know Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator is the gold standard, but I'm looking at all the free/cheap options before I bite the bullet and drop the cash for the Adobe Suite. I have a Windows 10 PC if that helps. Thanks! PK
  15. That is interesting! I don't remember if it was on here or elsewhere, but I read an interesting idea of giving Defenses Points for forcing turnovers, and giving the team who has more yards, more turnovers recovered, or some other positive stat, a Point at the end of the game as a built in tie breaker. Sounds like the Facebook post's idea is an evolution of that concept.
  16. I've been interested in this topic too! Since we're cracking plastic, and not skulls, we could theoretically use the old skool rulz, like 10-on-one-side, kickoff taken at the 30, natural dirt mound kicking tees....ok maybe not THAT old. 😆 In all seriousness, depending on the size and material of the board, one option I'm kicking around (no pun intended) for onsides is to simply point the kicking figure down and drill the ball into the field and then place a magnetic ball wherever it makes first bounce. That's more or less what actual Kickers do in real life....or at least what my coach taught me to do in High School. 😁
  17. And here is my original idea of formations for this game. These formations would allow an additional Receiver at the expense of less blocking and no QB scrambles- it's basically wide open gunslinging unless you want to motion a WR over to block. I sort of based this on a 7-vs-7 Special Teams punting drill from High School- we'd line up as a Long Snapper, a Personal Protector, 2 Upbacks, a Punter, and 2 Gunners per side. The Upbacks often messed up the drill and would run out wide like Slotbacks instead of staying in place to block first. They were probably the reason our Coach went bald so quickly. 😆
  18. Hi all, I figured it would be easier to split formations into two sets: O-Line and WRs. Here are some formations with 3 Lineman and QB. 2 OL and 3 and 4 WR formations to follow. Key: G = Guard, C = Center, F = Flexback (i.e. TE or Fullback) Q = Quarterback [] = Ineligible
  19. Those look awesome NEFGM, especially that Hockey one. I've seen one at the local "Bar-cade" that was so old, the goalies didn't have masks (in addition to the obvious lidless skaters). 😁
  20. Hi all, I've been working on some formations, and just doing the various iterations of OLine formations alone, I have already drawn up 13 variations- and at least 2 more that I haven't come up with a name for yet. 😆 I will be posting them hopefully by the end of tonight, so stay tuned! I'll have receiver Formations down the line, as there are even more possibilities there.
  21. That jack-o'-lantern helmet is awesome! It kind of makes me want to get a set of Browns figures and make a whole team of them like this....hmmm....🤔
  22. Here are some more blocking patterns (sorry for the thick lines, I'm using my cellphone)
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