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Will factory painted figures ever be produced again?


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I like all the options for different colored Uni-Form figures, but just call me old-school, because I still prefer the factory painted figures. The stickers to me are too bulky, the edges peel off, and I do not like how the numbers are all single digits and you have to put two single digits together to make a double digit number. While they are slightly cheaper because the numbers come with them, rather than having to order a team set of numbers with the painted figures, I would prefer to have the clean look of the factory painted figures.  And I also prefer painting my own NFL and college teams, rather than putting stickers on the Uni-Form figures.  


With all my teams, I have glued names onto the backs of figures to create All-Time teams with matching numbers and I have found, it is easier to put names on the backs of the factory painted figures and have them lay more flush, compared to the stickers.


So I'm curious, my question to Tudor is, will the factory painted figures ever be produced again in different uniforms like the color rush and vintage Uni-Form figures? 


And to my fellow EF coaches, am I the only old-fart that prefers the factory painted figures?  LOL


None the less, thank you Tudor for keeping electric football alive and growing.

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I too prefer painted figures.  And I also agree with your assessment of the UniForms.  They have great detail and all, but at the end of they day they still look like stickers on a figure.

I tried putting the numbers on last for the first couple guys I did, and then decided to put them on the jersey before removing it from the sheet.  It seems better that way, but still not satisfactory.  I wish the numerals were die cut instead of on big blocks.

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I think its good to have options. To each their own. Some folks prefer the stickers for various reasons. More options, means a wider audience. 

I'm like you, Daryl, but only with the painted figures, I enjoy adding the numbers and putting names on the backs of jerseys. Or I like to paint my own figures, as either option is  relaxing and therapeutic. I mess up with the stickers and they get all crumpled, or wrinkled up and it just looks bad. So I guess my sticker skills are on a pre-kindergarten level like your painting skills. LOL

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No doubt the pre painted were works of art. I commend Miggle-Tudor how they went from the old painted figures, then stamped helmets, and the fantastic pre painted sets hat they have sadly stopped producing. I too hope the pre painted are coming back. I learned how to paint and decal during the 2010s and they look great but the the collector in me hopes they bring back those pre painted figures.

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