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Painting Stripes - What's in a line?

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I started painting a 70’ Redskins team way back in the late 70’s. I got 5 guys done and gave up because of the stripes. Then in the mid 90’s my son, who was around 7 at that time, got interested in electric football and I started painting again, doing a 49ers team for him. After painting a few more teams I was looking at a football magazine when I realized that the Redskins had changed their stripes to a much simpler design, so I finished the team using the new uniforms. I kept one 70’s player just to remind myself at how I once was able to paint those helmets and stripes without a magnifying glass. That team is now the Cherokee Nation in my fantasy league.

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Ok, and as for technique, I painted one fat, or wide stripe. Then I would paint a not as wide stripe in the middle of that one so that it looked like 2 thin stripes surrounding a medium stripe. Then I painted a thin stripe in the middle of the medium stripe so that it looked like 5 thin stripes. Works for me!

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When I painted my Bills team (modern uni), I did a wide red stripe on the sleeve/shoulder.  Then painted a narrower white (but still wide) white stripe, and finally put a blue (jersey color) in the middle.  Though the red doesn't frame both top and bottom of the white stripes like the actual uniforms do, the touch at the top and the bottom looks much better than just two white stripes.  Excuse the crappy leg stripe!


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