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  1. Go to Dollar General and pick up a product called LA Totally awesome. Fill a jar with the liquid and drop the figures in and let soak until the paint melts off. rince in clear water afterward, figures should look clean and ready for new paint. I've left figures in the solution for months and no harm to them.
  2. Not trying to talk against Easy Off at all but there is another method. LA Totally Awesome is a Yellow liqid you can get at Dollar General. Fill a container and just drop in the figures to be stripped. If they are the factory painted figures the solution will dissolve the paint away in a couple of days. Just wash with soap and water afterward and let dry and you have a blank slate to work with.
  3. Thanks for bringing this back. It was the very impetus in the late 1990's and early 2000's that rebooted national interest in Electric Football, where we all met and communicated with one another. It was with great surprise to just about everyone that there was a huge following still playing. It spawned the sharing of knowledge as well as painting, tweaking and equipment identification and many other things. Here's hoping this unveiling generates an equal amount of enthusiasm.
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