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stick on numbers

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My question (which maybe should be addressed to the mfg) is in regard to the "varsity stick on numbers".  I have all the available colors, but I notice the black numbers are in a different font, and run from 1-96, whereas the other colors run 1-89.  Why is this?  Also, I'd love to see all the varsity numbers featured in at least 2 fonts, and run up through 96, like the black.

I'd also like to request a better sticking medium.  Lately, I've been trying many different ways to get them to stick better, including saliva, glue sticks (modern paste stick is not nearly as good as the liquid glue stick, which doesn't seem to be available anymore), repainting the figures to increase the "roughness" of the surface, etc.  Any other suggestions?

As an alternative to paint, try Sharpie fine point pens.

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Hi Jim - 

All 11 of the Varsity Number colors (except Black and White) are from the Brooklyn era of Electric Football. You can see this by looking at the address on the labels. We have a large supply of those and they seem to stick pretty well - we have not had many complaints. As far as the White and Black, since they are included in every game we sell, we ran out of those years ago and have since made our own -- this is why the numbers go up to 96 on White and Black. In the old days, the numbers they used didn't go up that high. Of course you can always cut them in to and make you own 99, etc.

thanks, Doug

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Yeah, I've done the cutting and putting them together.  I was using Datak dry transfer numbers years ago, when only black was offered by Tudor.  All of those had to be done individually, since those were only 0-9.  Those stuck very well, and probably spoiled me as to stickability.

Thanks for the reply.


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I currently have 20 Hong Kong size teams and have been ordering numbers from ebay and Tudor directly to use for these smaller players.  I second the request for a better sticking backing...I currently have to apply glue to assist in this and it does an ok job but they still pull up a bit.  Please do not stop offering numbers for the HK sets.  There are a ton of them out there and many for sale on ebay consistently.

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I've always used the varsity numbers and haven't tried the new NFL stick on numbers.  Can you get them off once they are on.  After each season in my solitaire league, some players retire, others are traded, and some rookies show up, so I have to renumber my players.  The varsity numbers aren't difficult to remove, but not sure about the new NFL stick on numbers or the decal numbers....

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I want to also give my "thumbs up" to the NFL style stick-on numbers. Yes, I prefer the water slide transfers for most applications, but the current stick on numbers are the best stick-on's I've seen.  These are high quality and require a minimum (often times no) trimming to fit properly.  I generally paint my own figures so the varnish I apply to them after painting acts another layer of protection to help keep the numbers in place during use.  But that's mainly to protect the paint-job.  I doubt these numbers would budge during play regardless. 

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