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  1. Incidentally, I was looking at Pro Football Reference the other day, and was quite surprised that the Browns highest rated (by their way of rating0 player of all time was NOT Brown, Graham, or anyone else you'd expect, but tackle Dick Schafrath, who played during the 60s.
  2. Love the old time games! I've been a Giants' fan since '62, and I remember the players of that era well.
  3. The Gladiators erupted for 17 second quarter points, and held on, to defeat the visiting Warriors 17-7, in the season opener for both teams. The first quarter was marked by good defensive play, and sloppy passing by the Warriors' QB #12, who missed several open receivers. Meanwhile, the Gladiators began to establish a running attack, based on FB #35, who wound up the game with 85 yards total to lead all rushers. After the scoreless first quarter, in which the Gladiators' QB #15 was sacked 3 times, the Gladiators put together a drive which featured a 39 yard run by #35, and ended up with a T
  4. Last year's last place New League team, the Panthers, at the Old League champion Titans. This was almost an upset, as the lowly Panthers came into the 4th quarter with a 17-13 lead, largely due to the Titans having missed an extra point and a chip-shot field goal early in the game. The first half was marred by sloppy play on both sides. The Panther's rookie QB, #17, opened up with an 80 yd TD pass to WR #16, who wound up the game with 4 catches and well over 100 yds receiving. As expected, the Titans relied on their running game, and FB #39 finished with 112 yds on 12 carries. But star
  5. I pulled the starting QB late in the game because he was clearly overmatched by the defense. #27 had about 14-15 carries, including a couple of very long runs. He had previously been the Lancers' backup RB, but he was traded in the off season (including the base) to the Thunderbolts for their backup QB, who will be the Lancers' starter when their games begin.
  6. I time each quarter to 45 minutes (except championship game, which is 48 minutes per). This allows for the exchange of offensive and defensive units. Thus, an entire game lasts 3 hours, about the same time as a live game. The number of plays, of course, will vary.
  7. In the opening game of the 2021 season, the world champion Thunderbolts defeated the visiting Hawks, 31 - 21. The Thunderbolts are coming off an undefeated, untied 2020 season (being only the second team to have a perfect record in 28 years), and remain unbeaten to this point. Thunderbolts' QB #7 stared slow, but came on to finish with 2 TD passes (both to TE #82), and RB #27 had 197 yds rushing in a dominating performance. Besides #82's 2 TDs, #27 (40 yds) and #23 (51 yds) both had rushing TDs. On defense, the T-bolts had 2 sacks and an interception (FS #20). The Hawks, except for 2 lo
  8. My "training camps" are almost complete. The regular season will begin around Memorial Day with: Hawks at Thunderbolts (last year's champions) Panthers at Titans Warriors at Gladiators Lancers at Wildcats These are all inter-league games - the only ones scheduled this year. I begin to have qualms about allowing the offensive linemen blocking angles of less than 90 degrees. Training camp has revealed it give the OL too much of an advantage. Last year, defense was dominant, and scores were mostly very low, compared with previous years. I love a good defensive game, so I w
  9. Your regional lineups are very interesting. I recall that in the original NFL-AFL merger, one of the major considerations was keeping particular rivalries. Have you developed your own rivalries?
  10. No '62 Packers? I remember their loss to Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. It was the only game they lost that season.
  11. Interesting geographical arrangement. As I recall, the original merger of the NFL and AFL, and the subsequent divisions, also took into account special, existing rivalries. Do you have any such rivalries in your league?
  12. Yes. I use "conference" here, but I refer to them as the "old league" and "new league", hearkening back to the time when there was the NFL and AFL, as separate leagues. OLD LEAGUE: Lancers Hawks Titans Gladiators NEW LEAGUE: Thunderbolts Panthers Warriors Wildcats
  13. In my off season, I've had the draft, in which new players from imaginary colleges have been selected, older players have retired, and newer players have moved up. Currently finishing sticking on the new numbers, and getting the rosters fleshed out. Soon after this is done, "training camp" opens, in which teams practice, offense against defense, new bases are assigned - in some cases changed, paint is repaired or touched up. I bought a couple of bags of new bases and tested them, to determine the direction and severity of the motion curve, and marked then accordingly. To be fair, I'm arbit
  14. Go Giants!! (I've been a Giants fan since '62)
  15. Are the old, regular felt footballs no longer available? I can't get used to these rounder balls (saturn and 3rd and long)). It makes passing very difficult and kicking much poorer. Also, Are burgundy varsity numbers no longer available? I'm running low and will have to come up with a substitute soon, if they're not.
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