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UK Super 6 Tournament


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Carolina Panthers 13-17 Baltimore Ravens

Ravens win tight contest

Q1: All Ravens ball for most of the quarter, picking up first down and good yardage. BAL RB made a 30 yd rush to CAR 5 yd line. However CAR forced an interception straight after this play, stopped at the CAR 20 yd line. QB passes to WR who breaks a tackle and charges in for a TD. PAT Missed. End of Q1.


Q2: Midway in the 2nd, BAL QB fired an impressive 40 yd pass to his receiver while under some heavy pressure. BAL then scored a 12 yd rushing TD thanks to some great O-line blocking. PAT good. CAR then straight from kick off as their #13 breaks a tackle to send it into the end zone. Late on in the quarter BAL made a huge play, QB threw a 65 yd TD pass, PAT good

HT CAR 13 -14 BAL

Q3: 3rd quarter started with a bang with #13 again breaking a tackle and ran the ball down from his own 2 yd line to BAL 10 yd line. Then an absolutely crazy next 2 plays ensued. An Interception by BAL then an interception by CAR back to back. On the last play of quarter, ball on BAL 45 yard line, BAL intercepted the pass to end the quarter. No change to the score 

Q4: Ravens absolutely dominated the 4th quarter. Plenty of 1st downs for BAL who controlled the ball for most of this game. Midway through quarter BAL were camped on and around the CAR 10 yd line. Got to the 9th play of quarter on CAR 10 yd line with the panthers hoping for an interception or some kind of miracle to get possession back. This interception did not happen as BAL QB hands off to his RB for a 1 yd loss. 10th and last play of quarter. BAL with possession, 4th down on CAR 11 yrd line.  Ravens go for the FG which is good, securing the game and a tough victory


FT: CAR 13-17 BAL

Next up is the highly anticipated Group B finale between the Steelers and the Titans! 🏈




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Tennessee Titans 13-10 Pittsburgh Steelers

Titans topple the Steelers to claim top spot in Group B

Titans victory earns them top spot in Group B and an automatic bye for the next round

Q1: PIT with the kick off. TEN high snap on 24 yard line, ball recovered by offense tackled on TEN 13 yard line. TEN then made up for the error in the last play with their RB rushing for 30 yards. TEN RB 38 yard rush to PIT 20 yard line. Awful pass intercepted by PIT carried for a gain of 18. PIT RB 32 yard rush for 1st down on TEN 18 yard line

End of Q1 TEN 0-0 PIT

Q2: Poor throw by PIT QB that was intercepted on TEN 10 yard line with Titans player immediately tackled. Rushing TD by TEN #39 from his own 28 yard line. PAT Missed. Titans up by 6. Later in quarter PIT #72 caught a pass for a 40 yard gain. Last play of half PIT incomplete pass


Q3: Kick off return TD by PIT #11. PAT good. PIT leading by 1. Steelers intercept pass on TEN 22 yard line to give them incredible field position. PIT #18 rushes to TEN 5 yard line. PIT high snap by centre, offense recovers, player tackled for loss of 10 yards. Next play hand off to the RB fumbled, offense recovers and tackled for loss of 20 yards. This lead to 4th down for PIT. 43 yard FG attempt is good by PIT. End of Q3 TEN 7-10 PIT

Q4: TEN off the mark early #39. 69 yard rushing TD. PAT good. TEN 13-10 PIT. The PIT QB passes to his WR for a 39 yard gain. PIT QB sacked for a 10 yard loss. 4th & 15 on TEN 45, PIT go for it. QB passes to the end zone but is intercepted by TEN and ran out to the TEN 23 yard line. To rub salt into the wounds TEN went for Hail Mary throw however the pass was incomplete and the game came to a close

FT: TEN 13-10 PIT





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Baltimore Ravens 24-0 New York Jets

Baltimore destroy Jets in Bonus pont victory and Group A decider

Q1: Kick off made by BAL. Jets first play is a 38 yard gain. BAL intercept pass on their 45 yard line. Runs it to NYJ 45. BAL 35 yard pass stopped at NYJ 4 yard line. Jets give away a holding penalty on their own 8 yard line. Ravens punish this by rushing in for a TD. PAT missed. End of 1st BAL 6-0 NYJ

Q2: BAL intercept pass on NYJ 25 yard line, Ravens #47 runs this in for a TD. PAT missed. BAL up by 12. NYJ punt on 4th down at their own 12 yard line. Poor kick by punter who slices punt and ball only travels 20 yards. BAL #26 tackled at NYJ 22 yard line for great field position. But opportunity wasted as BAL to out of bounds for a loss of 2 yards to end the half. HT 12-0 to Ravens


Q3: NYJ kick off, BAL with a 22 yard return. 25 yard rush by Ravens by #26 who was wide open but turned around. BAL #12 breaks free but tackled 1 yard short of end zone. BAL #47 rushes in for TD. PAT missed. End of Q3.  BAL 18-0 NYJ

Q4: Quarter started with NYJ 3rd&8 on their 26. 4th down. NYJ punt of 40 yards, BAL receiver very short gain to BAL 45 yards.  BAL controlled quarter with plenty of yardage and first downs with great rushing and passing.  BAL QB throws short to WR who sprints in for a TD! PAT missed. BAL kicker with a poor performance today with 4 missed kicks. Last play of game, NYJ tries a long pass but is incomplete to end the game


Now time to enjoy the Alabama and Georgia 2nd half. I think Alabama are gonna do it 🙂





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Play offs

Now all group games have been played the play offs have now been decided

Group winners Titans and the Ravens get an automatic bye into the semi finals

Game 1: Jets Vs Miami

Game 2: Steelers Vs Panthers

Ravens will then face winner of game 2 while Titans will face either Jets or Dolphins

Losing teams in the play off round will be eliminated

I will type up the group tables for the breakdown of points on Monday when I have access to a computer 🙂

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New York Jets 31-14 Miami Dolphins

Dolphins eliminated as the Jets cruise to victory

Q1: Kick off made by NYJ ball taken up to the MIA 20. MIA #32 80 Yard rushing TD, PAT GOOD, Miami up by 7 early in the quarter. Straight away on Dolphins Kick off NYJ #11 scores a TD on the kick off return, PAT BLOCKED and ball dead. MIA 7-6 NYJ. Later in quarter, MIA intercepts pass, immediately tackled on NYJ 44 yard line

End of Q1 - MIA 7-6 NYJ

Q2: NYJ ball on MIA 35 yard line, NYJ QB fumbles the snap, QB recovers tackled back at their 42. NYJ later on scores a 22 yard rushing TD, PAT MISSED. NYJ now up by 5. MIA then record an 82 yard kick off return. MIA then scores a rushing TD, MIA RB slips out of NYJ CB grasp, PAT GOOD. MIA 14-12 NYJ. 

Last play of quarter was an incomplete pass. HT score 14-12 to the Dolphins

Q3: Snap fumbled again by NYJ QB on their own 11 yard line, ball recovered by NYJ RB, stopped for a 9 yard gain. NYJ #21 then gets a 36 yard gain to get into Dolphins territory. NYJ #55 on the rush, trips and falls, fumbles the ball. Luckily his teammates were on hand for pivotal blocks which put NYJ #11 in the clear for a long rushing TD, PAT MISSED. NYJ now up by 4. Late on in the quarter NYJ intercepts a pass, tackled on MIA 35 yard line. End of Q3 MIA 14-18 NYJ

Q4: Early on NYJ get a TD, in Super 6 all players are eligible receivers including the "Big Men", the NYJ offensive lineman breaks free from his block and charges into the end zone, nobody was going to stop his bulldozer run! PAT MISSED AGAIN! Not a good night for the NYJ Kicker. NYJ now up by 10. NYJ controlled possession in the quarter making good gains and converting their downs. NYJ late on in the quarter score a 3 yard rushing TD with the PAT FINALLY BEING GOOD.

FT: Miami 14 - 31 Jets


The Steelers are facing elimination right in the face in the other play-off matchup against the Panthers who are close to recording a shock victory. Currently at the start of the 4th quarter with Pittsburgh with an uphill battle on their hands as they currently trail 21-0 to a ruthless Panthers team who finished bottom of their group but are really putting the hurt on their opponents. Steelers QB having a terrible game with multiple interceptions. Panthers #22 stealing the show he has clocked up all 3 touchdowns for the Panthers so far

This game will continue this evening. Can the Steelers fight back to win or go down swinging? Does not seem that way. Heads are not in the game, they will need somewhat of a Christmas miracle to turn this one around otherwise they will be heading back to Pittsburgh early with their heads hanging in shame :PIT::CAR::football:




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6 hours ago, Bob Davis said:

Wow! A lot of exciting games! You may have already answered this, but how long does it typically take to play a game? 

Hi Bob, Hope you're well and thanks for following along

The games seem to be getting a lot better since I first started this tournament. This is my first real time playing electric football properly, currently only doing 6-a-side and I will gradually add a player or two in time until I play full 11 on 11 matches in future. Just for me at the moment using all 22 men at once is a bit much as I am still learning but set up times and matches are gradually getting shorter as I am getting more used to it. What I am thinking of doing in future is to play some 11 V 11 matches as a practice, not in any sort of tournament format, and see how I go

I was hoping the games would be a lot more exciting and high scoring, but still being a novice to the game I am probably missing a lot of opportunities to score due to my untrained eyes. And as for being a casual fan of the sport I am not overly knowledgeable in regards to formations and tactics, I just set up in random formations and hope for the best 🙂 . Also still working on my bases, so far they are running forwards so they are up to the standard I want them to be! And I'm sure the unpredictability of EF plays a part in this too, no matter how much you tweak or how good my base is, if my player wants to take a dive on the turf or turn around and go for a hot dog or something in the stands then he will! 😂😂 That's part of the fun, the way I see it anyway


As for how long a game takes, that really does vary. I sometimes get easily distracted being a millennial my phone is glued to me it can be a big distraction 😂. One game on Saturday took me 3 hours to play and I am only playing 10 plays per quarter! But most games take me around 1.5 hours to 2 hours max. I hope to knock down this time a little bit so I can play "Double Headers" eventually rather than one game per evening. Especially if I am playing 6,7,8 a side EF. With 11 V 11 I will treat this as a marathon rather than a sprint and I may spread the game over a couple of days. But practice makes perfect and I'm sure my games will be at a higher level eventually


Thanks again 🙂 







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Pittsburgh Steelers 7-28 Carolina Panthers

Pittsburgh dominated and dumped out out Super 6 by a rejuvenated Panthers

Q1: Hand off to CAR #22 for a rushing TD, PAT GOOD. Snap fumbled by PIT QB on their own 25 yard line recovered by PIT running back who rushes and makes it to the CAR 40. PIT RB later on gets a rush of 49 yards. CAR late on intercepts a pass on their 10 yard line, #22 tackled for a 10 yard gain. CAR 7-0 at end of first quarter

Q2: CAR #22 with a 45 yard rushing TD, PAT GOOD. CAR up by 14. CAR #22 intercepts pass on PIT 19 yard line, tackled on the 5. CAR 4th down but kick blocked, offense recovers but is tackled straight away. CAR #22 yet again intercepts a pass and charges in for another TD from the PIT 40y yard line, extra point is good. HT CAR 21-0 PIT

Q3: PIT who need something big in the next 2 quarters, started strong with a 35 yard rush on opening play. This was short lived as PIT QB threw yet again another interception, CAR player tackled immediately. PIT defense blitzes CAR, their QB sacked for a loss of 10 then CAR again lose yardage with another fine defensive performance. CAR punts on 4th down for 50 yards, caught by PIT #11 for a short gain. PIT passes to an open receiver, 30 yard pass is good. However the a similar event unfolded, PIT QB pass gets intercepted AGAIN by CAR #22 for carries ball for 47 yard gain. End of 3rd, CAR 21-0 PIT

Q4: CAR 1st &10 on PIT 14 yard line. CAR #22 with an 11 yard TD, PAT GOOD, CAR up by 28. And you could not make this up......PIT QB THROWS AN INTERCEPTED PASS TO CAR #22 who is immediately stopped. Fortunes changed as the very next play CAR throws an intercepted pass, which PIT #11 collects and runs it into the end zone, PAT GOOD

Full Time: CAR 28-7 PIT


Sorry folks no pictures with this one. PIT QB with an absolutely shocking performance but on the other hand CAR #22 is looking like the MVP from this tournament

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Tennessee Titans 28-13 New York Jets

Titans too strong for Jets who power through to the Final!

This matchup was arguably the strongest team in the competition versus the quickest. The titans with more weight and power in their roster face off against the Jets whos Receivers are lighting fast and able to slip through gaps. The Titans with more success in this competition and they continued with their winning ways with another strong display but the Jets did put up a valiant effort


Q1: NYJ KO. 2nd play of Quarter, TEN #39 with a superb 82 Yard Rushing TD, PAT GOOD. Titans up by 7 early on. NYJ #11 rushes from his own 50 yard line to the Titans 15, came close but ran out of bounds. NYJ take it up to the TEN 14 but instead of running the play they opt to pass and ball was intercepted by TEN who ran the ball out on their 20. End of the 1st, TEN 7-0 NYJ


Q2: Opening play of the quarter, TEN QB finds his WR wide open in the end zone, poor coverage by the Jets. TD for TEN, PAT GOOD. Titans up by 14. NYJ with around a 90 yard TD pass to #11, PAT GOOD. TITANS 14 - 7 JETS. NYJ intercept a pass, Jets #40 out of bounds after making a 25 yard gain. Later on, TEN intercepts a pass on their own 40 yard line, taken to the Jets 32. Quarter ends with an incomplete pass. HT TEN 14-7 NYJ

Q3: NYJ #21 runs for 45 yards. NYJ RB tackled for a loss of 10 yards on the Titans 20 yard line. NYJ QB finds a WR open near the end zone who then charges in for a TD, PAT MISSED. TEN 14-13 NYJ. TEN #39 again with an amazing rushing TD all the way from his own 20 yard line, PAT GOOD. TEN 21-13 NYJ to end the quarter

Q4: NYJ lineman breaks free from the block, makes a 15 yard gain after breaking one tackle. NYJ QB fumbles a snap, recovered by the RB, tackled at the halfway line. NYJ builds pressure in TEN territory but QB misplaces a pass which is intercepted and Titans carry ball for a 12 yard gain. TEN #86 breaks away from a defender for a 20 yard gain. Lat play of the game, TEN QB throws a glorious 62 yard TD PASS, PAT GOOD



The Tennessee Titans are now our first finalists in the Super 6 competition, they will be met by either the Ravens or the Panthers in the Grand Final. Jets will now play the losing side in the Baltimore/Carolina game for the Super 6 Shield

The Panthers and Ravens game will be too tough to call. Ravens who won Group A look very strong and will be favourites to win this one. However since the Panthers 2 group defeats they absolutely blew away an out of sorts Steelers side and although they did lose the 2 group games they look like a very strong side. Their WR/RB #22 is one to watch he single handedly dismantled the Steelers and has been the Panthers star man throughout the competition. Some will say the reason for Pittsburgh's downfall this Super 6 was due to the poor performances of the PIT QB who has clocked up more interceptions than any other QB in the series


However this is history now and there is a big game on the way to decide who joins the Titans in the final. Will joint favourites the Ravens fly away with the victory? Or will the underdogs (or undercats in this case) clip the Ravens wings and take the Super 6 crown out of Baltimore's grasp??


Stay Tuned :football::CAR::BAL: 





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The story so far

It is currently half time in the 2nd semi final game between the Ravens and the Panthers. Baltimore are currently leading 20-9 at the break in a pretty tight encounter.

The Panthers although down by 11 at the break can take many positives but they need to improve on their offensive blocking, their QB has nearly been sacked a couple of times forcing him to throw under pressure which has lead to a couple of interceptions already and has costed them some valuable points. They also need to work on not making as many errors, especially deep in their own territory as the Ravens will simply pounce on this and punish Carolina. The running game is looking strong with their #22 again looking for gaps and getting up the field with tremendous pace

Ravens do look comfortable in possession and obviously are not letting the big occasion get to them. They do maybe have to be a bit more careful in defense they have been caught out a couple out times not having an extra man back in coverage which has left Panthers receivers sometimes wide open, fortunately for them the Panthers QB's throwing arm is still cold it seems and passes have been incomplete but it is likely to come back with a vengeance in the 2nd half. They have to be on Carolina's #22 like a fly to horse dung otherwise he will punish the Ravens if he even gets even an inch of breathing room, as was shown in his display against the Steelers last time out and once already in this game

All hope is not lost for the Panthers but they have to build up their rhythm again to try and overcome this very all round strong Ravens team who look like the favourites to be the overall champions.

But either one of these teams will face the Titans who although are not high scorers and do leak points are a very tough team to beat. The loser of this game will face the Jets for the Super 6 shield and whoever will face the Jets will be in for a tough task as New York are no pushovers and have a lot of pace in their runners and receivers. They will be looking to redeem themselves and bring some silverware back home 




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On 11/29/2021 at 3:12 PM, nefgm.org said:

I actually use the ball and place the ball in the arms of a ball carrier and if he should lose it for any reason, it is a fumble and any player who touches the ball after it has touched the playing field, recovers the ball. It does happen more than you would think!! 

However, any of the methods you are using is fine. If it is fun for you, that is what matters.  

Below is an early illustration of how the ball is placed for carrying the ball. 



Playing this great game of ours for over 50 years now....the fumble has always been something i would like to see once or twice a game but doesnt really happen with the way i play....i use dice to pass...punt and kick ( pat and fg )....it has worked well for me and greatly speeded up my games.....i guess after reading all of this i could maybe do a roll of the dice a couple times a game at certain times ( a play number at a set point.....i play 10 plays per quarter .....i know when i pass ...a roll of 1 is an interception...a 1 on extra point means no good......maybe 2 or 3 times a game....while the runner is moving i could stop the game...roll the dice and if a 1 comes up ...its a fumble...if not a 1 ...turn the game back on and continue the play.....to be fair i would just use this on say the 5th play of the 2nd and 4th qt....ok....i guess this post got me thinking about that....but anyway....good post guys.....and like someone said earlier..  Long as your having fun and enjoying this great game of ours...that is the main thing.....but im glad i read this....the fumble is always one thing that has kind of bothered me not having in my games.

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I was thinking along the exact same lines as you!

I did try actually placing the ball in the figures arms but I could not seem to get it right. It was a great suggestion but not one that works for me unfortunately and thanks everyone who suggested that

What I am going to try to implement in my games is to roll a dice in a tackle or for a catch and the same as you, 1 will be a fumble. Although there is a 1 in 6 chance that a fumble will happen which is great odds, obviously it will occur. I roll 2 six sided dice for longer snaps and double 1 is a fumble I get these maybe once or twice a game. So yeah all about the luck of the roll! And I'm sure it will make games that little bit more interesting in certain situations 😄

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It has been a while since I have heard about it being used but years ago Reginald Rutledge created what was called "The Box". It was used in his solitaire play and in the DFW area leagues. It was used to Incorporate just about everything imaginable that could occur in a game into his style of play. Attached is a rule set from 2010 that describes its use. 

NFLGTSL Rulebook.pdf   

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Baltimore Ravens 32-30 Carolina Panthers

Field Goal heartbreak for the Panthers as Ravens make it to the final

An amazing game unfolded especially in the last 2 quarters, Panthers fought back to within 2 points after being down 20-9 at half time

Q1: BAL Kickoff. Big KO return by CAR who takes it down to around the BAL 25 yard line. CAR 4th down on BAL 4 yard line, 21 yard FG attempt is good. 3-0 to Panthers. BAL #26 bursts through gap in defensive line to finally get the ball in Carolina territory. CAR intercepts a pass on their 40, CAR #77 tackled immediately upon the interception. Later on BAL intercepts a pass with the Ravens getting the ball to the CAR 42 yard line

End of 1 - CAR 3-0 BAL

Q2: 1st & 10 on CAR 42, BAL in possession, BAL #26 breaks away to CAR 5 yard line. 5 yard TD Pass to BAL #26, PAT Missed. Ravens up 6-3. CAR #22 receives a pass on his own 17 yard line and races in for the TD, PAT missed. CAR 9-6 BAL. Ravens intercepts pass on CAR 20 yard line, next play BAL #93 catches pass in the end zone for a TD, PAT GOOD, BAL 13-9 CAR. Ravens intercept another pass and take it down to the CAR 10 yard line. BAL QB throws TD pass to #93, PAT GOOD. Ravens up 20-9. Poor KO return by Panthers, player gets turned around at their own 5 yard line. Quarter ends with a long pass attempt by CAR QB being incomplete

HT: BAL 20-9 CAR

Q3: 1st play of half, BAL QB with a 50 yard pass, ball now at CAR 30. BAL #26 with a TD, his QB finds him wide open and he slips past 2 Carolina safeties to the end zone, PAT Missed. BAL 26-9 CAR. In another big man play one of the linesmen for CAR the #72, breaks from his block and with all players being eligible receivers he catches a pass and scores a TD running from his own 35 yard line with help from his team mates blocking. Took him a while to get his breath back after his amazing run! PAT GOOD. BAL 26-16 CAR. BAL #26 makes around a 60 yard kick off return. BAL #26 fumbles the QB attempted shovel pass, he recovers and gets tackled luckily for only a loss of 1 yard. 

BAL #47 open in the end zone ready to receive the pass, ball clips his helmet then his glove but who is right behind him to collect the ball? Nobody but his team mate #26 who dives at the ball and catches it for a TD. PAT Missed. BAL 32-16 CAR. Panthers #22 received a 42 yard pass which gets them to BAL 28 yard line. CAR #43 wide open and catches a 28 yard TD Pass, PAT GOOD

End of the 3rd. BAL 32-23 CAR

Q4: CAR intercepts pass on BAL 25, #11 with help of his blockers runs in for a TD, PAT GOOD. BAL 32-30 CAR. BAL #26 tackled just shy of the CAR end zone, at around the CAR 2 yard line. BAL #26 open just outside of the end zone, QB throws but the pass is fumbled, CAR #43 recovers the fumble and gets all the way to the BAL 40. 2nd to last play of the game, CAR QB throws to #43 who gets tackled at the CAR 30 yard line which gets them into Field Goal range

This is make or break for Carolina, if he gets this the Panthers are into the final. Deep breath by the kicker, here is the snap, boot connects with the ball, it has the height and the length!!! A 9 or more on the 2 dice needed.....6 is rolled..... THE BALL DRIFTS WIDE, BALTIMORE WIN

Final score: BAL 32-30 CAR

The Panthers players console their kicker it was so close. What an amazing fightback from the Panthers but the Ravens hold on for the victory, they meet the Titans in the Super 6 Grand final. The best game in the tournament so far. Panthers will meet the Jets in the Shield. Last time the Jets and Panthers met was the group A match where the Jets came away 34-21 winners. But I have a feeling that kind of result will not happen as this Panthers side have really gelled together in the past couple of games

Congratulations to the Ravens who now face the tough task of playing the Titans in the final



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Hi all

Apologies for lack of content the last few days, was away most of the weekend and the forum was also down!

The shield game between the Jets and the Panthers has been played. A high scoring game in that one, I will have match reports and a couple of pictures on here tomorrow

The final will be played tonight, will possibly only have time to play a half but I will see what I can do. Match reports for final between Titans and Ravens will either be on here on Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂 I will then post up my "Team of the tournament" then that will be all.

After the conclusion of the tournament I am probably going to be playing some 11 v 11 games as a test. Going to be thinking up of a new project or tournament to play after Super 6 is finished with possibly college teams. Probably will just post up some exhibition games that I have been playing until I think of what I want to do next 🙂 


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Half time in the final

The Ravens are currently up 21-13 at the half time interval

A very close game so far. Some changes in footwear may be in order for the Titans as they are struggling to keep up with the pace of the Ravens receivers. #88 for Tennessee keeping the Titans in the hunt for the victory

The Ravens need to be wary that they do not lose concentration in the second half like they did to the Panthers last time out because the Titans will seize upon any opportunity and mistake

The action continues tomorrow 🏈

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