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UK Super 6 Tournament


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1 hour ago, nefgm.org said:

Sad to hear, but hopefully you will continue again soon in the near future. 

Yes all good thank you. Bad news in partners family over night. We live in a small apartment so she definitely needs the break from the Buzzing lol

Hope to back in a couple of days 🙂


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Carolina Panthers 44-35 New York Jets

Panthers lift shield in high scoring encounter

Carolina Panthers finish in 3rd place in the Super 6 tournament in a hard fought game against the Jets. The Panthers who narrowly missed out on a final spot put the disappointment behind them and downed the Jets who defeated them in the group stages

Q1: Kick off by NYJ. #40 for the Jets receives pass on his own 20 beats a CB and a safety to run it into the end zone. PAT GOOD. Jets up by 7 early on. CAR QB hands off to #22 from the Jets 40 yard line for a big rushing TD, PAT GOOD. Score now 7-7. NYJ #11 fumbles the kick off, #21 recovers ball and manages to take it to around the Jets 30 yard line before being stopped. NYJ hand off to #21 who rushes from the CAR 36, PAT GOOD. NYJ 14-7 CAR. Panthers QB delivers a monster TD pass around 70 yards to #43 however the extra point was missed

End of Q1: NYJ 14-13 CAR

Q2: NYJ intercepts pass #11 tackled at the 50. It was then Carolina's turn to intercept a pass their #11 collects the ball on his own 45 yard line, nobody back in defense to stop him and he gets into the end zone for a TD, PAT blocked, Jets recover but was tackled almost immediately. CAR 19-14 NYJ. Jets 4th&1 on CAR 31 yard line, coin was tossed to determine if they go for it or if they attempt the field goal, FG attempt was the outcome this proved very costly. 48 yard field goal attempt. 6 was rolled, kick way way too short, CAR #22 back on the 5 yard line catches the short attempt and runs it all the way to the end zone for a TD thanks to incredible blocking by his team mates, PAT GOOD. CAR 26-14 NYJ. Poor KO return by Jets only managing a 5 yard return, CAR intercepts a pass attempt, Panthers #5 tackled straight away. CAR #22 fumbles the pass, recovered by his team mate #72 who breaks a tackle and scores a TD, PAT blocked, Jets #40 gets it to near the 50 before being tackled

Half time: CAR 32-14 NYJ

Q3: NYJ #21 fumbles pass on his own 22 yard line, he recovers but is shoved out of bounds for a short gain. NYJ rack up consecutive first downs and are controlling possession well but a lack of concentration by their QB who throws another interception deep in Panthers territory. CAR #22 takes the interception up to the CAR 39 yard line. Hand off to CAR #22 for a big 55 yard rush but he ends up running out of bounds 2 yards short of the end zone!!! CAR #11 receives the TD pass, special teams in bad form as PAT missed. CAR 38-14 NYJ. 2 intercepted passes in a row followed, first by NYJ then it was the Panthers turn to throw the ball straight into the arms of a Jets player. NYJ with a spectacular 75 yard TD pass, PAT GOOD

End of the 3rd: CAR 38-21 NYJ

Q4: CAR #43 fumbles the kick off, CAR #22 recovers and can only get up to his own 13. Another 1 was rolled and it is an interception in favour of the Jets in Panthers territory. Hand off to NYJ #40 for a 32 yard rushing TD, PAT GOOD. CAR 38-28 NYJ. Panthers QB throws a 45 yard pass to #11 who gets tackled at the Jets 32 yard line. CAR #11 in for a 32 yard rushing TD with help of his blockers and breaking a tackle, PAT missed. CAR 44-28 NYJ. Jets with a monster 82 yard kick off return before turning around. Jets QB fumbles the snap, #40 recovers but is tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a short loss. Jets with the final score of the game, an 18 yard TD Pass to #21, PAT GOOD

Final score: CAR 44-35 NYJ

The Panthers take the shield back to Charlotte and a well deserved 3rd place finish after a very disappointing start to the tournament. The Panthers seemed to be totally transformed after their disappointing group stage results and just missed out on a final spot by a whisker. They should be very proud of their achievements and will be exciting to see what this Panthers team produces in the future!




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Champions Crowned!! 👑

Tournament favourites the Ravens faced off against the Titans. The game hanging in the balance in the last few plays of the game before one of the teams lost their nerve and gifted the other in a narrow victory

Q1: Baltimore with the opening kick off in the final, Tennessee responding with a 40 yard return. A big hit on TEN #33 who fumbles the ball, BAL recovers the loose ball and they get it to the Titans 43 yard line. Flag on the play, Pass interference by TEN #88 automatic first down on spot of the foul. BAL 33 yard TD pass, PAT GOOD. Baltimore up by 7. TEN #88 fumbles a short pass he recovers and gets the first down on BAL 37.

End of the first: BAL 7-0 TEN

Q2: TEN ball on BAL 22, 1st&10. TEN #88 wide open for a TD pass, PAT GOOD. Score tied 7-7. BAL #47 with a 22 yard rushing TD, PAT GOOD BAL 14-7 TEN. Titans then with a massive kick off return TD but PAT missed, 14-13 to the Ravens. BAL QB fumbles snap on his own 5 yard line, BAL #89 recovers but is tackled for a loss of 1 yard. The Ravens with good ball possession get out of their territory. Hand off to BAL #47 and he is in for a 47 yard rushing TD, PAT GOOD

Half Time: BAL 21-13 TEN

Q3: TEN intercepts a pass deep in BAL territory, TEN #33 runs in for a TD, PAT missed. BAL 21-19 TEN. Flag on the play - TEN penalized for holding, 5 yard penalty on first down, Ravens ball now on their 27 yard line. BAL #12 with a 40 yard rush to the TEN 5 yard line. BAL #26 nearly gets through but is tackled on the 1 yard line. BAL QB fumbles the snap, BAL #26 recovers and he is tackled on the Titans 3 yard line. BAL with the Play action pass which puts the BAL #26 wide open in the end zone for a TD, PAT GOOD. BAL 28-19 TEN. Titans nearly get a score back with an 80 yard dash but turns around before getting to the end zone

End of the 3rd: BAL 28-19

Q4: Titans 3rd&1 on BAL 6 yard line. 6 yard TD pass to #88, PAT Missed, Titans now only behind by 3! Hand off to BAL #26 for 38 yard gain to TEN 22 yard line. BAL QB throws a tricky pass to his receiver who is under pressure from the Titans defense. BAL #12 grabs the ball from the air and tries to tuck into his body but the ball slips from his grasp just shy of the end zone. TEN #39 recovers the loose ball and takes it to his own 20. Titans now in a great position, now in Ravens territory, First down with only 3 plays left, great position to snatch the title from Baltimore. 

TEN QB takes the snap, he has receivers open he needs to get rid of it he is under pressure. #17 with the throw, 1 is rolled on the dice, INTERCEPTION. BAL #12 catches the interception he takes it to the TEN 40 yard line. The Titans QB #17 with his head in his hands barring some kind of miracle he may have just cost his team the title. The game concludes with a hand off from the BAL QB to #47 who is tackled on the TEN 28 yard line

Final Score: Baltimore Ravens 28-25 Tennessee Titans

Ravens are Super 6 Champions!!!




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Well that is it! The Ravens take the Super 6 Championship to Baltimore after a nail biting match with the Titans!!

Big thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment it is always appreciated 🙂

The next edition of the Super 6 will be bigger and better with more teams and we will see if Baltimore can come back to the UK and retain their title or perhaps another team will come along and knock the Ravens off their perch. We will see when Super 6 returns in 2022

Next up we have an exhibition college match up between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Michigan State Spartans. As a test run for my first 11 V 11 game, with a potential college tournament in the near future. Match reports wont be as detailed unfortunately but I will mention some  big plays and highlights, also will add a few pics

Thanks again



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They came so close near the end. Was rooting for them to steal the show but just wasn't to be unfortunately!

Luck of the dice just not on their side! Looked fairly strong throughout may need to switch some bases to add a bit of speed on their receivers because they are one of the slower teams in my collection but have a lot of strength in the line. A lot of potential 🙂

Titans might pick up something in future events so watch this space 😀

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