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field goal posts


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I've seen several cool pics of super long poles for field goal posts...

seems very functional to me (in terms of telling whether a kick is "good" or not.  I'd love to rig up a net behind one too

is this something somebody has purchased or has seen somewhere?  I'm thinking of buying some spare regular sized field goals and doing some crafting otherwise

thanks in advance


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There is a company called Evergrern Scale Models that produces and sells styrene plastic rods, tubes, I-beams, strips, sheets, etc.  Many well stocked hobby shops carry their products.  You could always buy tubes with an inner diameter compatible with the outer diameter of the uprights, cut them to the desired length, paint them yellow, and put them in place (gluing if desired).  

I’ve used their stuff a lot and really like it.  


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considering I've switched to using your rules exclusively at this point for my solitaire league can't help but agree

we're doing dice rolls for all kicking at this point.

I just got my ultimate board about 4-5 days ago, and while I LOVE LOVE the board itself, I do wish that the accessories were a little more "premium feeling" for that "premium" price so to speak.

I did get some posts ordered thanks to some helpful advice on the forum, but not in yet.  I'll report back when I get them.

I would really like kicking to just work with TTQB or whatever you choose, because I like the "physicality" aspect of it during a game.  getting up, and trying to master a skill so to speak.

as an aside, just convinced a buddy of mine to play with me (2020 chiefs vs his fav 1998 broncos) and we used the EFHL rule set.  we both had a blast.  I've commented on your vids already but again really great and thorough work on that ruleset.  we loved it.

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The goal post used in tournament play (TOC) are usually solid foam board 4" wide by 24" tall. Only set up and used when attempting a field goal which doesn't happen that often. XPs by field goal are automatic. Due to the nature of tournament play not practical to have a permanent goal post attached to the field.  

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