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YouTube Videos - Solitaire Style: Share what you want to see-

NO Dave

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I've been watching some videos from a few bold YouTubers who are showing their Solitaire games. Great work! 

So if you're looking to post some videos, here's some ideas for do's and don'ts: 


DON'T Put down the products or the company. It's just bad optics. 

DON'T Show yourself setting up the players - If your 20-minute video contains 15 minutes of you doing player setup, people will turn it off. Same for pre-snap adjustments.

DON'T Talk about things not related to the action on the field.

DON'T Use "multi-stop"  it gets really tough to follow the action. Just let the board run and the play resolve itself.

DON'T Use a lot of "uh's" or run plays in silence. Music and commentary are welcome additions. 


DO include the family. If your games involve family members, then include them!

DO Put your players on bases! That's why the game is called "Electric Football". 

DO Talk about your enjoyment of the game. Discuss your ideas for play selection, because this will help other coaches with ideas. 

DO Show lots of game action. That's why we wanted to see the video.

DO Get as close as possible to the game action. The figures are small, make sure your audience knows who is on the field, so we can root for our favorite team. 

DO Have fun! 

Nice to haves - 

1. Video editing: Clean up the videos to remove the rough spots. I think I'd also like to use my narration as a separate track for the video. There have been times where something unexpected happens during a video, and I'm scrambling to explain what happens. Also, it will help me cut down on the "uh's". 

I also like the videos where the scores and clock are "fonted" on the screen. That's a nice touch. 

2. Show the pass in flight - I like the XEF rendering a ball in flight for a pass. I think I may try the same with a laser pointer. 

3. I'd like to find a way to show the Tudor App in the game experience. Hmm.. writing that down... 

So that's my $1 worth on what I've been seeing. Thoughts? 

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1 hour ago, zak99b5 said:

Nice video.  Your style of play seems pretty similar to what we use in our league.

Question--on the third play it seemed the WRs were lined up offside (over the LOS).  Is that something you use?

Hi zak, thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated! Good eye on that third play that was something the refs (me)definitely missed😂. Since this video (back in Dec)I have changed some things and I hope to release another video soon that goes over the solitaire rules I use.

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