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  1. That is another great tip Mccaber, I do something similar with those tiny bendable plastic brushes they sell in the modeling section of some hobby stores. I took off the tiny brush part and whittled the plastic end to a sharp point with an xacto
  2. Hey Pats…when you are playing solitaire, play the game how it is most enjoyable to you. I personally take things I like from different rule sets and incorporate them with my own ideas and build something that suits me.
  3. I love your painting advice, point 6 is one that hits home to me. I would add some advice to painters to take advantage of different tools like ultra fine paint pens and permanent markers, they can really help with details.
  4. Hey guys getting back into the hobby here and considering buying the large size plastic HIPS field. I have a stupid question Involving the passing stick method. I understand this is an easy passing method to use with the metal field because of magnetic ball markers in front of the player after the pass is measured. Is there a different type of ball marker to use on the plastic field?
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