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Bad Paint Jobs - Let the Buyer Beware!

NO Dave

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Best of the worst from the factory - in no particular order: 

China - The mid '90's Steelers, (still available) where the painters put the logo on BOTH sides of the helmet. On the other hand, their counterparts, the Cowboys, on this '95 Super Bowl edition looked awesome. 

China - The '94 Chargers - someone painted French fries on the helmet instead of a logo.

China - The mid '90's Colts - How do you mess up a horseshoe? Try that batches of these teams came out with blue checkmarks on the helmets instead of horseshoes. 

Haiti -  St. Louis Cardinals (Visitors) - The logo looks more like a "w" and less like a Cardinal head. 

China - The mid-90's Saints - A dot for a logo? Seriously? 

Hong Kong - The late '80's Cowboys - Instead of the star, you got a blue plus sign. No, really. 

Haiti - Detroit Lions - No Lion to speak of, the logo was a simple "D". This is the one that a lot of buyers and sellers on eBay get confused for the Cowboys or Seahawks. I have to admit, you gotta look close. 

China - The mid to late 80's Bears - The "C" on the helmet nearly took up the whole helmet. 

What else we got?

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The Houston Oilers

One on the right is Hong Kong 1978. Overall acceptable.

One on the left is China 2020. The uniform color and the striping on the paints, socks and jerseys is quite nice. However, the oil well symbol on the helmet is literally a round bullseye. The Hong Kong 1978 helmet symbol isn't great but at least they got the shape fairly right. 


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Just perusing the forum entries again. Wow, No Dave! I love how crisp and clean your teams look...Beautiful, just beautiful. I apologize that I am severely technology challenged and cannot provide pictures. Many of my 33 teams, both home and away uniforms were ordered as pre-painted figures and many were hand painted. The glossy enamels from Testors work well for me. It makes them look almost as bright as your teams. I just want to brag a little bit on one team I have. I use regular shiny silver on all my teams that require it except for my Oakland Raiders. On a whim to see what it would look like against the shiny gloss black, I used the chrome for a little bit of extra shine and that hooked me. I wish you could see them. They are awesome, almost as awesome as your pics.  🙂

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How about those blue Minnesota Vikings Tudor shipped out to unsuspecting buyers? The very first team I ordered from Tudor in 1969, with my hard-earned money from mowing my neighbors yard was the Vikings. I was still in elementary school. It took forever for that box to arrive. When I opened it up, I had blue Vikings! One of my friends in school, who I thought was rich because he had ALL the teams, told me I should send Tudor a letter and say "I ordered the Minnesota Vikings, not the St. Louis Blues!" LOL  I never forgot that. I went down the street I lived on to the T.G.&Y store and bought some Testors purple paint and painted them myself. They won the Super Bowl in my solitaire league right away. Of course, they only had to play against the Packers and Colts to get there! This was before I expanded my league over the next couple of years as I started making the "big bucks" by mowing more than just the neighbor's yard. Decades later, I started collecting just about everything and I bought several "original" hog leg blue Vikings teams on eBay, just for nostalgia. (Hey, wait a minute here! This AI is scary! In that last sentence, just after I typed the word "for" the computer put in the word "nostalgia" for me, before I even typed the "n"! Amazing, but still scary! )  By the way, great to "see" you again NO Dave! It's been a while. You do great work! 

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