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Painting the standard figures


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Hi all 😀 

As everyone is aware with a set you get a team of red and white players. I was wondering if anyone has ever painted over these standard figures?

Can you just simply paint over them? Or do you have to remove the layer of paint off first?


Also what sort of paint would you recommend that would do the job, if this is possible?


Many thanks



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Yeah think that may be a good idea so the pain stays on nicely 🙂


I am no artist either.  Probably won't paint the logos on the helmets maybe after some practice and more confidence I will attempt. But for now I'll do my best matching the colours making them look semi acceptable to the actual teams uniforms


Ideas I have so far is Packers (I'm a fan so I need the Packers), 49 ers, Bengals or Vikings. Just cos I think their uniforms are cool!


Thanks for the tip about the primer!

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You may want to consider which type of pint you are going to use. Acrylic paint is usually thin and most likely will need a couple of coats to cover. They are easier to keep the brushes clean than enamels are, but are pretty brittle and flake off after drying, so you will need a clear coat when you are done. Enamels can often cover with one coat, so you can paint right over the stock figures without priming if you want. When dry, enamels are tough as nails and are hard to chip off so a clear coat isn’t necessary. Acrylics come in a better variety of colors, but enamels work better when doing things like stripes where you only want to do them one time instead of having to add a second coat. Whichever you use, be patient and take your time. Invest in a good magnifying glass stand to help you with small details and get 2 brushes in each size. Use one for whites and yellows only and the other for colors so that paint doesn’t bleed. Nothing worse than using what you thought was a clean brush to paint a white jersey only to discover than the brush till had a little red in the bristles and now that white jersey is pink.

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I also use enamels, although I use toothpicks to apply them rather than brushes.  I've been doing that for years and it seems to work fine.  I did try acrylics, but as Ravenna Al and zak99b5 said, it takes more coats and you need to use a clear coat on top of it to keep the paint from wearing off.  Enamels chip every once in a while, but are easily touched up.

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