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Another suggestion for Tudor (Uni-forms)

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Hey Coach,

Our Indiegogo Campaign is over, but you can now pre-order Uni-Forms directly from our website at a discount! Just place an order like normal, and the Uni-Forms you order will automatically be put on backorder and shipped out in October the first day Uni-Forms are available. Thanks for your support!


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Hi Guy's you know I think it's great that ideas are always put out to attempt to move the hobby forward but for me I hope that this is not an attempt by Tudor at dropping  pre painted and unpainted figures and paints, jersey numbers and decals in place of sticker uniforms because that would be the detriment of the company just my 2cents, now if they actually did this with real water slide decals that would actually be the real approach at what they are attempting with stickers, hate me or not just my opinion.

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On 12/10/2021 at 10:06 PM, TUDOR - Doug said:

Hi MK1603,

I'll take this one -- we're not sure with the pandemic still limiting our access to China-made products, so we have not yet decided on the pre-painted players.  

Thanks, Doug

Totally agree. Cannot fault Tudor for their creative ideas and innovations. The uni-form stickers do look great and it definitely will be a good addition to the Tudor product range for a lot of people. I had the same concern as you and Doug says they haven't decided what will happen to the pre painted figures........but I have a horrible gut feeling the decision has probably already been made. The uni-forms stickers are good and all and I am sure they will bring great joy to fans new and old, but the application of them may be a bit too difficult for people, especially for people who do not have the steady hand or patience to apply the stickers. And possibly there may be EF fans who will not be able to apply them due to health conditions possibly limiting their ability to apply the stickers. Personally I feel there will be a lot of fans who will be extremely unhappy if the only option is Uni-forms

I hope Doug and the team find a solution to have both Uni-forms and pre/unpainted figures to run together side by side and keep electric football growing. Understandably the pandemic is playing a major factor in the decision and I am sure everyone appreciates the efforts Tudor are doing to try and keep everyone happy. If the decision is the figures will be discontinued then I am sure we can adapt and overcome the problem although it will be very disappointing. But I think myself and others will have to hold on to the hope that Uni-forms and the pre-painted figures can live side by side and grow the game together


Just have to wait and see

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I would also say that an undiscussed benefit of the Uni-Form kits has to be the jersey numbers. The numbers are the same material as the Uni-Forms themselves, which means these numbers have a quality that the old numbers never had - flexibility. I think these new numbers have enough elasticity to round the edges, and the colors are very vibrant. Oh, and they are still pre-cut for the front, back, and shoulders. 

I'd like to propose that the Uni-Forms jersey numbers may need to be sold separately because what happens when your favorite players start chasing teams? 

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