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  1. Since TG is talking about offering classic uniforms for their Uni-Form sets, I wonder if they will consider offering waterslide decals of those classic uniforms as well?
  2. Hey, I'm not a Packers fan (although I have a great respect for that organization), but these figures look fantastic.
  3. Thank you for sharing this. As one who will be painting for the first time, this is very informative.
  4. Just curious if the Tudor Games EF App will be available to Android users?
  5. Very well done. I will soon be painting my first figures (2003 New England Patriots) because I want to begin getting all 32 teams from different eras painted and decals added so I can start a solitaire league. I rediscovered this wonderful hobby recently and I'm eager to dive into trying my hand at creating my own teams, as opposed to buying the already painted figures. I'm not going to be doing the Uni-Forms. So painting & decals will be something fun for me to do.
  6. I bought the Tudor Games Passing Sticks, but I'm also practicing with the TTQB as well. I just rediscovered this wonderful hobby and as I kid I wasn't good at passing using the TTQB. At now 48, I want to be as good as I can at using the TTQB.
  7. I've been wondering this very same thing too.
  8. Excellent article. I remember playing EF when I was in my tween and early teen years. I've recently reconnected with this game/hobby, and now as I wait for my new Tudor Ultimate board, I've started buying accessories and my teams figures. I plan on buying unpainted figures and the Tudor paints to start a project of painting each NFL teams best season of my choice.
  9. I also think the TOC rules are really good too. Actually I like that one better than VSEFL.
  10. Agreed. I'm waiting for my Tudor Ultimate board, which will obviously be my playing board. So, this 500 board will be my tweaking/training board.
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